Mike Harrington
Jnr is just a polished up soft, slack jawed youth who has inherited his father's hollow ability to smile whilst lying through his teeth.
Pablo Hernandez
Doesn't Donald Trump Jr have better things to do that give interviews? Battle with Hollywood on Twitter? Why does he not come clean with what he's done illegally? His kids really need to keep their noses out of politics because they're really don't know much about it. They've always had their daddy speaking for them. They need to branch off and be their selves. Stop leeching off the tax payers.
Judith Osorio
Hannity never rectified the lies Donald Jr. said in this interview. Hannity's audience deserve better.
Diane Morris-hill
liar......that's all there is..,.that's all there is
Superni Ue
trump jr has stated different versions concerning this russian meeting. i'm no king solomon but even i know this guy is lying.
Edward Rodriguez
They're just sucking each other off
James Dyer
And the lord sayeth onto the witless open mouthed dull peasants from the West a saffron hued rotund faced peddler of untruths shall bring much mirth and merriment to the land! He will be like a golden tinged child in a man's world, but yeah he shall be granted the highest seat at the highest table and shalt bring shame and angst to all that cast their eyes and ears upon him. He shall spawn two sons Dumbeth and Dumbether who shall bring the kingdom crashing about them, as their craft of the falsehood be poor and shall betray them and the portly boy king to an eternity of insult and ignominy.

Revelations 2/4/6 . 8
what a farce of an interview
Oved G.
treason treason treason
Darren Post
This looks like propaganda to me. Do we live in nazi Germany?
Richard Rauch
dear rebooblican fucksticks, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
#Obama. #Two terms
Ok. But why is his mouth so small?
Gerald Fields
i cant find my comment
Gerald Fields
I can think of ten questions he failed to ask. Hannity sold his integrity to Murdock years ago. How can any self respecting person be on live television and report lies( alternative facts ) keep a straight face then go home and look their kids and friends in the face. Jr. says may be the Russian lawyer had evidence of Clinton and the Russian gov. haha. The lawyer has admitted Jr. is out right lying. Wait until they find out Sr. was at meeting via conference call. So sad
Gerald Fields
I can think of ten questions he failed to ask. Hannity just wants a check he sold his integrity to Murdock years ago. How can you get on live television with lies then go home and look your children in the face Hannity. Now you have this asshole on your show stating may be Clinton had something going on with the Russian gov. haha The Russian lawyer has admitted Jr. is out right lying. But here is the kicker shithead. Wait till they find out Trump Sr. was at the meeting via conference call.
Greg mayonnaise
Most people get angry when they are lied to, repeatedly, like in this interview. I can't find anything on hannity getting angry--which would be a perfectly normal reaction.
Thomas H
he reminds of corpral agorn from f troop,
Thomas H
wonderful display of three card monty,,this is ben hur meets caddy shack,great job Donny boy,hanging out with his dad all them years has really made him something to watch,if he was a running back ,he would make oj look like a novice,i never seen a weaker looking man in my life,what women would want that,is he transgender,,
Jim Page
Good god these are dripping slime.A couple of proper sleezebags.
Steel Here
Eric Trump Jr. could have told Hannity he can bend steel and fly, and Hannity would have believed him. "How long have you had these superpowers?" - says Hannity.
This man is a dumb fuck. Just like his father. What a disgrace.
Snake Pliskiin
turns out he lied again during this interview. lol
Donnie Jr. is a transparent liar. So obvious. They're going down.
o-ptimus prime
What is that???!! 3:23
Either Trump jr. is an idiot or honest. He sure as hell knew about bleach bit, Hillary used it.
Lol at the "Drain The Swamp" in the chiron. He's making the swamp bigger.. But you keep doing you, dude.
Lawrence Morgan
Shifty eyes
It's shallow for people to keep saying the phrase "fake news" just like a wind up toy parrot. Who's doing winding? Someone that does not believe in you and just wants the power you give so easily.
Gina Quinn
I pulled out a gun to shoot my husband but there were no bullets in it even though I thought there was so I did not REALLY try to kill him.
Kevin Enos
So Goldstone sends an email to Trumpy Jr. alerting him to “very high level” information that “is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Trumpy Jr never stops to ask "Wait, what are you talking about?? What is this about the Russian government wanting to support my father's campaign??? This is news to me!!". And then he expects us to believe that that's all there was to it, nice and clean, nothing to see here. Little Trumpy may be that f*cking stupid but does he really believe anyone except the hard core Trumpanzees to be this f*cking stupid??? And his daddy says that most people would have gone to this meeting - NO, most people with at least one operating brain cell would have gone straight to the FBI. I don't know what's more maddening with this family - the stupidity or the sheer arrogance.
thomas dibartelo
Sean did i miss the memo have we declared war on Russia, since when is it a crime to talk to people who live in russia. The story about the russian lawyer is ridiculous, she is not a russian lawyer, she is a lawyer from russia, do you see the difference,

That's a lie. It may become a big deal.
hannity the hack isn't smart enough to see the lies from the dysfunctional, crooked family/administration. Even if he was he would throw him all softballs and praise him for supposedly telling the truth.
Mike Dole
Another nothing story.
Dianne McCartney
He's as horrifying as Trump Sr. Talking like he's on a high dose of adderall & those veneers are toilet bowl white. His hair looks like crap all slicked back. The main thing here is the lies coming out of his stupid mouth.
Joe Dodge
Hannity, you're IN on it!
Stephen Barrett
"Although, I forgot to ask him if he was a traitor to the American people"
Too bad he left out the part about a russian intelligence agent being in the meeting too. Lock Him Up!
lol, he lied... that is not everything. Man this guy can't stop lying?
Ken Durham
Double nothing burger! with cheese for your wine. This isn't even a crime.

No law against it at all. All of you fake ass pussies just keep on crying while you fall,

When will you learn? Fake ass nothing burgers make MSM fools hungry. May as well call MSM the McDonald's Networks. They serve fake ass burgers with nothing of value also.

I invite any of you stupid ass sheep to comment on this post. I'll see you in a year from now STILL laughing my ass off!!
Recieves info stolen in a hostile attack by a foreign goverment; yeaaaaa...... no big deal?
Ken Smith
There is a thing for adults called personal responsibility. Trump Jr. was offered the chance to commit a crime and jumped at it. He was put to the test and failed.
Oluseun Adeyinka
Why is this guy on TV admitting anything? Unbelievable. This is a serious matter and the last thing he should care about is public opinion.
Abbe Satty
9:40 Donnie: 'This is everything!'
BREAKING: "Another former Soviet operative was in the room with the Russian lawyer, Donnie, Jared and Manafort." Poor Hannity! You got busted by a con, hey wait! You're also a con -journalist-.
BONUS UPDATE: Yet another 6th unknown person was in the meeting
Hahaha it is funny reading Trump supporters go such lengths to avoid being wrong about Trump, that they will justify the unjustifiable. Decency first, ego second. Make humanity great again!
Esha Kiaray
Ciprian Alexandru
"There's a contextual element to the story" he said and that's true the context in which you denied this has happened until 24 hrs before this interview and now downplays the whole situation. Basically covering and downplaying a lie.
bob bob
The source of opposition research is irrelevant
Daryl Ramey = Dumb Chump Jr.
why didn't "bad toupee" hannity read some of the emails like "high level government" and " I love it" - haha- focks news (they sure do)
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