iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black Unboxing | iJustine

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Baileyboo S
She broke the phone.
Thanks for video! Can you please tell me where you purchased your box cutting knife?
Giz The Random
Can I have one already? I literally cry everynight cause I dont have one..
i have the matte black smaller iphone 7 i want the plus just cause i really want a bigger phone
It would've been cool if they would've done black cords and stuff for the black phones
Talayasia Jones
I got a iPhone 6 rose
Chloebailea XxX
Justine, I've seen a cool adaptor that allows you to charge and listen to music at the same time, EverythingApplePro reviewed it and it's 🔥
Chloebailea XxX
What is the point of the stickers
Chloebailea XxX
Omg😂😂 the joke at the start
I'm sorry but this is a toy compared to a Galaxy s8+, or a s7 edge, or a g6, or any htc of the last 3 years
Natalia Yanez
I want to sell my iPhone 6s but it has a small crack in the corner Idk if someone would buy it
Muffin Cake
My brother has an iPhone 7 plus jet black 128GB
Steve Ramirez
Do you still use this device as your daily driver?
Jose Otero
It looks really nice honestly
Amber Lee66
I want it but I don't have the money😩😭
Destinee Smith
U was on Steve Harvey
Såvånnåh Møørė
If you leave the safety paper on the front you won't need to buy a screen protector
Bridget Raichle
hi Justine I got the rose gold iPhone 7 its my first iPhone I got it on my birth day my mom took me to AT&T instead of going to apple it was so fun I love my new phone I hope maybe you'll read this
Αντωναρας οοο
are u left handed?
I have the 7 plus 128g in rose gold. I'm in love. I wanted the matte black. But they only had the jet black. So, I got the Rose gold. So cute.
Queen Kalenzi
your such a diva
Shadow Kissed
OMG I love your knives!!
Justine is the type of person to buy a new iPhone just to get a new lightning cable 🤦🏽‍♂️
Eliseo Alilin
Watching this on my iPhone 7 Plus 😁
Mark van Ginkel
You should do porn! I'm just saying...
Ryan Tu
Clorox Bleach
why does apple even give you stickers
Keelan Bc
Anyone else remember how the black iPhone 4 came in a black box
Aryan Gurung
when she removed the plastic it sounds oddly satisfying 🤔
Where do you get your knifes from.
Tayna Julia Mendes Martins
vô fala um português aqui quem entendeu o q eu escrevi curti e comenta, eu entendi, kkkkkkkkkj
Y'all here about Apple meddling with the modem chips for the next iPhone? Smh
Frank Eve
Wait there is an Iphone in the vid?
would you reccomend the jet black or normal black, or silver? I normally get silver
TriArt Studios
I don't think you're healthy
Ibrahim Ahmed
1:06 lmao i was about to get mad that it was "fake" unboxing again 😀
Dha Hdh
i want to bang u
Angel Fallares
you can change the color if you want
just go to the store.
Julian Candido
Thinking about getting the 8 in September or the 7 plus jet black. Which should I get
me enamoré
Lea Marye
I almost thumbed down when she opened the box and there was a Samsung there but I maintained my patience 😂🙄
Tory M
"I don't know where all the lightning cables go. It's like socks. Probably hangin' out somewhere together."
Makai vlogs
I want one😭😭😭
Normie AF
969$ Phew!
Steve Granda
this is like phone porn... jeez, I need to take a cold shower!
That's So CARLY
ijustine do you giveaway iphone 7plus?
Blah blah
Do u guys remember the invisible iPhone😂
Can you do a review on the Canon T7i
Ethan Pardo
Why not get a clear case so people know you have it?
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