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In a global debut at CES, Honda unveiled its Riding Assist technology, which leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

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Imagine this on the Honda NC750X! 😍
I would buy it in a heartbeat! 💵
Giacomo Paci
preferisco la mia!
Hantu Kak Limah Malaysia
Lol, honda is more best than yamaha.yamaha still using the rear long stick on the robot bike to make them not fall
this nibba gon run you down soon as you look at a thiccer motobikie.
Nishant Jaiswal
Bad future of moto gp riders...
down right freaky
suresh pettugadi
please launch cb 150 r in india
Benton moto Fun
Sick bike! How match will it be?
Where do i get one? That's the only question i have.
greg gregorich
i bet thous white dressed guys riding only wheelie all day long in that building Dzz-zzz-dzzz
Michael Cena
honda probably reads all these jokes and feel dumb about making this motorcycle lol
Oswaldo Miranda
Saludos mi gente de honda ojala y nos pudierano cumplir el sueño de nosotros los colombianos de traer la nueva honda cb 150R XMOTION que la deseo con nuchas ancias se que sera un exito aca en colombia
Make me coffee darling
Warm Sound
Mateusz Blaster
What is the model of honda ?
Cute. But does it work in the big bad Real World, where winds, uneven pavement, squirrely riders, and other hazards await?
Хера себе мотик !!!
но я бы себе такой не купил...
sean gill
Both awesome and scary at the same time. I like it, but I don't want to.
Edsonvides Santos
Coitada da moto, 0:35 ja estar com medo de vir para o brasil.Pq ja sabe que vai ser roubada😁😁😁
DerecMathew O
I want it lol
Hasan Padli
I thought it would be very expensive, especially if the sensor system is damaged
Adrian Radici
Omg i can finally have my bike be my pet! I will name him sniffles!
Jeevan Gautam
Mom my motorcycle is humping the vacuum
Angel Campos
Did Honda recreate the motorcycle from Terminator Salvation: the "Mototerminator".
Pawel Sapko
Can you put that in to production?
reza1484 lay
now you know why marq marquez can go really fast without falling of the bike
Sub Sonic
Take my money and sign me up already.
Christopher Jackson
How much is this
Harry Honde
How dare you
Just make normal bikes 😉
Ömer Faruk Tutkak
Anangi sataymm bu ne piçum motur
Night Rider
If you cant balance your bike youre too dumb to be on a motorcycle
is this using state space control theory?
Matthew Blevins
The realistic use of this technology would really just be the "Touchless Kickstand". Having your bike follow you around doesn't make any sense. Although it is still really cool, just not practical.
Pankaj Pawar
bekar h
Ebu Bekir
kesin ip var amk 😂
Mundo dos mundo
Putz 😨 já até sei quem tá envolvidos nesse esquema da moto. Que anda sozinho. Satan. Putz 😨
fidel catsro
Wow a TAMAGOTCHI bike...follows you like a cat!!
rodolfo alberto Diaz villadiego
Cual es mejor esta honda o la bmw
sanu chetri
when honda lead launch in Indian market
imagine you just got jumped by a bunch of're laying on pavement bloody and pull out your cell and press a button or two...your motorcycle comes blazing down the streets by itself rushing to save you!!
Moto do capeta.
Not even the bikes in Tron were like this
Yassin Sahnoun
كل ما اتمناه شيئ خارق للعاده موفقين
akb 354
Idiotic application of technology.
Asma fauziyah
when i hit you with truck you still fallen off
you hear a knock on your bathroom door when you are alone on the toilet. you finish up, and approach the door. you open the door and think "oh the bike wants to go for a ride". your girlfriend walks into the house and asks "whats going on?". you answer "i'm taking her out". before she has a chance to ask, she hears the motorcycle peel off into the distance.
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