Top 10 Strongest/Muscular Footballers In The World

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Xherdan shaqiri ❤️❤️❤️
Neymar first :p
monju islam
only number 1 has the muscular figure here..Another 9 players have the rickshaw puller(labourer) figure.. lol
Lucas olsen
put Akinfenwa in cb and no one come around him
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Ashutosh 420
The world best footballer is here
Ashutosh 420
Guyz see this
super men nl 2
Ndb Vku
Whr is drogba??
Marabout Tognon
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Banttydon Henry
complete lies
Pervaiz Bajwa
Adewoyin Olufunke
Ronaldo is much muscular than lukaku
farreldjo fifahd
Andro Gaming
sub and say done for sub back!
Scnoliver XD
Hulk würde Ronaldo Tod kloppen
Alobytes Whitestone
where is Lizarazu?
Alobytes Whitestone
random order.....
Hahahah fotball players are gay :)
Денис Carbone
3) Hulk
canal Gustavo JR Coelho
canal Gustavo JR Coelho
Kkkkkkk hulk 8😂😂😂
raphael abou assaly
Cr7 better than hulk and
MR Gonzalez
Sanchez? Really?
lakkakula varshith
Motioner P.balance
Shaqiri is a beast
Марк Бортновский
where the hell is Zlatan, Neymar, Ronney? BLIN!
Kian- SWFC fam
Hulk 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gay channel
3MANU3L3 81
Lim Joseph
I mean he is the HULK
Rhino 66
Obv a black person who made this vid
Charlie Plays!!!
john mwangi
Victor wanyama??
Niklas Euler
Where's Bale?
Nathan Snake
Rudster 127
Tim Wiese
Kristin Rangelov
neymar hahahahah fak dat bulshit...where is Adriano?
Mogi Soeseno
You must be kidding.. Where is Peter Crouch?
Cognitive Dissonance
Antonio Valenica?
Maximilian Mitterlehner
where is tim wiese?
Kiki-Gaming-972 -
vous vous êtes trompez de Mayo pr naymar
Naran Tudu
De Bruyne and Lukaku😂
Oskar Snarski
1. Akinfenwa
3. Hulk
4. Seedorf
5. Lukaku
6. Ronaldo
7. Balotelli
Marc Barratt
Are you mad where's Antonio Valencia in all this ?
Mence 2.o
Hulk c normal c hulk
Sotir Milivojevic
Matt G
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