This Mysterious Box Is Over 100lbs... What Could It Be?

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The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...

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Vesel Case (International) -

Here's another luxury iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case... This one just so happened to arrive in a giant 50kg crate that cost over 2000 euros to craft.

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Unbox Therapy
The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...
I gotta call bullshit on the 73kg aluminum block!
Bruce Dallas
Sooo you need a 75 kilo box made of wood and aluminum o protect 3 case
connor knight
Haha when case designers forget you can drop your tone on a rock, btw rocks stick up and the floor isn't always flat
Dab Vlogers
i'm also from slovenija here is just 2 million people i'm from prekmurje
Navnish Nigam
We(including myself) charge our cellphones or laptops to watch such stupid videos and waste whole lot of electricity which in turn causes companies to use more natural resources and straight away causes global warming. Its a humble request, please stop uploading such wasteful videos and contribute towards CSR.
Thank You.
Jesse Pinkman
God, Eliminate the shit
champ 2000
all this for cases
Adrian Daret
When you pay 2500$ for the box and what's inside is worth 50$
ett twt
Crewchief 227
now you need a case for your case. LOL
Timothy McSwain
Apple's Case Design Guidelines specifically say that no metal can touch the metal of the phone, so is there something on the inside of the bumper to prevent that or does this company have no idea what they're doing? (Their wasteful packaging suggests the latter)
James Mckenzie
There was another box after that last one, have a look 2:42
vearing islife
all that suspension... for a fucking phone case wow
something satisfying about a wooden crate
Anong Katarantaduhan Yan ! !
Smart Fix
OOOH myy goood what a disgusting surprise inside shitty iphones AGAIN .. go the hell with this sht WHAT A TACKY DISAPOINTMENT !!
John K
This is bullshit
friendly911 OS
so much build up to end up with trash inside.
Daniel Lawrance
That was the biggest waste of money I have ever seen a company waste on transportation. Lol
Definitely a unboxing experience!
TheRandom Rique
i thought he received a black onyx play button from YouTube for having 7 million plus subscribers.
Atharva Tawde
With that amount of "quality ass" packaging I thought it'd be having.......
Cure for cancer
America's darkest secret
KFC's secret recipe
Solution for world poverty
End to human selfishness

BUT :/
Brad Checkett
WAWOT what a waste of time
Paulina Gnecco
I came for the unboxing porno
It's like finding a piece of string in a $200 box.
DR Paquette
wow, now that is a cool boxing and case. I can not believe they sent 3 of those luxury cases! So cool!
Lucas Hoekstra
🎵 Don't stop unboxing....🎵
hello people from the internet, what is the song at 0:47 ?
Apex Ashan
all that shit for a phone case!?
Simon Korošec
i am from slovenija
moh moh baadji
the box wow
I'll take the aluminum and wooden box over the cases
Dominic Bob
Keep double tapping at about 00:03 backwards, thank me later
Ash Milliams
Mama June's head?
Anon Soon
Are you fucking kidding me?
Alec Kramer
Little underwhelming after the nice boxes
I really like those cases tho
Akhmed Batukhan
un block d'allu ? oklm
Monique Massiah
all that packaging for that?
Flawless Fatality
disappointing contents
Shawn Ross
the most anticlimactic unboxing I've ever watched. All that for an iPhone case. WTF are you supposed to do with all the packaging.
Alec Farrugia Cachia
What a complete waste of raw materials! Shame on this company!
Riane Wade Reyes
Disappointing... Seriously for 3 effin 3 iphone cases? I rather keep the aluminum and wooden boxes.
mike hunt
was expecting a bomb
MojoNojo 00ㄥ
WTF just wrong with ppl 😂😂😂😂
Syracuse FTW
MKBHD: A huge box made out of wood and solid aluminum, for 3 phone cases... Seems like a poor use of space.
Lil bit too much hype for a fucking phone case
Can I have the box?
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