This Mysterious Box Is Over 100lbs... What Could It Be?

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The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...

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Vesel Case (International) -

Here's another luxury iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case... This one just so happened to arrive in a giant 50kg crate that cost over 2000 euros to craft.

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Unbox Therapy
The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...
Waste of money
Titus Aradi
I subscribed
John Robinson
as a retired machinist a poor estimate of the work to build the box and materials I'd guess to be about $3000
Rc Nerd
Please do a drop test
QWERTY Lionroar
If you said you didn't know what was in the box and it said on 3:37 "Thank You For Purchasing Our Product" then who bought it?
i'm from Slovenia😏
Ibrahim bdullah
Headphone warning at the start
millhouse m
Apple doesn't even package their products like this!
millhouse m
tom = jack
Aj Domagala
What a great use of earths recourses
Best way to send a bomb
This was exciting with all the boxes but this for three covers... and iPhone ones at that?! Such a disappointment:c
Himanshu Bhagwani
why do u need such packing for that piece of 💩...
i could have bought all 3 of those at walmart for $2.50
Nehemiah Law
See, to make anything look expensive, you gotta put the box in the box in another box inside a crate that you have to dismantle so you look cool
I received a box in the mail by mistake, and decided to open a mystery box after seeing your video. It was an awesome surprise
Never been so proud that i'm a Slovenian as i am right now :) greetings from slovenia, keep on the good work bro :)
So where can I buy that cube?
PyFyEi plays
made in slovenija ??? i coms to slovenija
I don't think Jack exists. Tom is Jack, Jack is Tom, they are one in the same.
Raihan Mohammad
ow. it's just a case
100 lbs box of that wtf
Cenia Candra
it's a fukn giant and heavy box just for that case.........
what a waste.....
Emman Castro
They using this channel to advertise their(VESEL) product, nice
Jedidiah Ojeh
the anticipation
David Delgado
"access to the necessary ports" Really... what ports? 💀💀
Sidney Falcon
They demolished a whole forest in packing just for some damn phone bumpers. 😡
Sidney Falcon
....all of that packaging just to toss it all in the trash 😡
Neri & Alex
There is something wrong with your video graphics
Maja P.
J Money
Tf. This is obscene.
Sanket Khodankar
50 shades of grey had the worst anti-climax.. oh wait !
jaša protner
it is from Slovenia???
Je Jo
I dont speak well english so can please someone explain what the Five Cent mean?
Black Swan
Rasoul Abaryan
Nice ad
Net Ten
holy shit boss never thought a phone case
What are those creams in the background 4:87
Godskid Kobby
cool video.....nice package
Imagine how much money the company wasted to create this publicity stunt, for advertising
Das Oschi
cost to build.... 2k$
anonymous 616
its yo mamas ass
Mowa Muranta
This dude legit looks like the brother of my teacher
Orthopaedic Pathology
More angles of unscrewing needed.
jack burgess
That $20,000 phone was real good but I'm buying that but I liked it
jack burgess
NBRAS افتراضي
you are amazing انت رائع صديقي كم احب قناتك
Rudy Roman
waste of fucking recourses. that's pretty sad tbh
David Boyer
Congrats on the heaviest unboxing ever. Reminds me of Neiman Marcus kind of product. Only thing... By surrounded a smartphone with aluminum strips... doesn't that hurt the antenna case. It used to. Peace!
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