Top 10 Strongest/Muscular Footballers In The World

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henk de potvis
simeon panda's back in the thumbnail
Maxamed Xuseen Ismaaciil
were is roberto carlos
Maxamed Xuseen Ismaaciil
were is roberto carlos
Naeem Naseri
where the fuck is ramos
Fabio Muce
the strongest one is Tim Wiese :D
how about huth morgan and luis hernandez
Mad Brad 123
Lukaku is strong
Irene Lui
I love that sport
Mr. Random Boy
Ronaldo is not strong... have u seen how easily he dives
These people are what I'd call skinny and fit. I'm "bigger" than a lot of them physically right now...
Dj Bebo
the most stupid video I've ever seen . nonsense
adebayo it s so strong
Massimo Tubita
Nani is mit in The top 10, were is Gattuso?
Mario Balotelli is stronger then Alexis Sanchez
Joulo Ricote
They are mascular but they only use foot, legs, head, chest, and shoulder
Monkey Doodles
thorson Mag
alexis sanchez? nani???
Shahrukh Raza
😂😂😂 Strong
Stepan Hraje
mani gopal
Abel Csabai
not my proudest fap
Tedster 007
Shaqiri doesn't skip leg day
Tedster 007
Sudhar M S
Strong and fit are different, but have you guys been tackled by a strong player with good skills. The power of their push would make us loose our balance, and which you know, what would happen next. Being fit is a must but also being strong gives a additional bonus if they have good skills.
Muscular??? LOL... I use to look like that when I was 13-14 years old. You mean fit, but not Strong and muscular cause strong and fit are 2 different things. And why post a fake picture on your video with a massive guy's back??? and in the video only skinny dudes, BS
Ronaldo ? Nani ? Wtf ?
Matthew Bowman
dude!!!! 2:48
Ajdin Games
블랙 tv
how about ibrahimovic
Tarık Can
watch Serge Djiehoua
Aesthetic Gladiator
shairi is a bodybuilder that plays soccer haha
Where is debay
Assim OTB
LUKAKU don't have muscles
you are 100% gay. congratulations fag
Jomel G Thomas
valincia where
Jeonisa Peng
Where is Ade Akinbiyi? Surly not just strongest player, but strongest person of all time
Tshela Calle Manda
nani is goals
doa ibu
messi??? lol
Marcin Dyjewski
Where is Martin Polaček
how is tim wiese?
thumbnail not in video -> fuck you & dislike
Sorin Moldovan
this is a joke
Justin Cox
Haha strong??? Why? Because they're flexing ''Muscles'' like arrogant bitches they are... that's a joke. Football-Rugby and Hockey Players are strong...never saw a really strong footballer :-D The only guy in this vid with a solid muscular body is that Akinfenwa Guy, but i think that he isnt a really good player with that size
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