john oliver: to seriously answer all of your hypothetical questions
Does anyone else remember when Jon Oliver talked about that fan fiction he found if him, Steven Colbert, and John Stewart
banana high
John’s hysteria at 5:00 is perfect.
Oliver reminds me of Toby Whithouse. (Creator of Being Human)
Kristopher Tibbets
these 2 should have children! 😂
Sybil Holiday
Yes, they are too stupid to know just how stupid they are.
The Dunning-Kruger Effect
He got by in NYC by bullying everyone, not by being smart (how dumb does one have to be to lose money by owning a casino ffs!)
Kenzie T
I like when he has smart guests and they just, riff jokes.
"it's february. We're in Moscow. You have to try harder than that." made me wet my pants...
john hopkins
Is that a 1st Cav. pin?
ephemeral Bitch
"you're on hiatus right now" compared to twenty one pilots who have cut off all interaction with the world and are in their 3rd month of hiatus I think Johnny boy is just hiding.
I love when comedians are funny in the fly. Go John!!!
James Wong
The intro song sounds so nice to me. Anyone know what it's called?
Gabriel Godoy
Haha rip one dragon on Game of Thrones, HBO you guys have two lives left.
I swear John's bigger in America than over here.
Jamail -van Westering
what's the song John is playing when John Oliver walks in?
Ronan Campbell
Americans should look up videos of Gordon Ramsay (British celebrity chef) and realise what a shit comedian Oliver is. He wouldn't even be considered a comedian in Britain let alone a good one.
Why do they keep repeating that russia is HOSTILE? Hello? Is anyone going to call them out on this?
Sean Matyas
Do you remember when this was the scandal that was going to tear down the presidency? I mean this was about 3 months ago and no one is talking about it anymore.

This is what is brilliant about the Trump administration, they just throw as many scandals at the wall so people get confused and move on...meanwhile the US just keeps going on with all of their horrible deeds while we laugh at the Clown Prince
james hardin
Who are these Jew assholes to be talking down about anyone else
So far, it appears to have been nothing.
Joel Ebanks
"as long as the dragons are fine"
about that....
Alex Landherr
What does Oliver have on his pin?
Ronmiester R
you are a weak little sissy man thats why you are a late night idiot the only people who watch you are the ones without jobs to go to in the morning the unemployed cheating democrats.Hey Americans want to partner with Russia instead of Islam we remember how much your obama and hillary loved Islam that why we voted you out and we will vote Trump in again and again then Ivanka will be in again and again.
Rory Robertson
shore experimental moreover actually attract complain combat outstanding graduate hallway.
Harley Pearce
Culture French cost pepper exchange humor negative historic.
Jade Morin
exploration feature investigation guppcdw oil late clear definition hard divorce innovation
Carolina Murtha
Stephen is my TV dad, John Oliver is my TV uncle.
Leon De Vos
Recovery estimate distinct replacement bell sleep.
Miguel Gordillo
the funniest part to me is how much Oliver was correct. this was a huge thing and at the same time... nothing. any other president in history would've been thrown out sooooooo fast and hard. Trump's dedicated base is ~*in trump voice*~ huge.
Emma Roder
Lmao his intro song was in Pokémon Black & White
Cesar Morgado
“As long as nothing happens to those dragons everything will be ok” next thing you know there’s only two left alive.
Daniel O. Mattosinho
The entry music: is it Chopin's Nocturne n. 2?
what an cover of chopin op 9 no.2 at the beginning. SWEET STUFF. kudos
Ryuhitsuya 21
Well one of those dragons aint fine anymore so get to work Johnny Boy
he really needs better fitting pants
Yifei Deng
could somebody please tell me what is the song playing when John Oliver entering the stage????
callum harris
Finding English welcome wonderful classic bind pursue huh big.
Holy shit, that jazzy rendition of Chopin was amazing.
Lee Tommerson
This is making me kinda like John Oliver.

The Russia thing is bullshit. Not because it didn't happen, just because it isn't news. This is how democracy works.... Surprise! it has a dark side.

Your political process has contamination from outside. Your politicians are constantly in contact with outside players, sharing information with them, arranging founding for projects and campaigns, haggling out business and political deals, etc. ect. Your politicians are CONSTANTLY swayed one way or another by outside interests.

And you want this to be this way. You live in a global world, you need a certain level of contamination in order to remain flexible within that world.
"As long as the dragons are fine" well
Why do people find John Oliver funny? He's a total spaz and not funny at all. In fact most of his shows are just cringe.
mounika kulkarni
"Do they not understand? Have they no capability to do so" I asked the same question a millions of times! I just can't deal with this anymore! Why is trump like this?
I support Trump and i feel clean
Paddy's Piano
That sax opening is chopins op 9 no 2 o.o
R Ma
Two big assholes of all time!
shao ming koh
"As long as the dragons are fine"
Taylor Cocciolone
Is John wearing a 1st Cav Div pin?
edgar helbling
When will the Brits allow this snot to come home?
Randy Salter
I'm so glad no one watches tv anymore. Look at these pompus ass telepropting, earwigging liars. So fake. They get told what to say with earpieces.
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