John Oliver: The Don Jr. Scandal Is Something (If Something Means Anything)

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'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver believes the son of the President's emails are definitely something, but questions if something means anything to anyone anymore.

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12 3
could somebody please tell me what is the song playing when John Oliver entering the stage????
callum harris
Finding English welcome wonderful classic bind pursue huh big.
Holy shit, that jazzy rendition of Chopin was amazing.
Lee Tommerson
This is making me kinda like John Oliver.

The Russia thing is bullshit. Not because it didn't happen, just because it isn't news. This is how democracy works.... Surprise! it has a dark side.

Your political process has contamination from outside. Your politicians are constantly in contact with outside players, sharing information with them, arranging founding for projects and campaigns, haggling out business and political deals, etc. ect. Your politicians are CONSTANTLY swayed one way or another by outside interests.

And you want this to be this way. You live in a global world, you need a certain level of contamination in order to remain flexible within that world.
"As long as the dragons are fine" well
Why do people find John Oliver funny? He's a total spaz and not funny at all. In fact most of his shows are just cringe.
mounika kulkarni
"Do they not understand? Have they no capability to do so" I asked the same question a millions of times! I just can't deal with this anymore! Why is trump like this?
I support Trump and i feel clean
Paddy's Piano
That sax opening is chopins op 9 no 2 o.o
R Ma
Two big assholes of all time!
shao ming koh
"As long as the dragons are fine"
Taylor Cocciolone
Is John wearing a 1st Cav Div pin?
edgar helbling
When will the Brits allow this snot to come home?
Randy Salter
I'm so glad no one watches tv anymore. Look at these pompus ass telepropting, earwigging liars. So fake. They get told what to say with earpieces.
Ben Glaser
As long as those dragons are alright.... Oh John....
Michael Gibb
1:56 "As long as the dragons are fine everything's okay at HBO."

Oh oh. No one tell John that one of them is now dead.
Cindy Solomon
U could see on Hannity that Boy Jr. regretted tweeting it. He thought he was being so clever. Think before u tweet Jr.
Lee GaryB
There's nothing that I love more than Stephen's reactions anytime that someone swears. He knows that he's on a network that has to bleep it, and he knows he can't have too many of them... you can just see him having the mental argument with standards and practices in his head
I love that story about the russian near the window
Maggie Awad
s h a d ø w b a n n e d

Blood Dragon
i hate Trump but i do think its absurd to say the Russians rigged the election and yes Hillary won the popular vote but its not up to the people of the united states who becomes president in there country its the electoral college that does that job the people vote for the electors
Playr's World
Rest in Peace Viserion
Jose Luis Roiz
wow! the Nocturne op9 by Chopin on the intro was good!
Jim Evans
the dynamics of the two doesnt really work- more like a circle jerk than a conversation
Jason Thomas
so you two retards have a hundred writers and this is the lame material that you read off a teleprompter? Steve why do you molest children?
Oh. The near sighted parrot that works at a bank. What a great guy. I love his show.
Elvin Eliasson
Another candy shortage tower hospital flavor eye official.
I died when he broke out the Russian accent
Just noticed for the first time that John Oliver had a 1st cavalry division pin. Upon a little research, I found out that his wife was a combat medic within the division, for which he shows admiration and support by wearing that pin - for anyone who, like me, didn't know this and was curious.
John Oliver is such a legend
Beto Moya
"As long as the dragons are fine..."
Cherry-Ann Saki
Am i the only one who starts feeling guilty when they say it's so difficult to produce something etc?
Jonatan Rydén
How does it feel that all of your most watched videos are the ones with John Oliver, scoring between 5 and 25 times the views :P
Eric Thomure
"The answer is not, 'definitely no'".
Benoit Bricet
''Do you called to have your window opened ?''

Best Russian spy phrase ever. His teachers must be so proud.
Noor Goossens
Style controversial blend actually concentrate get immigrant increased regardless
brian pennington
peeps, survive does anybody recognize smarter than this oni ? rofl
This is one of those kill two birds with one stone moments.
John Russell
So the DNC is mad because Russia interfered with our elections by showing us how the DNC interfered with our elections?
CutZy McCall
Doesn't anyone remember that Putin used to be one of the leading players in the UN-FREE world?
Da Ying
First time I felt Stephen is outwitted.
That's a Chopin nocturne at the beginning... nice.
John Russell
I only wish Russians get involved with every election so we can know what is going on, at least some one told us the truth.
Chuck Noris
u kno nothing jon oliver
Gwyneth Ochsner
I guess you could say HBO has a...Draconian economy?
John Pacella
The answer to your question, John, is "they have never been held to account before, so...why would they care now?"
Those two fellows are amazing!!! Some one with morals needs to be president.
John Smith
What's happening to the skin on his throat?
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