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Episode #2 of instant karma & instant justice on the roads in new compilation.

Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for CRITISISM and EDUCATIONAL purposes ONLY. 
Take this video as a learning tool and watch how NOT to behave on the road. 
Be careful on the road. Drive safely,  keep yourself and others safe!


If you are a COPYRIGHT holder of any video fragment in this compilation and it was used without your permission or you no longer want your video to be in our compilation - contact us via email or send us Private Message here on Youtube so we can resolve the problem As Soon As Possible. 
Thank you!

Fucken white people always happy when other people get pulled
Over. move your slow Bitch ass out the passing lane and you wouldn’t have to worry about people tailgating bitch
bence bereknyei
2:17 song name?
Are these people's lives so miserable they have to laugh when someone runs a red light by 0.5 seconds and gets pulled over?
Tommy Jensen
In one of the next exhilerating videos the police will be talking to me after I halted me bicycle on the bike lane at a red light crossing without raising me arm first.
Distasteful Mentions
lol i wonder how many of these people claimed police brutality after they got citations?
5:12 standard practice in Australia, especially Sydney and surrounds.
SuperKiller _NZ
Too many douchebags... on both sides of the camera
Davi Lu
Why do people always have to think only in extremes? Like everyone who does the slightest bad thing = deserves death, no sympathy. There's nothing inbetween?
The only way this motorcyclist endangered innocent lives is by scaring them so much that they do a mistake and build a huge crash which is very unlikely. There's no doubt that what he'S doing is absolutely stupid and against the law and could cause some damage to other cars. But just for that little bit he does not deserve critical accident imo..
People need to chill more. Cheering about that crash is just absolutely ridiculous.
Marty Marsh
I wouldn't laugh to hard, you will get your turn also.
Manuel Moya
The bikers' video at around 2 min, is that Montreal?
Juan Sanchez
Estos parecen estúpidos cuando sale la policía están tarados
Lenoch Liny
3:07 The biker is no longer such a hero. Like all bikers ..
Edin Ajanovic
4:40 BIG LIKE for the music :)
Jose Abarca
All of these people praising tail gatting are gonna end up in a tail gatting accident one day 🙄
ultimate warrior
funniest shit i ever seen,this stuff had me on the floor!
No biker ever deserves to do down, but if that's what it takes to teach someone to not be THAT reckless then so be it.
10:24 in Brazil.
those Karma Cops are way to rare
Dred Verone
Love the video. Justice is still out there.
Ritxi Ramone
Icollo !!
@ 5:14. No, it's nice, as well as legal. It keeps everyone moving faster when traffic merges at the end of the merge, as they are supposed to. Anxious, self-righteous idiots who don't understand basic concepts like this, create more delays and accidents than they'll admit.
I'm not a supporter of the US but, as far as the police are concerned, I'm allowed them. there are too many fucked drivers on the road and fucked drivers belong in jail!!! good job of the police and without them the roads would be hell!
Maria Delaluz
Very forced laughs and with? Murphy's law?
4:30 where did the second cop car come from?
10:19 the laughter is golden!
John Crosbie
Bikers deserve all they get
GC Contact
What amazes me is how many people STILL listen to the local radio stations
Chris Cab
nobody likes the scumbag giving traffic tickets cop= tax collector
LOL that ricer @7:25 who thinks loud=fast with his fart can. The cop probably gave him a ticket for not wearing his retard helmet.
1:00 i dont understand what was his violation ? he signaled to switch lanes he was far enough from the cop... speeding ?
Antonio deCarmoducci
celebrate your compliance. good little citizens. eat your dog food and enjoy your millionaire president
foxy the nightmare
8:25 denied
w slim
I love seeing bikers eat it ba ha ha ha
It's so simple even Americans should be able to do it, but they fucking can't: pass cars or fucking MOVE.
Fucking white inbred fucks at :45 would be cheering for the cops to stop someone when his bitch ass is the one driving like a slow asswipe...
Benjamin Desso
Ig Ja
wow, I never wish to drive in your country full of bitter cunts behind wheel >< and i thought people in my country are pathetic behind the wheel NAHA you murricunts are the worst.
I just realized why there are so many down votes. Hahahaha! Scum bags! It doesn't pay to be stupid and narcissistic.
2:20 :)
Blocks passing lane, makes somone upset by his stupidity, and ofc, he gets away with it, and the person get upset gets pulled over... top kek
5:30 wtf.. this guy watched so many karma videos his laughing sounds like a russian police car honking.
Nelson V
at 1:15 it looks like the cop pulled the car over because he was driving on the shoulder
Ian Bono
10:35 it happend in city of Guaratuba, estate of Paraná, Brazil.
Maria Delaluz
They sound like forced laughs
9:49 the sound of complete stisfaction
Philly Sports!
5:30 is the type that brings a smile on my face I can't stand when there's a line of traffic and some fucking prick thinks he's special and can go around the traffic
Tony Huang
That is in Richmond. BC 1:32
People over here are doing whatever speed they want, and no one gives a fuck!
Wouldn't want to live in these totalitarian societies..
Nicolaj Nielsen
Must suck to live places where police dont need to drive in a clearly marked police vehicle. You shouldnt never be like "is that a cop car?" When you see someone doing something against the law.

"Is that the police?" What?!
The Rusty Hubcap US
Had no clue they used a Taurus Police Interceptor police car in Russia?
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