Kendrick Lamar's Warning from the Illuminati... (2017-2018)

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Jason A
Thank you guys for all the support!
Chantél Scarbough
I'm done with this shit. At the end of the mfin day, he sold his soul, have too many demonic symbolism in his music videos that doesn't show or reference God defeating it either. He is a gifted man ,God knows . But in all honesty idt he's truly living for the great I AM, The one n only true messiah. He contradicts himself. To each their own
which god?
Mercedes S
Kendrick is touching on the truth to who we are as "Black". Chance's god is not specific. could be Lucy.
just be
Thanks for pointing out the Pac prophecy.
Did you people actually watch the video. It does not suggest Kendrick being an illuminati member, only elaborates on his belief in God.
It his video shows that in order to be a henchmen or footsoldier of the illuminati you have to take part in
- lowering morality - getting rid of culture- no accountability- worship money.
And a host of other crap
At least that's what I am getting from it.
I like how your videos say To Be Continued at the end. It's hopeful. Keep up the great work.
Heather Snow
I really like your videos...meaningful and thoughtful
black girl reacts
Ray Lucker
How's the title related to the content of the video? I just dont understand
chris Akoji
Jason A...quick lesson, don't " click bait" the title of the video when it doesn't have any bearing on the person or the subject matter
Stop with the Illuminati BS. You really hurt the credibility of these video posts when you do that.
Charles Johnson
Kendrick Son, you are an Israelite from the tribe of Judah, yet you speak about God? my question to you is this; which God are you referring to, YAH Says, no man can come to the Father but by his oly begotton Son save Jesus who is The YESHUA.Kendrick get out of the music indistry QUICK.

*** NYUSA ***
Maurice Gray
Just Because People Mention god in Their Music and Interview,Does Not Mean they are Referring to the TRUE AND LIVING GOD....JESUS!
Long live 2pac
karen Maria
God is Good👍 Kendrick is a beautiful Soul👊
Willis Fleming
Illoominadi cunfurmed. Weaponized autism confirmed.
llafdanesir x
this a mind fuck for yah... we was told follow god the devil is bad since damn nere the beginning what if it was vice versa like my homie pastor Troy said think about it stop assuming just know yourself
This illuminati shit about the so called puppets are old skool! Why not go deeper into the rabbit hole? Rothschild central banking, zionists movement, The three sons, CERN etc? Talking about that, I might create myself a video exposing the illuminati deeper 👍
RazeTheMatrix 7
this video is a cimplete bullshit waste of time... I'm going to unsubscribe immediately
Cami Long
"praise G/God ...victory in the name of the L/Lord..." which god and lord?
Billy Gundum
........ comments........ Sigh
Lloyd Hinton
that nigga album trash chance the rapper album too how is them shitz helping.. n how is this nigga kendrickl lemar is like tupac? no way
Seek Wisdom
Jesus is real
Its hard to dictate who's in the Illuminati or not. Many artists in Hollywood could carry the facade of believing in Christ and the Lord up above but never really do. I do believe that with these rappers really bringing light to the world like, Cole, Logic, etc, I don't believe they follow that stuff. Cole is following his beliefs, his heart, and threw away the materialistic life for a better life. is pushing the light into our minds to really awaken us, and Logic is just being Logic, being so influential like he always was.
Dario F
when I was little I really want to see Jesus and God together
tell me if the illuminati is real and it is suppose to a secret society or what ever and have so much power then why tf would they want themselves exposed. with all this claimed power why isn't somebody trying to kill and eliminate the people exposing them.
Cheila Salvador
or they will be making a shit drama news that he is dead by a car accident or found dead in the bathroom or he had a mental problem no one knew about or he needed a treatment like they did with kanye and then return weird as fuck... they liying straight to our face. stay in prayers my brothers and sisters
all of them, can thank "GOD"; but they'll never, call upon the true name of the most high
Donna Berroy
I am sick of taking care of Kendrick Lamar's child and he's getting Richer and not taking care of his responsibility he needs to see his son he claims he doesn't have but in reality he does
Let it burn forever
he is the greatest of this generation and because he's similar to pac in the way of his message, they will kill him
Donna Berroy
your favorite rap artist Kendrick Lamar is a Dead nigga
Donna Berroy
any bitch don't like what I said come and see me
Kenneth Allen
lie kendrick is a lovely person
Joan Balendo
Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
There're other hiphop artist that are good that the industry doesn't support. Check out, Bizzle, Seven, Datin, Brandon P, Mission, Tedashi, and Trip lee. once you listen to them, then look up the suggested artist. They're who I play in my earbuds. You just might like them.
keba Bell
K knows who the white devil is and feels guilty in using his talent to manipulate the system and be able to be very successful from it. He feels like he's betraying the most high yah! Which is understandable. Either way he knows not all our people will wake up and overcome this system spiritually, that's what has him imbalanced and fearful. he's trying to wake us up! its the relationship you have within...self , once you KNOW! its hard being awake, let alone dealing with the highest set of devils and seeing them for what they're with clear lenses on.
the industry ain't nice pure wickedness.
Realize Real Lies
Jason, are you serious? Kendrick is clearly working for the Enemy. You can tell a follower of Christ by the fruits of the spirit… which are far from him. His new album is a complete mockery to God and giant vessel of deception for the masses. I pray your eyes will be opened.. I thought you were "awake" but now I'm afraid you have fallen into the devil's snare. Please remove this video.
Frank Ramos
All need to wake up and realized there are blind folds on our eyes. Take yours off and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Daily. Not just on Sunday
Audrey Greenacre
this guy's a wolf in sheep's skin.. DON'T BE DECIEVED
tiffany daniels
So I like how y'all left out him knowing he is one of the people of the bible. the Israelites. He himself really don't know the full truth. he is just starting out. he has a long way to go but I do love his music. His eyes are just now opening. Hopefully he won't fall into one of those Hebrew Israelite camps like most Israelites do when they start finding the truth of us. But once again I love his music and he is a great artist.
Leland Stewart
Kendrick tryna tell us what the world is and how it's using us and him.
Nighisty Branyan
What ever GOD is in control
Leneir Bush
I just can't stand the use of biblical nonsense because it's all a lie mixed with half truths fed to you by those in power. Yet at the end what the scripture really means, is that to obtain spiritual enlightment and to be connected with the source one must give up material things in this physical realm, the only possible way is when your Ego shatters (Ego Death) because come on people none of you today can live without any of your material things. From the walls that surround you in the place you live in, clothing you wear, plates you eat off, phones you talk off, Internet you use, cars/buses/trains you pollute the air with as form transportation. The elite have successfully controlled the U.S population on becoming fully dependent on materials, none of you could truly survive like for instance when the Buddha (fake religion as well but hear me out) who was a king and had everything, left his wife and child, his jewels, and clothing to obtain enlightment. He survived in the jungle for years, became a spiritual leader etc. but this as an example...99% of you will never achieve this.

