This Mysterious Box Is Over 100lbs... What Could It Be?

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The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...

Vesel Case (USA Link) -
Vesel Case (International) -

Here's another luxury iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case... This one just so happened to arrive in a giant 50kg crate that cost over 2000 euros to craft.

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Unbox Therapy
The Levitating Speaker Strikes Back...
Anvay Kelkar - Mount Pleasant Village PS (1534)
I thought it was a phone not a bumper lol
Meow Hiicat
I'm from Slovenia 🇸🇮
subcribe @zaygotthesaucce
Hay-Wyre d
(Insert generic"I liked the box better" comment here)
Mouthful Of Regret
that was the most unsatisfying unboxing ive ever seen. You open all of these huge ass boxes and in the end its a few phone cases like wtf?
X vs Y
Pass the parcel material there
Christian Penano
thought it was a bomb
Mubeen Amir
a box in a box in a box and in the box there are 3 mini boxes and in the three mini boxes are iphone covers the thing that can never be guessed in such a boxed situation
Anthony Alden
box in a box in a box BOXCEPTION
jan porok
I am from slovenia
khmudasir tanveer
I have subribed you today
Colby Turner
Nerfdude 2092
Dan Jack
I think people at Vesel took it a little too far
Quite obvious all the elaborate packages he receives are specifically made just for the unboxing. The channel is called "Unbox Therapy". Pretty sure the companies involved with sending him products for review are having a good competion and a bit of fun with the type of packaging they can create.
Arcano & Friends
who else was expecting something incredibly a dildo with Lou's head.
Oscar Yip
if i get to choose to get the case than the box, I would choose the box, haha
Aidan Friedfeld
Wow thats a seriously cool box I wonder if it has like custom made headphones or like a ivory handled revolver or something......oh wait its just some iphone cases
Matthew Alde Yson
save your time
Ben Ward
What a waste of aluminium
Goorpijp Wessel more to get less.
Ilya Kuzmenko
Thanking to your videos I believe in great minds in nowadays again! Thanx for all
Nick Vernice
where the f do u get a milled SOLID Aluminium box?
Erik Ruisbroek
Slovenia trying to be Russian with their packaging...
Wicked Babushka
Bigass box for three dumass cases?
Fidget Spinner
this would take a day if he had a handheld screwdriver
John Hofmann
Nothing beats Ballistic. Period.
Carlo Alcala
Unbox a pitaka case for the iPhone
ArhaanTheGamer 23
I'll get the case but I want that box
Aikeru Ango
i love the box more than the actual thing inside
mark martin
how much because the Box looks like it's more expensive than what the phone cases is
Alexander Rain
That is the dumbest shit I`ve ever seen xD
Mark S
slovenia <3
Epic Eli B
Where can we buy the box?
I bet the package costs more than the case itself
Lucy Chor
All that for cases...
Daniel Wechter
I'm Dying
Where has your channel been all my life?
funkster Guy
wtf. so much fucking boxes for three bumpers
Mr Gingey
that box weighs more than me
AllGame Gamer
the moment when the box is more intresting than the iphone bumpers
C Croxford
When the box your product comes in (the aluminium cube) is better than the actual product.
Nicholas Belotti
Over packaging 101
Cowboy Spade
That box is awesome :o
Evan Burns
But i live in saylvania
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