Youtube BOYCOTT Just Got Way Worse and Why People Are Scared

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Philip DeFranco
I don't know where we're going to shoot the show next week, advertisers are dropping like flies on Youtube, but one things for sure...I'M GOING TO KEEP MAKING YOU GUYS A BAD ASS SHOW EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY! Thanks for being a part of this weird experiment. :)
YouTube has made it possible for so many to get content out, and make a side income doing it. Advertisers don't want to risk supporting negative content which only makes sense. So YouTube needs to try and find a way to filter that. Some of you may just be a form of modern shock jockeys pushing what you can get away with. Well however it goes. If YouTube has helped you, why not help YouTube if at all possible? Policies are a good thing to know before you get carried away. I guess we will have to wait and see how it all turns out. I'm still reading about why all this is happening.
soh loh
youtube are trying to appease the corporations who try to appease the SJWs who are anti-human which leads us to a point where youtubes attempts at making it look like theyre trying.. are hitting everyone including LGBTQ AND SJWs, many have predicted SJWs will get so out of control that they take themselves down, but unfortunately all of us have to go with them. Who do i blame? universities. I blame Berkeley. I blame frumpy asian-american women. I also blame canada.
This is out of youtubes hands and the lack of communication is a symptom of that, they don't know what their plan is. One thing for sure is that these channels that die are not going to be replaced by corporate content, the ones that do die will leave empty the niche they were filling in the marketplace and said niche will be filled by entirely new channels in an entirely new environment, just the same way youtube began with people making content for no money (minus the search engine prioritization disadvantage) . Its nothing to worry about unless you have a channel thats dying and a family to feed, in which case its the end of the world and life's a big fat bitch. But ultimately youtube never offered or promised stability to anyones business.
Loaded Dice
The idea is to stop free speech. It's alot like the soviet union in the 1920s
Tbh I think it's the viewer's faults. They have always complained about ads, fucking impatient crybabies.
yasmin khalat
I'm really mad cause I didn't take my advantage out of it
Ginger Kitties Four
Troy Guffey
I've been using Tor for almost all of my browser traffic for a long time. I use the FoxyProxy add-on extension to chose how to route it.
A big PROBLEM with Tor is that some sites are Tor-HOSTILE! They either just refuse to return anything, tell you to stop using Tor, or send you a CAPTCHA.
I run into a LOT of CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. The fscking thing DOESN'T WORK half the time! (You solve it, and just get another one) So you have to use a direct connection to that site.
Hell no it's pretty sick they love to sell you enough i like my privacy its sad as h3 pointed out sold for less then 2 million that's pretty low. Please as he said go out of your way not let let this pass like the block of Sopa.
Yes i look at it that they are making up sad marking ploys to not pay hard working people on here that put there day's in.
With all the censoring if we wanted tv i would pay for it. I'm on the net not tv let me act and and watch magic unfold i don't think ever thing needs to hollywood scriped or big budgeted let people be them selfs. Sorry that's how i feel that's what this site was about in the first place.
Xkito †
Good cuz YouTube is worse.
Jack KissMyAspergers
Thumbs up for the Mitch Hedberg reference.
Marie Perez-Ramirez Hotlinemamii
Yes finally YouTube is growing up and realizing they're making some of the wrong people rich! Was so tired of the overly exposed click bait of pranksters /youtubers showing boobs, ass, anything inappropriate just to get ppl watching. It sucks so many are getting shit for it when their content is great but I think it will finally bring substance to YouTube again.
This is really a great time for another website to rise up while youtube is down. Get em' while their down lol
Wren Wright
Not this fucking guy again....
Dakota Watson
Why doesnt google just sue the wall street journal
welcome to youdowhatwetellyoutodotube. the corporations are boycotting you. but they still want your money. so boycott the corporations. they'll get the point.
Fiery One
People are hopping to GAB..
how can I flag ads? ad for this video was extremely graphic, it showed fucking toothpaste and blood spit repeatedly. gross af. please YouTube. Viewer friendly ads only.
yeah, delete the posts you do not like
this host, this video maker, he is part of the problem, you do not like what is happeneing... then blame those like defranco ho...
youtube is being killed, right in front of your eyes, and there is nothing you can do about it, it is evil, it must die
Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't youtube ads state "X AD supports X channel"? If I was a company that had a AD on youtube this would be my biggest problem - Not so much what channel it is on, just that it states my company supports X channel. - I'll pay to have the ad on youtube and pay the channel etc whatever, but my company does NOT support the channel. All the channel is to me is a place to get people to see my AD. I could care less about where my ad is put, online or outside on a billboard, I care about what the ad states - I may place a AD in a good spot above a weed store or some shit like that, but that doesn't mean I support it. But of course, I'm not a company with a AD on youtube sooo.
Jose Villa
This nigga weird AF
awkward bartender
are you wearing makeup??
