amihay sarfaty
@Tech with brett !!! 0:12
lovish choudhary
this thing is awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alexa C
Can you let me say hey google instead of ok google on the google assistant app?
silvester devasagayam
Please speak Russian language and Ukraine language
Show me my photos from last weekend

Norma Mirta Bendersky
Quiero recibir mis tickets para el viaje a NYC
Debra Dukes
Love it ✌👍😎
Google please get Google assistant on Android 6.0
Aaron Diaz
What's the video at 0:57 with the little girls and the dad?
daniela massera
traduzione in italiano Grazie
Bilal Ayub
Skabdullah Al Mamun
Virginia Bradford
Virginia Bradford
추석은 쓸ㅆ
Rachel Kunter
Valmor Valmor
Ok Google good nithyng plays you Love mto mai folder watt is Peter good Monet yes Thor Dany. Dany.
Daniel Tisoň
Why doesn't it work for me? 😢
Thomas Goolsby
My note pad. And phone got a nut over this new way to surf the internet
Antonio López
ok Google, make it work in Spain
Daniel Hamlett
ประทีป อนุมาตย์
When your phone doesn't support Google Assistant
Phillip Jewell
I've tried so many different ways to get google assistant to work on my phone( 7.0 ) very very frustrating. Please someone help
Sherry Scott
Jacksepticeye Markiplier fan
Wow i need this right now!!!!😢😂
filza siddiqui
I am using Marshmallow but still Google assistant is not available
Hello frnds
Keegan Singh
I like how Google ads are focused on people and how the product helps them than the tech itself
live generously
Now google assistant is available for lollipop, through nova launcher, so why can't you give the official Google assistant through Google now launcher?.Please try to give through the next update of Google now launcher. Thankyou Google
Walter Doege
Very useful
Marshall Perales
OK Google, idea.tweet sonoflucifer
Maciej Krainski
O... super! Kolejna rzecz, która pojawi się w Polsce za 10 lat, albo wcale.
Singh Whatss
clothes stiching
Singh Whatss
clothes sticting
bhuwan tech in telugu
Not working in marshmallow version
With 1gb ram please help me
Akumu Synx
I Love Google
Donna Chisum
I would tell you to make a new app named Google dictionary to make people easy to understand. what you could is add more things like the word's synonyms antonyms with sentences and I told you these things and I want you to make this app and you will get a high star rating so that is why I am telling and I want the Google dictionary. If you make this app I'll increase my rating to 5 star rating again and speacilly it should be offline please listen to me.
Hritik Bhardwaj
in my moto c there is no any Google assistant
Md shakil Molla
world fast
Aniekwe Nchekwube
how do u I make calls on my device
Umeshyadaw Bhai
umesbhai @355
I have never done it.
cinnamorollfan1995 sonicfan1998
Omg 😲 it shows a YouTuber referance
Kiran Jois
please give me Google assistant . I'm weating
Soniaeloisa Lema
muy util. para todos
Mung Ta
o la la
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