GIFTED Official Trailer (2017) HD Movie

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Trailer For: Gifted Official Trailer #1 (2017) Chris Evans, Jenny Slate Drama Movie HD (International) (Official) (UK)

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Anni Ramirez
lindaa la pelicula, me hizo llorar
Сергей Метельский
-- insert another talentless Captain America joke here --
Cedrick Bayer
I love this video, and found a website that individuals can watch it as quickly as release. Enable watch now {
Sophia Kovach
Cap was so desperate for a family he went and found his own.
Beliana Cortez
👺 Gifted ||Full Movie|| HD Quality[ ]
We w ww ww. W.
Daniel Ceballos
If you see the movie stay after the credits, Nick Fury makes a cameo and recruits the little girl for the
next Avengers...
omg they filmed that at my old school May Howard Elementary school now the old building got torn down
Marije -
But like what does adnocium mean
she's like the counterpart of Jacob Tremblay
Gasila Mondel
Gifted (2017) F u l l M o v i e Available Now

Click to Watch
Mary needs to meet Will Hunting😊
Kianaca O
So...Matilda got adopted by Captain America and Captain America is now a babysitter and Matilda is now a badass??

I 😍 LOVE IT!!!
hannah overbye
don't needa watch the movie now lol
Ceryne Hammoudi
can someone please tell me what's the song in the beginning ?
Boike Forlan
Gifted (2017) [FHD] >>
Red Hood
It's so weird seeing captain America cry and be nice
Lexi Mclanahan
This looks amazing
The Black Liars
this seems heart-warming but i just hope chris evans doesnt keep doing these types of movies hes fucking captain america!
Apple of Idunn
is Chris is not attractive enough? You trying to kill everyone from swooning over him? come on..
pd ray
Thats Captain America playing Jodie Foster
Daniel Galvão da Silva
"Good Will Hunting" in a kid version...
Cody Ferrell
Looks like an awesome film! Reminds me of how much I want a kid... Meh
Tim Nergaard
this is just good will hunting though
I look forward to seeing this.
Lady smallwood
Milan Nguyen
I'm serious about this so someone answer this What's Geometry
seems like captain america has a kid nowadays
Mudzz 99
wait till tony hears about this
Travis Jones
she was a spoiled little bitch on Young and the Restless
Ronnie Mu
This reminds me of Matilda.
wassup Cap
wassup Cap
she knows how to use a calculator wow!!!
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