Kayak Fishing by $1,000,000 Homes in Florida! - Offshore (Powered by Old Town)

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In this video I kayak fish offshore in Florida! Fishing starts at 3:32 Brandon's YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/jO9j96
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Location: Newport Richey, Florida

Music Provided by Ehrling "Chasing Palm Trees" Link: https://goo.gl/WpfVWI  "I Feel Good" Link: https://goo.gl/hXQlIU
Music Provided by Justin Stone "Coming Up" Link: https://goo.gl/1s0Xfl
Outro Music Provided by Flarve "Bounce" Link: https://goo.gl/Um1gXw 

Cameras used: Sony A7S II, GoPro Hero 5, Hero 4

Reply to this comment with what you think Brandon's kayak name should be! Pick the dumbest name ever haha The most liked comment will be his kayak name!!
Drehan Schönfeldt
name it trash boat
Jackson Gant
big bertha 2 for the name
amy bagley
Panda Dude
Size large youth
Rhonda Traylor
B Calow
if your is big britha his should be called small dier
Wyatt Wall
Fart boat
Sammy Lee Paquette
Sammy Lee Paquette
Great Lakes Adventures
Kyaky mc kayak face
I don't know my size
name it dumbbell
Brady Mccamy
Kiersten mohney
babe vapor name it that
Tman Gaming
Whats the I Feel Good song?
American Redneck
Name is kayak Free Willy
didn't you see the fish splash behind you?
Luke Johnson
Name it the slippery dong
Sorry dude the golf of Mexico is not the ocean
scooter boi
name it ppsuck
Ian Carranza
Name it Kyle the kayak
Deirdre O'Donovan Cribbin
Squad Force
I wear a medium
beast mode
Name it kayak 😂
Josey Gaming
Big moma
Yin Ching/Dave Tan
that's a bull shark that u missed
ML-Vlogs '
Name it sassy
Country Boy 285
Name it Josie the ripper
The Beats
CHS Vlogs
It should be fedii
Samuel Garms
Adult medium
You need some milk
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GamingWithDomi Yt
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Fredgeanatour 45
I would name it shithede
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Brandon's kayak should be googan
Asmeer Ali
Poop kayak
Asmeer Ali
I did comet to sea life
Wyett Hampton
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caleb aucoin
What kayak does Brandon have?
Tyran Burgard
name it AJ
Bass lovers Beastmode
Adult small
Adult large and I have never won a giveaway
Chicken nugget Ice cream
Name Brandon's the fish balls
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