Abra Abila
There is a lot of animals
That One Dorky Youtuber
We have deer, coyotes, frogs, toads, Yellowjackets, wasps, rabbits, etc. in our backyard, and once we even had 2 bears
Charis Griffith
Coyote I have a creek running through my backyard and I have found fish craw fish and turtle maybe you can come and look with me
Scott Rittler
we have alot of salimanders at my creek but not in my back yard
Lucky, all I have are squirrels in this trash place I'm in rn šŸ˜’
Haufolau Kuli
In my yard i have worms they help with my plants
Anya M Harris
pup is so cute. she looks just like me.
Kayla Young
fog šŸ snakes fish
Noah Williams
Does it make me wired to say she's the most adorable kid ever
Chena Kline
Get go to News snakes all types of bugs a birds my two dogs I've never found anything else awake yet never never found anything else sad very sad I mean spiders there's in the back but that's it and say I could ever find sad but at my grandmas we found like they're toads frogs slugs worms all types of butterflies and spiders so we found the lashes is and we also found a salamander like you did but it was Chinese miss it was like a giant I don't know how to say what to say but it was just so cool and dig definitely one of my favorite things!! Yeah that was awesome.
Katykats Stuff
Send newts
Anti Skeptik
Uhh I found a worm
katelyn Gunther
i live in new jersey so their are not many animals that i can catch
Jaye McNair
Newts are my personal favorite
Neisa Torres
Coyote, you should do a video in Puerto Rico
AB 3AM Savage
I saw a frogs
Kendall Hixson
in my backyard is ants
Is pup Peterson mixed? She looks mixed to me, like coyote did u smash a black girl? Or a latina? šŸ˜‚
The Dodo bird
we have frogs and salamanders in our lake
Sylv Aine
I used to catch frogs when we went out swimming to lakes as kids, and snails wherever I could get my hands on them :D
Yasmine Mohammed
I am 17 and my fear is a ant
Bianca Pracas
Emus and deers
angelo giron
trap jaw ants
carlos borg
Scorpions live in my garage
Beau Aebel
Black and yellow blank and yellow black and yellow
christy feng
can you go to hawii and cach a animl
Olivia Rizzo
where do you live????????????????????????
Mary Devling
Pup, we have raccoons, opossums, rabbits, birds of all kinds, snakes and I've been told that there are mussels in the creek that the raccoons love to eat. You should bring your dad and check them out.I think Pup could have her own show!
Isaiah Martinez
I have garter snakes bull snakes toads bull frogs muskrat and occanoily red foxes
Isaiah Martinez
Garter snakes not gardener snake
I found a brown toad in my garden
nycole lightbody
spidrs in my backyard
Jammu Hummus
Is that his daughter?
Garrett Sherren
How old I pup peterson
Marie Kovkin
i have skinks and gecos in my backyard in orlando fl
Leo Shepherd
Oils from your hands irritate salamanders and never keep more than 1 per container to prevent the spread of disease
Ahmed Shareef
she is brave
Crystal Nelms
These backyards are very big.
SunBurst Gaming
I have a ton of deer and cool birds snakes and amphibians in my area I live in the rural outskirts around Pittsburgh Pa
Rebecca and Logan Cleveland
i found a newt in my yard
Jaden Padilla
We have squirrels and chipmunks
Reagan Curl
I saw a salamander with black and white stripes with a blue tail
Polly Davidson
I have a baby American toad for a pet!
MLG Gamer
I have a big backyard no kidding
Sandra Johnson
Coyote Peterson my brother said that we live in Africa but we actually live in Superior Wisconsin and we have a bunch of animals living in our backyard we have bunnies we have Birds we have coyotes hey just like your name coyote Peterson and we have we have a bunch of animals in our backyard
Ethan Gellinger
There are a couple of stray cats and I Also have a creek and we live close to the Wabash river
Holly Webster
I'm guessing pup is his daughter because his name is coyote and baby coyotes are pups
Team savage 71
Ho is watching in 2017
Team savage 71
Moonlightbreeze2 cooltool909
I found my lizard runing around my back yard so i gues i found something in my backyard

That counts right?...
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