Donald Trump Impersonator at #TaxMarch in Washington DC. HYSTERICAL

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HYSTERICAL Donald Trump Impersonator at #TaxMarch in Washington DC.

The Guys name is Anthony Atamanuik very talented and BIG future with or without Trump

Allosaurus Fragilis
The only difference between this guy and trump is that this guy makes more sense....
he is so on point that he had to tell someone let me do my own material, save it for the real guy
Haven't seen it yet, but his new weekly series, "The President Show" debuted on Comedy Central last night.
He's awesome
Ng'ang'a Junior
wooooow unbelievable
cocob bernard
OMG!!!!what a cuuute trump.....
Rick Ricky
He's better than Donald Trump Lol
Bearded Patriot
Oh man I'm fucking crying laughing!!!!!!
Lawrence Bader
2:01 "IT'S NOT A JOKE!".
Idiot woman yells out.
GREAT reply by Atamanuik.
conan debomber
this guy is an expert of impersonation.
Elena Pham
His Trump voice is spot on, his appearance looks like Chris Christie dressing as Trump LOL
Shawn Rawlins
idk if this guy is the impersonator or that other carrot in office is. this guy is great
marcus Bruce
he is great but trying a little too hard on some of the lines. Just by speaking normal sounds like trump
Camper than the real deal....or is he?
Juan Gallegos
the nou yes
Varghese Job
him being helped onto the stage was on point and the thumbs up as well 😀
Slobodan Dzikoski
Anthony you badass.cant wait for your showwwww
Will Heydecker
Joseph Martinez
whats this guys name
Snoop Doge
Donald Trump voice
This is the best impression I've ever seen, and I've seen many Trump impressions. Trust me, trust me folks. This is the most beautiful impression I've ever seen.
Stu Newcastle
He's better when he throws his dark humor in there.
Anthony Atamanuik is finally getting some recognition. He's a brilliant improviser.
Patrick Hawkinson
The United Airlines of Presidents. So true.
Wow. Alec Baldwin better watch out.
BobbyGA guy
Wow..He sounds just like him....
You know you're watching an amazing impersonator, when he has to emphasise that he's not the real guy because the crowd's getting angry.
sunny co
Even trump will be impressed with this guy !!!
Charles Smith
The Jiminy Glick side of Trump...LOL Very Funny. And I support Trump.
John Parker
Best Trump impersonation I have seen. Well done sir.
Ririko Tomikawa
Um, his sentences are too long and grammatical... But everything else, SPOT ON. "Save it for the real guy" hahahahaha.
he's so f.. good!
this guy is so good he had to tell a dumb fuck spectator that he was not the real trump to keep from getting insulted! precious!!
Sopho Cles
he actually looks and sounds like Trump love Alec but this guy has killed it
Anthony Smethurst
spot on. this guy needs air time
Jia Liang Low
This guy is good
That. Was. Brilliant. [faints]
dean mahoney
THE best impersonation of anyone of all time
4:58 captures the essence of Trump perfectly. The trailing off repetition... interrupted by sporadic nonsensical comments
Free Speech
This guy's got it... !
John Vono
Baldwin, take notes.
Josh Shuman
"I'm the United Airlines of presidents." LMAO
Patrick Rivas
Genuinely uncanny. With minimal make-up, this person could literally, and yes, I mean literally, impersonate and effectively take the place of Donald in the White House. Ivanka might notice the difference, here and there... ; otherwise, this caricature is an improvement, in every conceivable way, upon the heinous charlatan occupying the Residence right now.

Fuck off, forever, Donny. May your caricature of a man/ personality you possess, in earnest, be forever condemned by those generations yet to come. History will revile you.
This guy is unreal. Hey Baldwin, this is real talent!!
Kainos Teleos
Just looked at this video at my workplace. I just said: "This guy can not be Mr Trump. His hair looks too good, for being Mr Trump."
Well, the room filled fast with laugher^^
Wow....he's really good. He's got the voice and facial expressions and even body language down better than anyone, Baldwin included. Alec Baldwin's Trump is good, and started off great, but has gotten a wee bit stale lately. This scary accurate. This impression is planted firmly in the uncanny valley!
jayson biggs
I thought it couldn't any better than Adam Baldwin. He is even better!
John Do
WOW.. Bravo sir, bravo.
Jay Ledo
Holy shit I thought this was Trump, he does a better impression than even Trump of himself
Dr. Ibrahim Siawash
this guy is epic. He should be a body double. lolz
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