YouTube growing up? sure if, if you can say YouTube is growing up into a typical corporate news network that slaves to advertisers without recognizing that YOU FIRST NEED AN AUDIENCE YO WARRANT ADVERTISING YOU FUCKING MORONS. without he audience, your ads won't mean shit for your SJW company
It didn't get "way" worse, it got "far" worse.
All the whining and censorship bullshit is slowly turning America into a Police State, and we have the Social Justice Warriors to thank for that. Remember a time when people actually had balls, and simply wouldn't give a damn what idiots thought and what they said and moved on with their lives without forcing their ideologue like the Nazi Party? I miss those days
Tonia's Reviews
The girls with leggings it's just ridiculous if they have clothes on let them on the plane.
So this why smack ain't dropping no battles
United is completely in the right here. Fucking feminists....
So... removing content attacking gender. Does that mean removing feminist content?
fan support seems like a good idea, but it doesn't really solve the problem, if Google decides youtube isn't profitable and shuts it down those creators are scattered to the wind, I think the best course of action is for as many people as possible to sign up for youtube red and/or youtube tv so youtube isn't so reliant on advertisers
Ric Og
Apparently, the big companies and the perceived high rolling money people, do not like the various creators and unique content on YouTube. Not for sure, but it seems that way. Just saying.
Matt Tolbet
Get a job.... Maybe?? 🤔
Ric Og
Any good alternatives to YouTube in seeing videos and creating content for others?
Old Dog
It also hit all the sporting channels, hunters, fishermen, shooters, etc... blah, blah... and sadly advertisers have ALWAYS had the tools they needed to limit their advertising to content providers of which they approve. The real truth of this issue is that advertisers IT/media people are generally incompetent and have failed to set filter parameters properly in the first place.
Crazy Funny Cats
Most channels dont need money to make vids, especially when they read other peoples news
Like msm bullshit

Cgreene34 raised 100,000$, and then vanished
Tight likeWEED
does anyone know how i should go about using a vpn?
BlueEXE Videos
Was there a link to learn more about VPNs? I'm not seeing it.
Sierra LVX
7:00 Did Trevor Noah actually talk about Phil?!? That would be amazing, they're two of my favourite people!
Okay but youtube wasnt made for the advertising it was made for video sharing, its ridiculous that youtube is trying to shape policies for advertisers when thats not what this website was made for.
Naga Zaki
if you run for presidency on 2024 I would definitely vote for you
Damon Perry
Advertisers were instructed to pull the ads. It's a top down action.
Joseph Woods
All the company's pulling out are giving themselves a bad name
i laughed at the idea of a toyota commercial on a serbian film [which is available on youtube] :/
its all censorship and $$. freedom of speech but there Should be some rules and regulations.
youtube makes information readily available. yes it is up to parents to monitor their childrens internet behavior. but youtube makes overexposure way to easy. even channels that were once targeted at children.. have undertones and some blatant displays of overexposing kids to sexual and graphic content. +Philip DeFranco what would be your next step if the advertisers considered your channel ad- unworthy?
Nunya Binness
Leftist females protest women being disallowed from wearing leggings on an airline, yet those same leftist lunatic females embrace islam. Yeah, the same islam that forces women to dress like ninjas or walking tents. Somehow what the airline did is totally unacceptable, but islam is supposedly awesome and adds to our 'diversity'. Leftists, smh.
Nunya Binness
"Hate Speech" is more accurately defined as: ANYTHING or ANYONE that disagrees with and/or offends a leftist or left-leaning politics. Radical Leftism is a disease that needs to be checked before it spreads and becomes terminal. F*ck Leftists, f*ck the leftist media, and f*ck youtube.
It is just a Google-Scam. The amount of advertisers are not near the amount youtube demonetized videos. Nobody except google knows how much money they make on this issues.
Do not believe them anything. Remember the 'Dont be evil' sentence google said in the past, well those days are long gone, google is very evil.
Arielle JS A
... while meanwhile, YOU have to put up with shitty Amy Schumer movie ads! SMH.
And as for internet regulation, TERRIFYING! Just a total slippery slope to an Orwellian government puppeted by monopolies! 0.o
I would presume Phil is doing very well financially. He can still make a very good living by doing it himself. Yes he might have to let go his staff and office etc and the big $ he has become used to may change. Phil will still have a very nice quality of life. He is not hard done by. He had a great run. I find Patreon accounts quite disgusting especially when they allready get ad revenue. So obviously if he is not making any money from ad revenue than he could try Patreon. How about some open exposure to the profits before asking for money? Happy to donate when we can see where the money is going. Otherwise it's like church tithing. I for one appreciate when people are open about what they require when asking for donations. Maybe he had a goal to start his own network and now he can't.... well that's life. People need to adjust rather than start dropping hints for cash with comments like "I don't know where we are going to shoot the video next week". Dropping the hints for handouts without wanting to outright beg. You want peoples hard earned cash than tell us what you earn and where every dollar is going. Transperancy = $$. Obviously a lot of fans will donate no questions asked.
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