Donald Trump Impersonator at #TaxMarch in Washington DC. HYSTERICAL

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HYSTERICAL Donald Trump Impersonator at #TaxMarch in Washington DC.

The Guys name is Anthony Atamanuik very talented and BIG future with or without Trump

jina ray
pls make more everynight
Cachi -
Jillian Tavares
Eat your heart out Alec Baldwin!
David Rambo
He better be careful with his public appearances in a place like this. There are so many who would love to harm the president,and an impersonator doesn't have Secret Servicemen around to protect them.
isn’t trump a character
Future Tense
This guy is the best lol. Checkout Trump vs Sanders debate from Comedy Central
Hes amazingπŸ‘his show is great, but just like anything it has to be a good skit. I like the one where he is being trained to have manners look it up "amazing".
I Am
this guy makes more sense than SNL! they do a Horrible job of Trump impersonation .
Absolutely the best Trump impression going.
Fucking great. One of the best I've seen.
whats a bnb?
AJ Quinn
Wow - he's good. It was a little eerie how good he was.
Garey Busey is that you!?
"Get 'em out! Get 'em outta here!"
Jo Dobson
Brilliant- even the walk
Bright Morning Star
He's good but he is an imposter!
For a second, I thought this was the real asshole!! LOL
This guy is the best by far
Sean Marren
And I have it...I have it. I have it....I have it.............I have it.
Shri Ram
Daniel Gilbert
what's the opening music
"So we have all those taxes. And we are gonna release them." This guy just nails every word.
The first and only trump speech I've actually been able to sit through and watch
TrueBag PipeRock
"I'm the United Airlines of Presidents." Dude is hilarious.
He is so good it is insane.
Roman KFM
Houda Zee
"Save it for the real guy" lmao
Dayum, he talks identical
A Person
I like trump but I think this guy is accurate lol
Wow! This guy kicks Alec Baldwin's butt at being the Cheeto-in-chief.
Benjamen Sheppard
Didn't he help Alec Baldwin?
j en
i can't wait for trump to get his dues. everything he said about clinton and obama is a description of himself and when he is in prison, the irony will be delicious!!

bye bye little boy! thompson
We had to !!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bruce Wayne
"It's not a joke" I pray to god she was punched in the face. This is hilarious
Dean Edelsten
baldwin is more of a visual laght.. this guy has all this vocal and body languish down pat
B Eazy
This crowd was so weak. This is the absolute best Trump impersonator out right now, Alec Baldwin isn't half as good!
this guy needs to be more famous - he is the absolute best!!!!!!!!
I'm pro trump and I love this impersonator so much he's my favorite lmao
He is perfect. The best impersonator of Trump.
Francene Kelly
Prawesh Rijal
Anthony Atamanuik is great
aviu molina
Woaw he does the same thing as the real one. Impressive
lololol he is too funny
Clavers Odhiambo
He has broken Trump down to science
Mark Gray
he is more trump than the real trump
LOL! This guy does a really good impression!
Kerry Williams
Close your eyes - he sounds exactly like trump
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