Indian Street Food - The BIGGEST Scrambled Egg Ever!

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Samantha Berryman
It looks soooo good, i would eat that every day for breakfast!
Ross Maclean
Looks dry asf
The Universe
i bet that smells amazing
I thought he never would stop putting eggs in.
Damn that looks more than just delicious.
mukesh chahar
S.K.A Warface
looks so yummy :3
Amanda Pereira
I Wish I could go to India to eat this
it's looks so good and yummy
Ananda Aprillia
seperti a harga telur di sana sangat murah
Alpa Shegokar
My Cooking Channel
Love Indian Food always... Even i cook all the time
Lanperl Lansangan
Not good because no Grove..
Mohit Chauhan
Mohit Chauhan
Kb Collantes
sarap nyan ha
Saturated onions makes my vag wet
Raju Kannadiga
I am an Indian 🇮🇳
Kikru Belho
when you see these Indian street food chefs back in their home preparing those secret ingredients regardless of the masalas,you'll not dare wanna taste them as well..they highly lack in hygiene
I think scrambled eggs are better a little dry... And a runny yolk is a must when eating eggs any other way.
Iboshdio Müller
you are a brave man if you eat indian street food
Myles Daske
ew, thats way overcooked for eggs
9:55 hey bitch this is my territory BITCH! spatula fights off competitor ftw
yes! scrape some more carsagenic off the pan into the food, scrape it all yummmmmmm
scoop, poke,poke poke...
spatula #1 i've finishd, spatulat # 2 -my turn now, gogogo
i want to watch 100 hours of the spatula scooping and turning, very relaxing
Borna Ardehi (Viguen)
so much spices....
Aoom Mooa
ItzMeza Msp
it look good but they're not wearing any gloves you don't know what has been on their hands I not being mean btw
Abhijit Shukla
kanda kaatnewale ne haath dhoe the gaand dhone ke baad? bc mirchki baarish kardi uprase. teekha with unhygienic. khaao aur maro
Shibra Malik
Bright colours
Indian street cookers have magic I there hand .real if we compare to foreign countries India wins .India street traders the world s biggest seheff
that looks fucking disgusting like vomit
Aditya Gaikwad
tell That man to put some light on his shop.. it looks little shabby.. 😣I can't guess it's night or day
salsabila kirana
i hate onion theres alot
Alfie Ali
nadeem butt
It's horrible
Excuse me, i dont think there's enough spices on the eggs.
Colby Hemming
all that oil would turn me into a walking pimple
its yummy but why toooooooo many oils
Dzairtec دزايرتك
شكوبيستان بينو رواحكم هههههههه 😂
What is this called? And where can I find a recipe?
seema sahasom
ι ℓσνє тнιѕ ƒʀσм кєηуα ѕριċу ƒσσɗ му ƒανσʀιтє ċηт вιтє ωιтнσυт ѕριċу
laine g.
i want. hayy. it looks so delicious. :(
Umor Faruque
some guys cooked with 300 eggs
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