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In a global debut at CES, Honda unveiled its Riding Assist technology, which leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

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Dream 5008
faizal yusof
give me.............................791208-01-5257 faizal yusof 601121911811
Taijean Moodie
Now I can be like batman and whistle to make my bat mobile appear under me when out of my window! 😂😂😂
Froilan Medina
Skynet Cometh!
Umaxen 00
So... If you need to ditch to avoid a trailer truck, will it allow you? or do you just keep on riding "sTrAiGhT uP" and into the 500 pound stainless steel bumper?
raj choudhary
wow ultimate technology display appears sci fi movie but much in real hats off !!
kao aaron
This world is getting so much crazier!
exp refer
shall I've an email to contact of the provider to know the details ?
Raj King hang
Wow ...👍👍👍
:))=)) brilliant. this is like science entertainment :P
Роман Быстров
Потрясающий мотоцикл :-)
Ram S
Honda Lost is Quality... Very Very Poor Quality Bike delivered to me...
Most defective bike in my life with in one year...
Good Bye to HONDA Products....
Vijaya Honda SF No 1373/2A3B1G, Kelambakkam, Old Mamallapuram Road, Navallur, Tamil Nadu
Tamar Ramos
bet that cost a lot to repair
Beast Obese
So I can take it out for walks??
i need one of these
Christian Omar
finally! i can drink and ride :)
enes Cakir
That is genius, congratulations Honda 👍👍
thief fox
eduardo garcia diaz
292 no les gusto porque manejan una porqueria italika
Walid Abdulwali
love technology of the Japan
Julia Rutter
julia rutter
Kenneth Ferrer
is that asimo? can it transform. I want a bike that can transform into a robot
spongebob swag pants
It's like that episode of sponge bob when he's by himself with that boat mobile
Владимир Александров
waaaat?? @____@
now I want a motorcycle....
Эмиль Сафаргалиев
One step closer to removing human control :(
Alexandra Rachel
Certainly my Chihuahua more stupid
Hermawan Herman
keren abis teknologi yang betul2 semua orang bisa menikmati nya dan pasti pengendara nya juga gak mungkin pada jatuh
Hasan Akan
Adamlar yapıyor ya :)
Chris C
targeting new riders who don't have good throttle/clutch control ? that would be a pretty smart move. then again Honda engineering has always been want a car, buy a Honda, want a generator, buy a Honda........etc etc
Thinker Man
Вот технологии развиваются, только вот до простых людей они не скоро дойдут, а жаль.
VipiN Negi
why would anyone want it to 'follow me' when he/she would can actually ride on it.
Ijjada Praveen Kumar
sir I want one bike I don't know how to ride normal bike so I want this bike so any one of u plz give me some information how to buy this bike I am from INDIA 🇮🇳
I'm gonna ride on my bike and let it chase me through the city traffic xD Or take it for a trip with us and put luggage on it :O Autopilot mule! Brilliant!
Ransen 96
Mom: where are you going?
Me: just taking my motorcycle for a walk.
Sooo...Tesla autopilot - we are waiting for motorcycle version
skynet is alive.
Vitali Nekrasov
chu pika
Sharp Tube JIM
Obito Uchiha
ASIMO finally transformed
wow amazing.
Apple I
peoples are freaking loving this video, I guess this video became most popular video of the Honda official. nice pet tho. I want Honda to develop a molesting life like girl lol😁😅.
Angelum Band
Would you trust your life to a computer?
Ian Clarke
Recently while backing out of my garage down a dropped kerb at an angle onto the road with a small camber I got a bit wrong footed and dropped my bike, this would have prevented this !
How about sitting on a bike and pushing along with your feet (very slowly) across a slope when you can only keep the bike upright with one foot on the ground ? I have dropped a couple of bikes in those situations.
You shouldn't need self balancing for actual riding most of the time but for very slow speed maneuvering it would save a lot of embarrassment.
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