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhist, even Islam all connected because they all have the same similar Scripture such as James 4:4 . It's all just codes of a different truth.

Religion was created to divide us, and so was Race, Wars etc. Awake humans of this realm you call planet earth.
johnney toolive
i dont believe Kendrick is in Illuminati he speaks alot on God Positively wise. Also Tupac was very deep into the bible almost every song on his album is quoted from the bible or a specific bible scripture. At the end of the day only God can judge them both and only God will truly know their heart. I've learned from watching all these Tupac is alive videos on Youtube. " Dont believe everything you see and hear!"
"We're all puppets, play your card right"
Trust, if the world loves this rapper's "God" and "God talk" he's not talking about the God of Biblical Christianity, even Satan believes in "God" & quotes Scripture...This is more of the "Form of godliness, but denying its power" of the last 2000 years of the last days. The world will not shower praise and accolades on someone truly rapping about the narrow Gospel & it's exclusive Jesus....
This is absolutely silly. The ''illuminati's'' machinations is what ushered in all our modern technology or at the very least made it possible. You think we would be where we are if we had the petty and prideful squabbles of royalty who look upon us as nothing but peasants slightly above animals? The very interface we are using right now wouldn't be possible. Humanity existed for tens of thousands of years in a state of stagnation, oppression and ignorance and yet in only 300 years, we've advanced in all fields of knowledge, ethics and industry at least 10-fold. I'd rather have this than being an illiterate slave or serf for a king or emperor shovelling horse shit and ridden with all manners of illnesses, no food to eat or clean water to drink. Walk everywhere if you couldn't afford a horse, live in a cave if you didn't have a house etc. At least twice as worse if you're a woman. Think about it. Really think about it. You don't have to abandon your faith, actually you have the opportunity to have REAL spirituality instead of being born into a religion and being bound by dogma and not allowed to question anything or read anything. Now you have the internet where you can read anything and everything and decide for yourself which path to take instead of travelling days on horseback just to visit a library with limited books. But instead what do people use it for? Porn, vulgar music, fictional movies that tell you how to behave and where your place is in society. The real war is mental. You cannot be spiritual or free if the music you listen to is always talking about money, bitches, EGO, EGO, EGO. This is how the ''illuminati'' win and turn the whole world into their serfs and slaves. Ego is their weapon against all of us. I'd rather be richer than this dude and have more ''bitches'' than that dude etc. I wanna be more famous than that rapper or sexier than this model etc. AVOID television, social media and mainstream music (including Kendrick Lamar) if you don't want your brain washed and turn into an animal with atrophied critical faculties enslaved to the senses and think watching porn and masturbation is ''healthy''. Just cause Kendricks mixes some truth and a bit of ''funk and jazz'' don't change shit. Its called Hegelian Dialectics where they make you choose the lesser of two evils. Before you know it, you're evil all the same. We've been born and raised in a box within a box within a bigger box and told by this rapper or that politician to get into this box or that box. You're still IN THE BOX. Its psychological warfare. So yeah. We might not live in a perfect society but retrospectively, it's the best the human race has ever gotten to so far. Its on us to use our fountain of knowledge(the internet) to educate ourselves or blindly follow social media and the mainstream and become slaves of the elite forever in a box of EGO.
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