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In a global debut at CES, Honda unveiled its Riding Assist technology, which leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

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Sub Sonic
Take my money and sign me up already.
Christopher Jackson
How much is this
Harry Honde
How dare you
Just make normal bikes 😉
Ömer Faruk Tutkak
Anangi sataymm bu ne piçum motur
Night Rider
If you cant balance your bike youre too dumb to be on a motorcycle
is this using state space control theory?
Matthew Blevins
The realistic use of this technology would really just be the "Touchless Kickstand". Having your bike follow you around doesn't make any sense. Although it is still really cool, just not practical.
Pankaj Pawar
bekar h
Ebu Bekir
kesin ip var amk 😂
Mundo dos mundo
Putz 😨 já até sei quem tá envolvidos nesse esquema da moto. Que anda sozinho. Satan. Putz 😨
fidel catsro
Wow a TAMAGOTCHI bike...follows you like a cat!!
rodolfo alberto Diaz villadiego
Cual es mejor esta honda o la bmw
sanu chetri
when honda lead launch in Indian market
imagine you just got jumped by a bunch of're laying on pavement bloody and pull out your cell and press a button or two...your motorcycle comes blazing down the streets by itself rushing to save you!!
Moto do capeta.
Dashie's Mixtape
Not even the bikes in Tron were like this
Yassin Sahnoun
كل ما اتمناه شيئ خارق للعاده موفقين
akb 354
Idiotic application of technology.
Asma fauziyah
when i hit you with truck you still fallen off
you hear a knock on your bathroom door when you are alone on the toilet. you finish up, and approach the door. you open the door and think "oh the bike wants to go for a ride". your girlfriend walks into the house and asks "whats going on?". you answer "i'm taking her out". before she has a chance to ask, she hears the motorcycle peel off into the distance.
j r
Ok this is way outside the box. Bravo!
por que vc nao traz. a honda msx 125 pro brasil ai vcs vao ver qe vai vender ate eu iria complar
Totally stolen styling from KTM Super Duke. Outrageous.
Terminator 4
Dream 5008
faizal yusof
give me.............................791208-01-5257 faizal yusof 601121911811
Taijean Moodie
Now I can be like batman and whistle to make my bat mobile appear under me when out of my window! 😂😂😂
Froilan Medina
Skynet Cometh!
Umaxen 00
So... If you need to ditch to avoid a trailer truck, will it allow you? or do you just keep on riding "sTrAiGhT uP" and into the 500 pound stainless steel bumper?
raj choudhary
wow ultimate technology display appears sci fi movie but much in real hats off !!
Kao Aaron
This world is getting so much crazier!
exp refer
shall I've an email to contact of the provider to know the details ?
Raj King hang
Wow ...👍👍👍
:))=)) brilliant. this is like science entertainment :P
Роман Быстров
Потрясающий мотоцикл :-)
Ram S
Honda Lost is Quality... Very Very Poor Quality Bike delivered to me...
Most defective bike in my life with in one year...
Good Bye to HONDA Products....
Vijaya Honda SF No 1373/2A3B1G, Kelambakkam, Old Mamallapuram Road, Navallur, Tamil Nadu
havoc 127
bet that cost a lot to repair
Beast Obese
So I can take it out for walks??
i need one of these
Christian hitrancis
finally! i can drink and ride :)
enes Cakir
That is genius, congratulations Honda 👍👍
thief fox
eduardo garcia diaz
292 no les gusto porque manejan una porqueria italika
Walid Abdulwali
love technology of the Japan
Julia Rutter
julia rutter
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