North Korea Military Parade 2017: Day of the Sun - Parada Militar na Coreia do Norte 2017

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North Korea Military Parade 2017: Day of the Sun - Parada Militar na Coreia do Norte 2017

Amid regional “military hysteria,” North Korea has marked the 105th birth anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military parade in Pyongyang, where it for the first time publicly showcased its submarine-launched ballistic missiles as well as what appears to be a new type of ICBM.
The country’s hereditary leader Kim Jong-un, wearing a black suit and white shirt and a tie, welcomed his country's bravest as he addressed thousands of soldiers who took part in the parade honoring his grandfather.
Pyongyang parades new ICBMs and submarine-based missiles

goodluck to North Korea I hope you give US a good fight..
Leon Wi.
2:38 did she just say "Panzer"? :P
*feels sudden urge to collect gi Joes *
Eric B
Why does this remind me of the orcs marching on Helm's Deep? XD
Vanbalden sihaloho
wow they have so many ROCKETS!!!
FRIGHTENING, all that energy put into something aimed at destruction...
Raja Yasir
Wolfgang Lunar
What are those? I've never seen those before in North Korea's army? 0:50
High Lifee
plz bring the. Nukes Sk
seems like the great leader kim eats more than all those soldiers together lol
Blood Painter
I m glad America save us,otherwise we speak German.Grtz,a Dutchman.
Влад Влад
Ким Чен Ыну смешно... Северная Корея это не Панама или Гренада . Северная
Корея и в ответ даст. Американцы обломают зубы. Американцы только
пугают,они ничего не сделают,они реально боятся Ким Чен Ына. Северная
Корея живёт своей жизнью, они имеют право жить как хотят. США ещё могут разбомбить Тувалу и Науру чтобы напугать Северную Корею. Единственная страна в мире не сдалась банкирам .Стыдно за Россию...

Kim Jong-un is funny ... North Korea is not Panama or Grenada. North Korea and in return will. Americans will break their teeth. The Americans are only frightened, they will not do anything, they are really afraid of Kim Jong-un. North Korea lives its own life, they have the right to live as they want. The US can still bomb Tuvalu and Nauru in order to frighten North Korea. The only country in the world did not surrender to bankers. It's shameful for Russia ...
Mojo Risin
I am also impressed....with how far cg has come. Almost looks real.
BL Ranch
Potemkin Village.
socio path
Главное, чтобы Ким не оказался вдруг Горбачёвым и Ельцином в одном флаконе.Обезьяна и граната - опасные партнёры.Сегодня сила обязана быть мудрой!Потенциальных идиотов 7.5 миллиардов, а планета всего одна.
kUUrawa ale sprzętu :D
Alon Kahlil
north KOREA has no Islam , hopefully no wars
da wäckerle
Hoffentlich bekommen die Kriegstreiber aus Washington ihr zweites Vietnam.
AJ Thomas
A lot of people say screw the US, screw Russia, screw North Korea, etc...but have you all stopped to contemplate that the citizens are not to blame? The leaders are often corrupt and misleading to the people. But when uninformed people attack, they never attack the leaders...they attack the unaware citizens. Think about it...attacking military members is totally different than attacking a school or chruch etc...most people in every country could care less about world events because they are concerned more about providing for their families or for's the leaders that try to influence the world...think about it.
Abdoulaye Diallo
la puissance a partient a la Russie et aux coré
They really should consider the half step. Goose stepping doesn't happen anymore, even in Russia.
Did they just unlock new military uniforms.
These images look computer animated
Darla Ballard
You should Becareful what you say about GOD ... Really.
It makes for a good chuckle.
North Korea as a nation seems to purely exist to build military that will never be used.
Scott Smaistrla
"many many phallus on parade, its a beautiful site" - Donald J. Trump
Courtland & Cody Scales
Rumoaohepta7 can i use this video
nioacocao smisnnsnus
Yo Want Destry USA But You Use USA Money In Your Ciuntry :;v
North Korea BAKA Yaroo I already Watch This At Jaka Parker Chanel youtube :'v You Never Destroy USA LOL :'v
Darla Ballard
You mean if there's a GOD yes there is a GOD
Cheezy Dewitt
LMAO!!!! All theater. These morons are not going to war with anyone. They will show their people some old war video on their state ran television and say they won a battle. Same as what the United States does to its dumbed down citizens.
The North Korea is The North Korea. The World's Greatest Military Parade
Padroni a casa loro
Hai Nguyen
There is OIL in North Korea ???????????????????????????????????????*** North Korea + Oil = 51st State of the US ***
joris Camara
USA your rights stop in your country why can't u leave North Korean​s to rule their country the way they like why do u hate every country that's​ about to prosper
fuck north korea
K Jackson
North Korea: Look at all these bad ass tanks and missiles!

USA: Hold my beer.
Себастьян Перейро
Hands off North Korea!
maria bonitados
North Korea cannot destroy the U.S. but Russia and China, yes.
The United States want to destroy RUSSIA and CHINA to become the only superpower in the world. AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. But Russia and China must desapear.
Russia or China must destroy the United States, now!! Cowards??
So many anti American comments here..
I don't know..... Am I the only one in the world that sees that this is CGI? The camera has always the same strange angle when the vechiles come nearby and always just a little a bit off focus to not reveal any detailed picture. Clean, jumpy lines and frequncy effct on radiator grilles. I mean... Look at any other parade, search military parade and see the details or camera angles there. This is not real. Its CGI. Pure CGI.
The Tech Bytes
well done, keep up good work
Gaming_Nerd Yt
military so outdated
Loretta Derouen
105 ? what does that mean? anybody know?
Serapio Degula
wow beautiful human art at its grandeure., never mind whats next
So,the oligophrenic fat yellow marshmallow is showing us his toys.
Red alert 5
Michel Nadon
i always Asian were a little crazy but NK its military hysteria . All super power must contribute to regime change . I consider china irresponsible for allowing this problem to develop .
Arfan Afghan
Myengseop Park
Believe in Jesus Christ who can give you eternal life. Kim Jeong-eun is only a man who is mortal. North Korea is no hope under Kim's regime. Jesus Christ is only hope.
the Korean army reminds me of star wars.
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