5 Jake Paul Pranks That Went too Far (ft. Tessa Brooks, Martinez Twins, & Old Team 10 Members)

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5 Disrespectful Jake Paul Pranks that may have gone to far. Team 10 Prank Wars (ft. Jake Paul, Tessa Brooks, Martinez Twins Verification Prank, dead body prank on team 10 members)

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Francisco Martinez
F#*k jake paul
Billy Greenwood
Nick you are savage
Gino Reichouni
Always Plug
Team 3
Always plug
Weaam Mandhari
Always plug
Lillian Marang
I have watched the actual thing before and hes a savage and i get to go to DC next year for a school trip
hugo Garcia
Get mearch from jake Paul 35% off at the mearch store he is a savege
hugo Garcia
Always plug
Anh Nguyen
Draco molfoy -Harry potter
Donny Turknett
"always plug"!!!!!!!!!!!
Nurlaila Isabella Azman
Always plug
Avalovestoplay minecraft
Always plug
Alexandra Quispe
I will always love Jake Paul
rick Williams
Always Plug
Tevan Hartman
I love it it's every day bro
fallen dark appeared
I feel bad for the second guy who's car got destroyed
Dawne Brown
Bro pranks are just too far
Makayla Walker
Jake is 21savage🤘🏽
M6 Gaming
Always plug
When Nick smashed his car, lol
What a asswhole
Denise Jarvis
Prettylexx PLAYS:3
Its everyday that jake fails bro
Xavier Jones
Always plug
Real Unicorn
Always plug
Wendie Lopez
Always plug
Randy Hamby
You are a Savage 💩💩💩💩
conner strong
always plug
Alynah Jones
3:36 Crompton’s on a rampage
Alexis Gant
I won't go kiss the twins
Miguel Gonzales
Always plug
Daley Combs
Jake pauls a dick
YouTube User
Always Plug
Avery and Olivia
Done it
Boss 100
Always Plug
Omega Master
Always plug
Kailee Andersen
Jaidy Dovalina
is this channel really from team ten or a person who postes videos from team ten anybody have answer
Road Rockers
Always plug
Jacob Silva
Only like 2 were over the top😂
Trayveon Wicker
Always plugged
Atro City
Atro City
3:21 what gun is he using
Brian Ingber
Always plug
Luis 187
Was number 4 even a prank?
Tatted Up Marii
Cromptons Laugh Though
Tatted Up Marii
The Last One Was Not A Prank
Carlos Lozano
always plug
PhantomsPeppyLenna 12518
6:40 Tessa scream/laughs like a horse
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