You Me at Six cover Rag N Bone Man's Human in the Live Lounge

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You Me at Six cover Rag N Bone Man's Human in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge for Clara Amfo. In the UK? Check out Clara Amfo’s Radio 1 show including more live lounges here, as well as more Radio 1 videos here

Chris Fisch
Intonation probs...
Marie Michelle
I love this, it has something groofy and that's fucking cool. Josh's voice sounds so good in this!☺
gotta admit when he belts its pretty awesome
Pink Markimoo
i love them no matter what they sing okay I love it
Kate Lyn
Really bad
Mark Harris
Nah sorry, didn't work for me. Sounds like a nervous drunk at karaoke.
Daniel Marley
ya not good
Grumpy Rhino
can't sing live for shit.
Matthew Mullin
He's very pitchy..
benjamin wilson
I dont know whats more shocking... his singing or that facial hair??? i used to love them :/
Jamie Currie
This is way better than the original
Yul-Rahim Zaman
Lol this shitter gets paid to sing?
روح انثى
Rag'n'Bone Man - HUMAN (Liam Holmes Cover)
........................... Liam Holmes .....Better than you
Amazing, love this !! We've just uploaded our own cover of this song.. check it out if you want!! :)
Maja Crawley
i'm pretty sure you don't get a whole lot of choice when it comes to bbc's covers so props to josh for trying his best anyway
Krishen Nagar
Houda Matsuda
sure, the start may have been flat and it may be awkward in certain places but overall, I like it :)
Magda Draganova
Jesus what's happening with the music industry
Wish people would stop moaning! Its not bad!
A Harvey
well that cover was a mistake... way out of his range
Becca Katoen
Mark Bradshaw
I think I just threw up in my mouth.
Lara Hindhaugh
Could we maybe be a bit less negative in the comments section and for once point out something positive, its kinda depressing 😂😂
Once it kicks in for the first time @ 1:11 its great! yeah Josh's vocals are rather flat at the start but its still absolutely, a really cool rendition of the song!
those verses were flat mate
no...leave this song alone. I would like to see Dua Lipa try to cover this song.
Colin Crossan
terrible vocals
Julia Latham
Ben Foy
flat as hell
Jade Baker
Everyone jumping on the ' I hate you me at six band wagon' 🖕🏻always love these guys!
Panic! At The Black Parade
This isn't bad AT ALL
I think it's pretty evident what Josh was trying to achieve and yes perhaps it didn't yield the best results. However the amount of criticism he's receiving is ridiculous, people are so pissy.
In my opinion that is pretty bad. To do a big song like that u need a big voice and that's what he doesn't have. Sorry for the negativity
Youngg Kîzzy
Why I think this said you me & the six?
Jim Cadogan
Ah Josh, this wasn't the best mate. Flat
i like you me at six and this song but this does neither of them justice :/ it gets better after 1:50 but before that it's just flat and lifeless, especially the verses omg
Alex Wilkinson
This is not good at all
life very bad :(
Acidic Aquas
that was awful
Chorus is alright but the verses are fucking tragic.
I really like this and I see nothing bad about it. I also really like their new album and I'm glad they're not going back to their old style of music, or else it'd become repetitive.
Лиза Маяковская
Эта песня совсем не для него, звучит не очень.
Betzy Vogel
He doesn't have the voice to sing this song almost the same way... sorry...
el w
i'm going to see you me at six this year :))
Jesus, You Me At Six have gotten dreadful! Their new stuff is shit 😂 I get that bands change. BMTH are good but You Me At Six just sound like a poor mans Arctic Monkeys.
David Lance
Love this despite Rag N Bone Man's voice is more suitable that Josh's but I still really really want to hear You Me at Six cover Drive by Incubus on Live Lounge one day
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