Indian Street Food - The BIGGEST Scrambled Egg Ever!

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Ellie Williams
What is that?....seriously that looks like my failed omelette.(no. I'm not saying this dish looks failed, it looks cool....)
lela roblox player
So yummmy i cant wait to eat it
haseeb haris funny and different videos hh
Kieu Nguyen
Gớm wá
Killer Gamer
I want some 🙃
Deeprika Rostyslav
Streetfoods never blame me.
danxhou san
There is a lot of horning in india , india is such a noisy place 😂
with free salmonella
The eggs of HowToBasic LOL
Indians foods r incomplete with spices... India is known for its spices and various dishes prepared using spices...
Даниил Чижевский
Я бы это все за раз заточил!!!
Danielle Borges
Hum delicioso
Milaa Moo
praveen sharma
v good
Ly Nguyen
gom qua
So dirty... I love it!
gohan 6575
lts their spices its not a dust gosh ppl here are so stupid its their own way to cook it. If u dont like it leave. Psshhh..
Channel Cooking
So yummy
Sven Leez
Biggest diarrhea ever
cb choking eachother
This must taste really good. Too bad it looks like a failed abortion.
lan stone
It looks so bad...l like Japanese food……
Useful info
3:17 turmeric ????
villa hannah
Do you like egg ?
Yudi Udyan
These aren't scrambled eggs.
you think they used enough fucking oil?
anna blue
That looks hella good. I assume the seasonings were paprika, salt, and curry powder.
IKrayZDash Gaming
It looks delicious Even I'm a Filipino But those American or other Nationality haters Maybe they don't know how to cook And they need to Write Hate comments
Saar Namir
Too many spices IMO. Time to look at Japanese egg making now😆
dave lopez
can you scramble my two eggs?
علي كناني
اكو عراقين التخلوني بحدي وي الهنود عفيه ردو
bliss •
lami ni paresan ng pandesal og kape 😁 :P
Frankie Gerasta
Man, i wish we had those here. I love egg foods. Never tried those before though but I'm sure it's pretty tasty!

❤ from the Philippines!
Bensen Khalib
please use a wooden spoon next time.. or u can scrape steel slivers into your food, its all good.
처음양파가 맛나보이네
Do Bo
The massive amount of cholesterol in that is probably nullified from the health benefits of all that spice
FS Daily
Wow nice food
No too spicy for my blood
Atif Rana
Food for the philistines
Atif Rana
Uncouth pedestrian peasants
Dona Karmakar
actually u ppl are stupid and that's why you don't know how to cook and how this awesome recipe tastes u idiot
Jabeen Begam
Wow very nice food
Keyser Soze
mi ez a moslék?? a disznónak nem adnék ilyet
Nafiz Huda
This is so un healthy food....
andy san juan
mga baliw kayo
Che cavata di cucina
djamilah djamil
Gak doyan aku
Oh... very hungry..
Video Studio ROLIK (Елена Корецкая)
Выглядит просто ужасно...Никакого аппетита ...(((
جكليته اني
يابه شكد حط فلفل
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