Jason A
Thank you guys for all the support!
Shyloh Warr
"my farts are happening, my farts are happening right in front of my face" wtf
The Illuminati!
Bull Shit!
Fuck wid me my souls with the 👁 new music on the way
Marissa Perez
he is not the illumaniti
anonymous commentor 211
But speaking the truth, are they going to go after Kendrick for not keeping his mouth shut? For an example Michael Jackson. They killed him for talking to much. I hope this man has it all planned out if he is going down this path
There is no God and all of the bible stories are bullshit. The "illuminati" group you all claim to hate doesn't exist, it's all a fucking joke and the only reason why you all believe in it is because you think everything you're told is a lie. No celeb or tv show is playing you, you all are playing yourselves. And to say that anyone who doesn't believe in this horse shit has been brainwashed is just as childish as saying you can't prove God doesn't exist. Get over yourselves.
wrap sucks and that punk kid dont know 4% of the shit i know just a poser
Erica Winter
Yes. When God gets mentioned without mentioning "Jesus" then there's a possibility that another god is being referred to. Like on he bank notes and in the constitution. However God's grace and our prayers and repentance to Jesus do make a difference and Christian prayers are more powerful than anything. So Christians must continue to fight in prayer. Properly war in prayer in Jesus' name always.
Vahé Yegoryan
They all say God but nobody says who is their god
They don't believe in true GOD in the Holy name of Jesus
I love that you cite your sources great work man, powerful stuff
Jenna Howard
Extraterrestrial like me
Dee Pee
He never said jesus name once both are sold out to satan ....dont be fooled!!
Tappita Wade
Tappita Wade
Rich and Famous 666
All the wrong directions
Dreamer Sullie
i never really listened to his music, but i think hes a great dude
850counter culture
this video mentions the illuminati 0 times. thanks click bait fuck
James Roach
Kendrick is one of the most important artists of the 21st century
The Narrow Path
i dont think yall understand how this works. Yall try to pick and choose yo favorite rappers and say they aint part of the illuminati. Reality of it is, you cant get to this level of fame. (multiple platinum records, hundreds of millions of youtube views, radio play, net worth in the millions) without selling your soul away. Notice none of these artists preach repentance of sins and coming to Jesus as christ commanded, they cant, because its the devils indsutry. They dont own themselves anymore, their led by the hand. "how hard is it for the rich to enter the kingdom of God, sell what you have and give to the poor, then come, follow me." For these artists to get back to Jesus they must lose their record sales, fame etc and just be under the radar. Or if they are too famous for that to happen suddenly, they just kill em off. So you can say that Kendrick and chance aint in it all you want because they said the word God or Jesus in a few songs, but in reality, theres no way they can be pushing 600m+ views and not have done something horrible to get there. You can tell by the stuff they rap about, its not even positive all the time a lot of the songs just straight up about sex or getting intoxicated. more than that NONE of it glorifies God or preaches repentance of sins and obeying Jesus commands.
You will know them by their fruits... Chance screams God but has a lot of music that glorifies and promotes Sex, so don't be so easily fooled. You can scream God, but are they screaming Jesus The Christ? My People pray for discernment!!!!
Conor Chadwick
Got 3 mins in and nothing about Illuminati or anything... I give up. Fuck make edit your videos better.
Randall Lannon
You all on the low low, morally corrupt, and indignentmake it rain...
jeffery newsome
dude confused one minute he god and conscious and next he Hebrew
Woodman Tiller
You have different " gods " what people believe in like we have different religions, the " god " that those reffering to is the baphomet, the devil, the evil ones the masonic types that brought ebola in to the world and did 9/11!

I can type hours and hours about this, but people you need to wake up, this life is short, but if you can make earth a better place why not? We are all humans, black, white, mixed? We can stop this, but it's not going to be easy.
BeABeliever InLove
i'm a woman. i'm a social scientist by nature and profession. i've observed that for the most part rich and powerful men are like bitches on steroids... if you be a man then you'll probably dig the shit out of them (pun intended)... but if you be a woman you'll probably find yourself shopping at the hardware store for a loaf of bread.

dear God keep such evil from my path.
Tech Learner
You are the Evil promoter thats it
Feel that fucking lines
Dizzy Zee
He knows too much they gonna do him how they did Pac💯🏌
Auri Parker
This is not any type of warning to kendrick from the "illuminati" this is Kendrick's message to everyone in the world that he is afraid of god and hes not ashamed of that, he is not perfect but hes also not afraid to live in his truth to get to GOD he's just encouraging people to do the same thing 💯
Kevin Fortte
Stay woke, EVERY SINGLE celebrity that we know has sold their soul no matter what they say that they praise God because THEIR God is the Devil, THEIR Lord is the Devil. Also, when they say praise to the most high they mean the most high in the industry not Jesus in Heaven, Wake up.
Osvaldo Hermenegildo
"mainstream" bitch he is mainstream
Putera Miqael
Jason A what's the name of the soundtrack that have a piano theme ?
Kim Kwest
His in the illuminati now he made a song with Rihanna
Tragiic Ownage
This reminds me of michael jackson.Illuminati killed him,he spoke too much about them and he was way to brave for this world.Hopefully this doesnt happen to Kendrick,god bless this man.
salalvarez sal85
People will be fooled in the end of days.. Everything that's in the world is not of God...
BartjeYeYo Gaming
Biggest scam in human history? Religion, made by man to control the population
Joey Duran
damn tupac was completely right about that with what he said about where rap would go
ATaylor Productions
I like Kendrick Lamar 'cause he's amazing
ღ BelongstoJesusChristღ
yet he is living for the world, plus he considers himself a black Hebrew, not a Christian.

John 15:18
If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world.

James 4:4
You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.
Isaac Halpin
is kendrick gonna be crucified ?
Placcid Ninja
Clickbait bullshit.
Matthew Santoro
Right! Like josh said we are surrounded by The LILLUMINATRISLUMLIMPOOLBlUMPLUMOOMOO
Flava G-man
5:54 😒😂😂😂
What your old boy know about vibin & swaggin
Beau Payne
When you don't believe in any of it and it just seems like a waste of time...
God want us to know his name "Jehovah" Artist such as Jay-z reached so high because of his mocking of God's name Jehovah. He calls himself "Hova" Jay Hova and such.
New Jersey
Illuminati are atheists they don't believe in God or the devil they believed in power so you can't call them demonic if they don't believe in the devil.
Lwazi sotashe
lana hassan
when does he say yeshua i didn't hear him say it
Ritvik Sriram
Wth is the title i didn't even watch the vid yet
trillwill !
3:14 that is about DAMN

Also I noticed while reading my book called armed and dangerous about topics in the Bible that Kendrick Lamar wrote about some of the topics in the Bible too like lust, love, God, Loyalty and others. Kendrick Lamar is a christian and he isnt and never will be a sellout you can tell by his lifestyle. When he bought his sista that whip that wasnt a million dollars, dumb niggas who are controlled by the media (which is controlled by the illuminati) think Kendrick is stupid for living smart, these dumb ass kids nowadays are blinded by the media, Im a kid too btw but I'm not blinded by this fuckery, Im a smart young man

Anyway the message is that Kendrick aint illuminati and he living right
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