Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

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"They're things that you never knew you wanted."

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retro vintage 80s or 90s fashion style. Abstract card. Trendy
Mary_stocker/Getty Images
Seamless geometric pattern in retro, memphis 80s style
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Fushigi Ball Commercial

BeDazzler Commercial

Bendaroos (Official Commercial)

Blo-Pens Ad (2001) 

Made by BFMP

OMG I wanted a fushigi SO BAD but my grandparents said no because that's a satan toy lmfao
Corynne Hauser
The more you knooooooow
Shaylee Hahn
I used to have Bendaroos, the Fushigi ball, and my aunt had BloPens
Fushigi! I want one!
Brielle Fuerstenberg
Everyone knows the '90s didn't really end til the '00s
Emily Hutcheson
80yard Badger
I played with all of these as a child.
Anna Riley Boozer
OMG I had a Fushigi when i was little (I was born in 2004) and every time i used it i dropped it on my foot
araceli morales
I found bendaroos at a thrift store last year
Melanie Martinez is my idol
I still haven't received a fushigi
Wait what? I know all of these commercials and I'm 15 😂 these aren't 90's these are like 00-05
peridot facet-2f5l cut-5xg
I had all of these and I was born in 2005
Audrey Durham
Bendaroos were my favorite toy as a small, 5 year old. the.horizon
The more you know 💫
Smøl Bean Trash
2:17 - 2:19 Doctor What Doctor wh-...DOCTOR WHO
Mal Monster
I LOVE BENDAROOS I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gilly Mejias
i stole a fushigi from kmart when i was 13. THE SECRET IS OUT
OMG i remember ALL of these commercials
Janelle Amand
Emma Rey
Lmao I'm 16 and played with all of these except for the bedazzle thing, so idk if it's from the 90s.
i just went back 17 years, reliving the products i couldn't get as a child.
All Emalrd Sky
Johanna Olsson
Oh my gosh! The blowpens! 🙉🙉
Blank laugh
omg, I had no idea that I had something from the 90's... I have that bedazzler set thing.
Aniqua Tyler
Zach's looked just like the babadook!!!! 😂😂😂 so scary
Jordan McSteel
I was so surprised when they drought out the fushigi because I was still playing with mine
emma butcher
Even the 90's toys were better. :). My point of view.
Caz Wilkinson
I feel like I have seen some of these infomercials even though I wasn't alive in the 90s
I had a fushigi, only used it once
Mia Helton
I remember Bendaroos
Mia Helton
I have that same bedazzeler and it made my clothes rusty
Lucia Kong
I have a fushigy and I'm 11 :/
Darlene Ramirez
this is more 2000 😂
Candy Ass
I was born in 2000, and I remember all of these. Oddly nostalgic.
Isabel Grace
Haha! I still have the Fushigi ball. It's a nightlight for my bunny 😂
Alison Welch
FUSHIGI. Zag on em
Lori Northern
I am 14 and I had all of these😂🙄
I was born in 2003 and i played with half of these and i know the ads lmao
Little AlyDog
Im 2003 and remember fugenie and bendaroos i had bendaroos and i was obsessed with them
B memetrash
Is that Keith from I Made America
Supa StJohn
For bad children who don't deserve real toys
Expected Elastic plastic. Bummed.
I miss Blopens :(
Fiona 24x7
I was born in 2001 but I remember some of these? Some of them aren't 90's
hi colby
nerf guns boom
Jesse Lowden
Labrynth reference, yessss
Zoe Basnicki
I remember bendaroos
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