Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

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"They're things that you never knew you wanted."

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retro vintage 80s or 90s fashion style. Abstract card. Trendy
Mary_stocker/Getty Images
Seamless geometric pattern in retro, memphis 80s style
softulka/Getty Images

Fushigi Ball Commercial

BeDazzler Commercial

Bendaroos (Official Commercial)

Blo-Pens Ad (2001) 

Made by BFMP

Miah Kroker
I actually have a fushigi
Haley Miranda
I had that be dazzler when I was six
Ra DongSong
I remember watching all those commercials, but I never tried them out hahaha
STELLA .lefleur
As a child watching fushigi commercial I used to get pissed cus I was like there is no way ....still have my bendaroos
Random Account
I'm 12 and I had Bendaroo's. GOd they were amazing :P
i sadly have a fushigi.......... i saw a contact juggling video and was interested
Cianna Russ
"Mine looks like the babadook"😂😂
Aneya Lawson
I had every single one of these lmao
The supreme Meme
1:51 very strange

I'll show myself out
Moon Shadow
Griselda Garcia
all the toys I wanted but never got (":
I like how I have all of these even as a child born in '03
Mira Marie
I definitely had bendaroos 😂😂😂
FemCastiel Novak
No Lite Brite??
Vianney Mariscal
I wasn't born in the 90's but to this day I still have a bedazler. .
FishLover yay
I'm 15 and I have a bendaroo sea horse on the door to my room to this day
I still have my fushigi ball that I got for my birthday when I was like 4 xD
I used to play w/ bend a Roos all the time when I was like... 5-9
why are american adverts ... like that...? .-.
Ebony Thomas
I cracked up on "the more you know"
Crystal Torres
Blow pens and bendaroos were everything
Esmeralda Leon
Bedazzlers were fun until the pointy ends would scrape your skin :(
Vanessa Aguirre
The only 90s was BloPens and The BeDazzler. The rest were 2000.
Megan Lopez
I remember all those commercials. My little cousin had the Bendaroos and I remember them feeling really waxy and greasy and they sucked lol
Megan Kaye
i remember bendaroos it was like my childhood... still have some and it's like 20017 haha
brit m
Gravity falls anyone
Knox Bikes
Ilana Patberg
Omg i used to have a fushigi
Kelsey Woods
I was born in 2001 but I remember bendaroos and fushigi 😂
Jillian Tierney
I've had all of these when I was younger and I'm born in 2001
llivz z
MissLolaMay 33
When I was little I love blo pens but after u used them and the ink was running low they got really hard to push the ink out
Anjelica Violetta
the one that really doesn't make any sense in my opinion is the fushigi, how in the world...?! I'm curious af
Kai Inusuka
Keith: This is practically made of colored goo
Yandere lissykitty Chan
Ravi Johal
What your doing!? So your homework!
Ravi Johal
What your doing!? So your homework!
I remember really wanting blo pens so bad but never got them. Probably a good thing though. I probably wouldve gotten tired of them.
Bryce Haynes
THE MORE YOU KNOW. Did anyone else play that over and over
Reina A.
I went googling zodiac suicide squad and it brought me to BUZZFEED! It said I'm Harley Quinn!
Tay Kautzer
I still have my fushigi
I am 14 and I feel like I should not remember these infomercials, but I do.
I had blow pens and bendaroos when I was younger. The blow pens dried out cuz I always forgot to cap them lol
Chelsea Brayboy
These look delicious
Jami Christine
I remember having all these toys. And I was born in '99
Ahh, the bedazzler! I had one of those!
My parents got it because I told of my mom that I wanted QuickGems (by Conair) which put jewels in your hair, and she got angry when I looked at the Bedazzler and had no idea wtf that was 😂
Pink Fairy
Omg, Keith's goo comments XD
Lauren LeFevre
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