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Movie:- Hatim Tai (1990)
Directed by:- 
Produced by:- 
Music by:- Laxmikant Pyarelal

The movie story deals with a baby boy being born into the household of a rich Muslim King. The Prince is named Hatim al-Tai and is a very generous and humble Prince when he reaches adulthood. As the Prince begins distributing gold to poor citizens in his city, a Princess named Mariam comes to his door step to ask him for help. She tells him that she is in love with a Prince named Munir and they want to get married, but her father will not let her marry anyone as long as she lives. Hatim is shocked at her father's decision and realizes that there must be a reason behind it. Hatim, his friend Nazrul, Mariam and Munir go to Mariam's palace to ask the King why he will not let his daughter marry anyone. The King tells them of an event that occurred in the past, which leads to the reason why Mariam cannot get married. One day as the King was sleeping in his luxurious room, a fairy named Gulnar Pari flew into his room enchanted by the beautiful chandeliers in his room. Upon seeing the beautiful Fairy, the King is aroused by her beauty and attempts to rape her, but fails as Gulnar Pari is cursed and slowly begins turning into stone to save her honour. She gives him a curse that whoever his daughter Mariam marries, will die on the wedding night and Mariam will turn into stone. As Gulnar Pari begins turning into stone, the King begs for forgiveness. She pities him and leaves seven questions he need or someone else has to answer. All the questions need to be answered in order to get rid of both Gulnar Pari and Mariam's curses. When the King's story ends, he shows Hatim, Nazrul, Mariam and Munir the beautiful stone statue of Gulnar Pari. Hatim decides to seek answers to the seven questions. The King warns Hatim that the questions are extremely difficult and he will have to travel to distant and dangerous places. Hatim promises that with the company of his friend Nazrul, he will answer the seven questions.

Ramesh Patel
Razzaq Khan
Rasid khan 9057796902
safak alam
Abul Hasnath
Parvat Singh
Nice movie
Maktoob Raza
Very good movie
Irfan mlik Irfan mlik
Beautiful movie
Lucky Sahota
very very nice movie
Morsingh Rajpoot
amazing movie, incredible
yassir kashmiri
good song
Ronak Sharma
i love you this move
Naib Singh
very nice movie
kh rifat
awesome movie I love it
Aqsa Khan
nice movie
Rao Mohammad Yousuf
Khurasan King
Brilliant movie
israr pan center Mumbai
like movie
Dewi Siti Maryam
woiii english sub woiii atuuuh eyyy
irfan nizami
good song
Yog Chandra
Manu Khsual
Hhff Bc
prince dubey
Mostakin Hoque Mostakin Hoque
very good
Malika Wadiwala
parry is looking very nice and very Brightness
9991927614 Pervaz Alam
pervaz Alam
bushra shaikh
all song very nice
Sumesh Kumar
Nice movie
Komal Kushawah
Rishabh Khanna
How beautifully hatim addressed the god with different names...
Tipu Khan
very nice movie
Arman Khan
harrrrrrrr lgdaaaaaa good
Seak Alaudin
M Imran Bhatti
zabardast movie
Indrish Kumar
Sk Habibur
super movie
angel angel
maleeka bilal
I love it
Rishabh Shukla
If all muslims r like hatim then there will b no problem in india
Raju Rajput
Md Salam
Salman khan
Adrian WTF666
R.M. Art Production at 0:09
Saheb sk Saheb sk
but file
stacy keibler
hatim drama is better than this hatim tai movie 👎
Asiff Razaa
what a good one
maleeka bilal
Good luck
Tanarat Tiger
1:26:40 I Love This Song And Dancers 😍
very good muvie
muhammad nizar
help subt indonesia....
Shniyaz Salmani
Bhavesh entertainment
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