Артур иванов
Marlborough Anne
Thank you, Mazuri! We appreciate your care and efforts to share April, Oliver, and Baby with the world. And of course, for loving the animals!! Cheers.
Madeline Hoskinson
April keeps pacing after she got some lettuce . I think that she's still hungry ? After all she's eating for two !!! Lol
sandra spies
where's the baby at? She'walked in the corners and there is no baby. Did they take it away from her?
Joy Murphy
Have they separated the baby from April? I watched last nigh and April wouldn't let the baby nurse.
Mary Squiers
Well, the facebook feed said she was having the baby so we opened this transmission to see it. We MISSED it because this "life" feed isn't. Thanks for misleading us so we missed the birth that we have been monitoring daily! Really bad PR on your part....
Christine Atherton
why are you al watching this it is not real please go to ANIMAL ADVENTURE PARK facebook page the links are there this is copyright infringemen and by the way the real cam they are outside
Kathleen Taylor
I watch the keepers dancing around opening and closing the outside doors. It is so awkward and unsafe for all concerned. I suggest they use some of the money from their fundraising efforts to install some kind of remote door closing system. It doesn't have to be fancy; a simple pulley system should work well. I hope they will consider it.
Janet A
Fake site!!!!!
I have been following this site since February and find it hard to watch both April and Oliver continually pacing hour after hour. Why are they not outside in the clean fresh air and much larger area? I would hate for people to begin thinking this borders on animal cruelty. Saying they have the largest inside enclosure is fine but I some how find it hard to believe that means they are required to spend hours and hours in it. Hope to see some changes.
HELP I am so confused which one is really LIVE CAM?
Lee Paxton
Good morning Oliver & April!!! Waiting on that beautiful blessing of a new baby:) Thank you all for taking such good care of them. Doc Tim, Allysa & Cory and the rest of the staff behind the scenes
Ramona Shaw
can u imagine how much has been donated to this park because of this????
I first came across this 'live' cam on April Fool's Day......wondered if maybe it was a joke. How many people have wasted so much time watching and waiting...for naught? For goodness sakes people, there's already video out there where you can watch this process, see it and be done with it already!
Debi Landreau
Yay, April! Bring your baby into our world!
Ruth Mercer
probably old a repeat, says live most the time and I ve seen some 4 times,
why is oliver so active
Liselle Vincent
Is dis April
Well, again they are saying any time now, that she is not in "active labor", but is showing signs of impending labor (mucus plug, etc.). We'll see...
Pogue Mahone
I wonder if this is all just a hoax and on April Fool's Day it will be revealed?
Brenda Ciesla
Animal Adventure Park has copyrighted their You Tube video stream. This is an illegal video!
Chris West
My girlfriend and I were just talking...this is either the greatest marketing ploy of all time...or the greatest con.
Debi Landreau
Is April REALLY pregnant? If so, the vet called the delivery date wrong! Get another vet! This is insanity!
Linda Gardiner
terrible for these giraffes to be in their pens all of the time ,, know the weather is cold there ,but they need bigger pens , they are getting very distressed going around in circles
Newton The Narwhal Penguin
Um... coming from 3-24-17, has she given birth? It's literally been 2 weeks, and they ended the livestream. Or did they just start on her due date and wait?
Michaela Radford
Is this live now on 24th March at 11.20pm UK time
Denise Medel
April and Oliver are so awesome.The park takes so take of them.I love watching them at play.The caretakers are so great with them.
Pam Wills
Will April lose her appetite once labor starts?
Abigail Loos
I am thankful to animal park for letting us see April and how sweet it is when her keeper interacts with her and kisses the bump on her tummy. April I can't wait till you give birth to your calf.
Libby Hansen
Everyday I tune in, it reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day.
Tonight is the first time I've seen comments enabled. There have been a few times there was live chat, but I like the comments, too.
April is such a lovely girl, can't wait to see her baby!
Joe Coleman
get her some milk!
80% of the video you can't see their heads
clears throat I'm guessing you're wondering why I brung you here via recommendations.
Studio 24 Graphics
Is this the official stream? The one I was just on is way behind and has chat.
Carmen Velasco Martínez
este tipo de animales deberían tener más espacio para correr. sus patas se pueden atrofiar por no tener el espacio suficiente para retirarlas a todo lo que debe de ser.
Billy Bob
You should let the animals go
Sally Gibbons
if April delivers today, I have a Couple of names for the Zoo to consider. Colleen, if it is a girl. Patrick if it is a boy. Prayers for April and her calf.
Erin Ryan
they're curious about each other but they make contact. you find hidden meanings and send to others as a joke
16 days until you get told you've been April Fooled. Hence the name April..
Hey Oiver is trying to eat the top of his fence
Marja van der Bolt
When is this baby-giraffe expected?
James HDMI Pierce
not show the baby
Mimi Tao
The giraffe is a kind of animals I love, I have lived in Africa for more than ten years.
Dawn Jackson
How long is she going to be in "labor" for. I checked this 2 weeks ago and still nothing.
april needs more space, and it's unnatural for for what's his face to even be around at this point. pray for april, curse obamas.
Joselyn G
Giraffes have become my FAVORITE animal. they are amazing, tall and beautiful animals! I think Oliver knows its treat time. Mama April looks great!
Lugene Jackson
Is the latest update on her live video?
Linda Elsemore
Is this a live feed?
Darlene White
Hey April My Birthday is Sunday HOLD it in until then LOL!! No I just want you both to be healthy!!!
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