Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

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"They're things that you never knew you wanted."

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retro vintage 80s or 90s fashion style. Abstract card. Trendy
Mary_stocker/Getty Images
Seamless geometric pattern in retro, memphis 80s style
softulka/Getty Images

Fushigi Ball Commercial

BeDazzler Commercial

Bendaroos (Official Commercial)

Blo-Pens Ad (2001) 

Made by BFMP

1:59 those skills tho
Em Floyd
I was born in 97 and I remember 99% of these omg
I didn't recognize most anything!
Luke J. / Nexus
fushigi isnt from the 90'
Deana S
These aren't from the 90's....
Bendaroos look like marzipan. I wanted to eat them.
The only thing I haven't heard Of Are BloPens and I'm 14 lol
Jovanni Ramos
I remember all of these! I wasn't even born in the 90's Lol
Mia Patereau
I used to have bendroos!😂 they were so so much fun even though I was born 2004!
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Clover Joy
"The more you know..." omfg 😂😂😂
Acacia Nole
I have a fushigi
I was born in the 2000's and I had bendaroos...
i felt so much nostalgia watching this because i remember those commercials and wanting to get those toys but never did .😂
dan is my aesthetic
Garnet girl
i had the bedazzler, the fushigi, and the bendaroos
Help me my dad just walked in with his lips stuck in a cd saying Kyliee Jenner Lips
Abby Lulai
Is it sad that im 12 and ive played with all of them...
these are literally all just from 2004 to 2008
Kikin Gonzalez
I was born 2002 and I remember playing with the those toys
I used to chew on Bendaroos...just me? K.
Hogwarts is Myhome
I'm born in 2000 and growing up I remember seeing these and they were new. some of these were from the 2000's not 90's
Are we sure these are from the 90s because I remember growing up and seeing these commercials on tv even though I was born in 98'....
Fangirl No. 68342
My sister had a fushigi and I had bendaroos
Censored Play
i remember seeing these commercals in 2007
I like curly haired girl. I like curly haired girl a lot. What's her name?
Savannah lantos sl
they have bendaroos at IHOP for kids
Galaxy Panda
When I was like 4 or 5, I kept asking my mom for a Fushigi. However, she always said no. Then one day, I went to my cousins' house and they had one. Then I realized that the Fushigi friggin sucks.
Elizabeth Lagattuta
This reminds me of when I was very young and some toys (most toys) were still popular from when the debuted in the 90's and my two older sisters had them and when they would go to school I would play with them #memories 🍼🍼🍼
i need bleach
i was born in 2001 and I found some of these toys in my mums old closet and played with these👌
I still have Bendaroos stuck to a door on the basement.
Also on the floor but they are so gross I REFUSE to touch them.
MusicGirl 22
I played with all of these in the 00's
Armani Victoria
im 15 and i had most of these 🤔
Michaelina Massion
We all know the 90s didn't end until like 2005
Karina Quiros Zarate
BloPens were my favorite <3
The Heosphoros Sword- The Mortal Instruments
Does anyone remember Pixos, the little spherical dots that you sprayed with water and they connected with each other, but they were recalled because they were toxic?
Cherish Broome
I grew up with these! It's so strange seeing things labeled as "90's toys" when I was born in 2000 and I remember clearly watching these commercials.
Amanda The Bean
I always wanted all of this. I still want some of if.
Little Miju
Bendaroos and fushigi are from the 00s I had them
"The more you know..."-Zach 2017
Is it bad that I have played with all of these but I was not even born in the 90s... I was born in 2004....
Twenty One Pilots was a Mistake
The fact that there were no BlendyPens makes me angry
Allie Haffely
OMG i had all of these
i had tons of blo pens and once they didn't spray, i used them as normal pens :P
Mary Beth
Dam I had every one of those toys when I was younger 😂
Heaven Atsbeha
i remember Fushigi!
Kisses A
"I've seen the labyrinth".
freaking blo pens... I always accidentally inhaled because it didn't put out enough color so I would breath faster and faster til I almost passed out and inhaled all the ink lol
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