Indian Street Food - The BIGGEST Scrambled Egg Ever!

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India makes amazing big food, just shut the fuck up and watch the magic happen.
yasir hameed
love u india Bss logo ki dilon ma pyar agai owsm video or shandar cooking👌👌👍💜
Jennifer Vara Rodriguez
No inventes cuentos huevos le echa 😅😅
Ines Line
whit seeing all this you make me hangryyy hhh 😘😘😘😘
Kristina Vee
Really neat to see how other countries prepare food. I was shocked at how much spice they used but mm sure looks delicious!!!
Alyssa Valdez
Okay Tummy. you're not hungry. you're just bored.
Anindita Prameswari
Hemmm.... How price is The BIGGEST Scrambled Egg Ever..?
kamylla beatriz
New age Pirate
Some really stupid comments from people who have never travelled anywhere far from there homes - Sad really, how much in uk £ would the last omelette & 4 rounds of fried bread cost ? - the best tasting food I ever had was from an unlicensed market stall where thay were cooking and selling traditional Indian food at brownhills market west midlands uk - I wish I could just once more have food from them or even the free samples thay gave out in polystyrene cups, absolutely Amazing
sonaa brahma
Yummy. Muh me paniagya
Zakaria Zulkarnain
Tak sedap masak aan kao!!
Jordan Herrera
Man I'd love to pig out with that huge ass omelette thing!
Jessica Beltrán alieas la diablos
quién aquí es mexicano por favor contesten quién de que es mexicanos
Mc. Jayroo
это не самая большая
Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس
It doesn't look good but i am sure it tastes good cuz i love spicy foods.
Neno Centers
that looks disgusting😣😣😷😷😶
Shah Gamer
90% onions 10% eggs
khalid bintook
wean you finish eat dat food you will go streckly to da hospital hahahah to clean your stomack
Yugang Gupta
that's why it is called street food because it was not healthy or clean😫😫😫😫
Monito SS
En México si se te rompe una yema de huevo, no sabes cocinar huevos
Adelucia Alves
Tem que estar com muita fome pra comer uma gororoba dessa
Hasbi Yahya
i want that smell
Norain Landua
di kaya matapon haha
Mega Tron
اياد هاني زهرة
جتكم القرف
Ysa Balderas
all these eggs and they r still skinny or not fat
Anonymus killer
maaann.I am reading the comments and i noticed how many comments saying the indians smell gross etc.Well,it is called TRADITIONAL COOKING!They are indians!They do their tradition!Stop being racist other people!(i also saw racist comments)God created us equally!The only difference is face,tradition,the country and religion people.Some are black,some are white!Others might be muslims,christians,etc.And while the other people are being racist to indians,muslims and black people,Did you hear them being racist to white people?!STOP BEING RACIST!
Motaz Gaber
Jomar Lico
this is the dirty street food i ever know!!😲😲😲
Jomar Lico
Jomar Lico
Jomar Lico
sooo disgousting...takz😒😒😲😲😲
Anoar40 Anoar
طريقه الطهي تسسدالنفس ماصاربيض استغفرالله
coc noob dudes
the super part killed me
Ann G Castillo
looks delicious👍
ekmek arasi tost
bicagi ters tutuor amk keli
Adu 4157
Debra Lewis
Looks delicious. Just a little too over cooked for me 😔
Muttia Dhanar
Adli Sam
So the scrambleh eggs is cooked till dry huh.... Hmmm....
Still trying to figure out which part of this cooking is exclusive, ingeniuous, and unique...
Emma Lopez
yuck what's that food streets foods are not clean
who cares what others say! this looks delicious. would love to try some. love from the Polynesians
Rayhan Syahdira
it looks so delicious 😍😍
Nabilla Alisha Aishianika
boros bqnget
after watching this i could go for scrambled eggs right now :ó
rajan saini
how much he save money per day
wear gloves u Sick fucks
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