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The Forever WoodsThe Forever Woods Trailertrailer2018

The Forever Woods Trailer #1 (2018): Check out the new trailer starring Nelson Bonilla and Kate Jamilkowski! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A powerful film about the end of the world seen through a young girls’ eyes as she struggles to survive in a treacherous new age.

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Hannah Stoudt
Wait. Isn't she the girl from The Originals??
Hastin Nuraini
Hello all introduce my name is Hastin Nuraini Jalan Lilin Mas 6 Dadaprejo Junrejo Batu East Java - Indonesia Tel: 62-81334887683 I love to write and have a series of short stories I want to sell a movie script for Hollywood And one day want to be a jury at the film festival greetings from Indonesia
well..that was lame. Maybe it is good but that trailer was stupid
John Lamphier
finally a trailer and not a movie
Finally, a 2016+ trailer that doesn't have the entire plot in it. A trailer should not be a summary of the movie or be filled with the best scenes. A bit of mystery is good.
u r curious

Christian sharpia
This looks really great.
Star Non
Very confused
Brian Holdren
Huh?.... I watched the trailer twice and was still like... Huh?..... Is it zombies? A metaphor for growing up? Nuclear winter? General dystopian chaos? A pandemic? Nothing at all? Am I supposed to be intrigued?..... Its a girl walking around looking stunned and confused... Like I was after watching this trailer... Huh.
Tonny Monotana John
good view
Tonny Monotana John
good view
This made no sense whatsoever.
Don Vito Corleone
ChipotleIsLife 23
Anyone else se here ands start to steam in the sun at 1:25
chydoe chitz
Black Cat
Saoirse Ronan has a younger sister? Cause this girl looks just like her!!!!
BTW, what is this movie about? I got nothing from this trailer!
Vincent Grant
the girl just looks so much like saoirse ronan.
Safa Harris :3
If you wanted to know what the movie is about the synopsis is :
'An unexpected story about the interior life of a young girl after a world-wide apocalypse.'
I don't think this movie has a happy ending.
Isn't the trailer supposed to make you want to watch the movie?
Charles Cook
I just like to know in a trailer, is what i'm seeing mean there's supernatural or something like that going on or is it all metaphors and dreams scenes? Don't have to give it away but let me know a tiny bit more whether I want to see it. Cause if this is just about a girl losing family in a natural disaster and her coping with it afterwards I'm not interested.
Seher Irez
çok berbat
This trailer had me in the first ten minutes, then lost me immediately after that! What a waste of time.
David McKinstry
hopefully the movie is better than the trailer i guess.
Slovak Gamer
a trailer that doesn't spoil the plot?
what sorcery is this?
Jordan Hursch
I'm guessing rapture movie where the girl was sexually abused somehow all these girls are going missing and she isn't? No explanation at all though... I'd like some direction from a movie trailer.
Nicko Amity
What kind of movie is this there was really nothing in the trailer lol but I guess I will watch it to give it a fair judgment lol
Kia L.
I have no idea what this movie is about. The second Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children?
agirlhasnoname 98
was she going to regenerate towards the end or what? (Doctor who fans will know! ;) )
Ivo Teixeira
Probably about Aliens or Zombies... Because, Hollywood.
Want to know what it's about

IMDB it you lazy bastards
Ashleigh Goodman
looks like hope michaelson had quite a growth.
Shavon Madourie
And the grammy for worse trailer goes to......................... The Forever Woods Trailer #1 (2018)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I think we just walked down the wrong road that's all. Just need to go down a better road that's all." I don't even know what to say about that line. "That's all."
This is one of those movies where your friend tells you it's good and go watch it, rather than the trailer telling you.
Akeya a
I'm confused , what's happening
It actually doesn't look too bad goign by this trailer. I might give it a chance.
Remi Stardust
0:17 Anybody notice the CG bird swarm? My guess: The girl has telekinetic powers... Ah, maybe some event gave girls all around the world these powers and unless they learn to control their powers, disaster happens, hence the ominous vibe of the trailer?
Nicholas Hall
The editing for this trailer was trash.
Sarita Pereira
Nossa... que trailer chato... se o trailer é assim imagine o filme?!! não consegui terminar de ver... credo!!
Owen Graziano
I don't know what this is about but it looks really good.
Sounds great. A movie about nothing.
Rand Alatawna
i think it's mystery movie, i didn't understand a lot of things about the movie , i dont know ...😕😕
Stockholm Syndrome?
What a horribly cut trailer. Movie looks like doo doo too
Lord Cthulhu
they spammed the screen with random film awards to make it look good when really its a piece of movie
Half of the comments are:

"I have no idea what this is about"

The second half are:

"I'm too man to see dramatic movies"

The third half are a combination of the two and people telling me there is no such thing as a third half.
Feli Kun
Did I blinked to much? Cause after watching this crap I still don't know what it is about
Teh WaiHoe
they said no spoiler here.. but there are trailer#2 trailer#3
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