Searching for Newts and Salamanders

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On this Coyote’s Backyard adventure, Coyote and “Pup” are teaming up again for a fun filled expedition in Southern Ohio’s Wayne National Forest, which just so happens to be one of their favorite spots to go searching for Newts and Salamanders!

These gentle little amphibians are known to have some really beautiful colorations and since they are one of the safest animals you can encounter in the forest, searching the creek beds for them is one of the best ways to introduce children to the wonders of nature. 

*Big thanks to Jason Guffey and his family for hosting the Brave Wilderness team for this video. We can't wait to come back and visit again! 

On Coyote’s Backyard we’re sticking to the trail because animal expert Coyote Peterson wants to show you all of the cool creatures that live just outside of your house, or in your local parks nearby. Sometimes the opportunity to connect with nature is a lot closer than you think! 

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Billy TEM
I found a newt underground
Twila Pennington
Brandi McFail
I got Gators in my lake and a nature preserve in my subdivision.
Adilene Garcia
I have a dog in my backyard 😐
Stephanic Kirk
This girl know more animals then I learn in school such a smart intelligent beautiful girl
Madison Snyder
I found a cone snail
Madison Snyder
Zip found a cone snail
Talan Collinson
I found a deer trapped in a peas of poop lol
Bugzy's Evil Deeds
We have a huge ant population!
and snakes.
Yakelyn Jimenez
in my back of my hous i found rolliy poliys
Aleny Pena
your so cool and notthing is in my backyard
I got squirrels!
dimitri dimi
in my backyard there is cochroaches bugs spiders worms dogs cats rats mice ants lizards snakes butterfly etc
Serval Craft
Near my house, there is a pond where me and my dad go hunting for frogs and salamanders, the salamanders we catch are light brown when we catch them, but when they grow older they are jet black with two yellow stripes going down their backs
gabriel tenera
in my backyard there are:slugs,snails,spiders,worms,ants,bees,crickets,my dog,my neighbour's cat and once I saw a rat
Sam Blase
yesterday I found a toucan🐦
Makenzie Zerghjy
In my backyard across the street there's bears raccoons deer moose coyote wolfs and lots of other cool animals
Maveryck Chartier
What a cute little newt😍😍😍😍
Rebecca Owens
Arisdelsy Garcia Perez
you should do more videos with pup
Blue Sheep aka Ipadgamer
I didn't know that was your daughter wow!
J Lock
Lucas Trinh
There was a creek near my grandpas house and found a snake fish and baby turtle's
i Foundation a sake !!!!!!!!
Erick Pete
I find snapping turtles in my back yard also a lot of bugs I live in Minnesota
Edward Klinker
Is that his daughter
joshua godwin
hmmm whats in my english city backyard... mice, rats, snails, slugs, neighbours dogs, neighbours cats, worms, oh and spawns of satan aka kids
Jonas Penaflor
Also i subed
Jonas Penaflor
The salamander winked! :O
Shannon's Survival
Does ur wife like wildlife im geussing yes xD
Robert Ciarlo
the one thing i found in my back yard was a rare salimanders
Jinx TDR
Where do I live is no problem to catch newts and salamander. Just go to the closest water bigger than 1m. Today I catched 5 and then though its enoigh.
Dark Heart
I have water snakes, copperhead snakes, marbles salamanders, eastern newts, hellbender salamander, rough skinned newt, northern two lined salamanders, northern gray tree frogs, leopard frog, toads, and American bullfrogs, agama lizards, rattlesnakes, house geckos, and other lizard that I can't name
Paws and Whiskers
I have frogs snakes spiders snails caterpillar
Narcisa Ramirez
I found a baby tortuise in my backyard!!!! ITS SO CUTE I STILL HAVE
Stacy Rodriguez
Coyote I saved 3 kittens and 2 look sick what do I do so that they do not die 😱😟😖😪😓Sad
Tracy Simpson
i live by a lake Turtles snakes fish bugs possums frogs snails slugs
Lots of frogs 🐸 and other animals
emily marquez
she is so smart
emily marquez
good job I can't you are so cut
Steven Matso
in my backyard I have a pond with frogs and salamanders,and also garden snakes 🌊🐸🌊🌿🐍🌳
ios gamer
There's worms spiders beers snakes is full of sometimes you're gonna find Taylor's mom all that I found out salamander ones does big spiders and that's one big big spider that's 20 inches long
FunnyPuppy Fu
Black and yellow black and yellow! I started singing it
Katherine Boss
I have black salamanders soooooooo adorable😍😍😍
Kenzie 111
I have rabbits and my dog for her bathroom break also some wasps
Cassie Hanley
i normally can go into the creek that only a few feet behind my backyard and i can sometimes find in the summer large snapping turtles and maybe an eel and normally sun bellys trout rainbow trout and blue gills!
Martín Patricio
cayoty can you come to my house
Martín Patricio
whnd can you come to my house
Abbey Slovarp
She is such a little daddy's girl ❤
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