Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

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"They're things that you never knew you wanted."

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retro vintage 80s or 90s fashion style. Abstract card. Trendy
Mary_stocker/Getty Images
Seamless geometric pattern in retro, memphis 80s style
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Fushigi Ball Commercial

BeDazzler Commercial

Bendaroos (Official Commercial)

Blo-Pens Ad (2001) 

Made by BFMP

TheLucky Bean
I was born in 2004 and I had like a collection of bendaroos
Galaxy Cat
1:30 that's a trillby
Fushigi was in the 2010s
i'ma change mah name soon 6
I was born in 2005, and I wanted nothing more than a Fushigi.
S.E. Matis
I liked Bendaroos but they made my hands all sticky.
Victor Mendoza
Fushigi wasn't from the 90's wtf
Elli Incha
I was born in 2006 and I know about Fushing
Potatoe Mum
I was born in 2006 and had all of these toys
Myranda Gibson
Am I the only one who had most of these toys but was born in the 2000s?
Griffin Tierney
Don't the give out Bendaroos at PF Changs
As I play with my fushigi ball 😂😂
cool kid
I had bendaroos but still found a way to make a mess lol!
Christiana Gonzales
i liked those 2:50
Chica The Cat Wants To Draw
I had benderoos!! Until I chewed on all of them. I made like a knot out of them and was like MASTERPEICE!
Donut The otaku
I was born in the kinda late 2000s and I had bendaroos
Libby Whitehead
That gravity ball never worked for me😭
I had played with all these toys and I wasn't even born in the 90s
Piper Smith
the fishigi is actually unbreakable
Toney Castillo
How,I'm 11 and I had all of those toys
OMG I wanted all of these when I was younger but my mother wouldn't let me waste money on these LOL
Music Alpha 10
I used to have a fushigi ball
Christina C
Alaynas juice
I've had all of these toys and I was born and I was born in 2006
Thedragonandtheflapflap 1
the more you knooooow!
I want that ball and pretend i'm a goblin king who steals babies
Zbuzz Quinn
I wanted a fushigi sooo bad
Rose DeLuca
I feel so old because I remember all of these
when fushigi came in I was like, macdoesit would so be into that!
Chloe Quimno
2:51 lol
What's up with the ball? Just looks like a ball.
Will Johnson
the ugliest people of buzzfeed in one video
the bendaroos reminded me of Betty Spagetty : DDD
I loved bendaroos
dany g
I know and have seen all of these especially when I was younger. I was born in 2002.
roguelynx tyrant
Water from the Nile.
lesa cleary
I had a fushigi and bendaroos
half of these were on infomercials in 2010 um
Hailey Rae
OMG I REMEMBER ALL OF THESE except the fushigi bc the rest i knew them as newer versions bc im not gonna try to act all hip and 90s i was born in 2001 BUT BENDAROOS WERE SO FUN I MADE A MERMAID ONCE
Anna Justice
omg i feel old after watching this
mystery chase
i must be old af then if i remember most of these and im 17😂😂😂😂
Grace Holler
all of my childhood dreams in one video..this is beautiful:,)
i remember that fushigi commercial omg
fushigi is from the 90s? i was born in 2000 and i remember them coming out
Books Music Movies
2000s kids where you at? We know these were our life to?
I had bendaroos but I was born in the 2000s!
Samantha McCallum
Keith was hilarious with all of his talk of "colored goo".
Jerome Lazaro
keith is not wearing blue
Moira Sharpe
I actually still have my Fushigi gravity ball. Can I get some likes. Oh, and my bendaroos too.
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