This is one of the most favorite episodes for me ...
They did pretty good up until the Truck that Hit Her! It was a 1946 model! Not a 1930!
Master Chief 00117
Funny how they never talk about that planet again or what they found...
The musical background here uses bits of the actual 1931 song "Good Night, Sweetheart" which was the theme for the doomed love affair.
Tattyshoes Shigure
I can watch - indeed HAVE watched - this episode over & over, and still absolutely love it. Somehow everything has been elevated in this episode... the acting, the sets...and of course the fabulous storyline. It's got everything...I particularly like Spock's indignant reaction when his scientific knowledge is being belittled by the Guardian, such great acting from Nimoy in this episode, and from Shatner too...definitely my all time favourite Star Trek!
0:40 - Mr. Spock: "Wow man, no joke, for real, I'm so ridiculously happy to see you! Lol, unreal, you're still alive! Seriously, how the fuck are you dude!? Amazing fucking shit jumping through that time donut, right?
Bones: "Oh my fucking god, tell me about it! Fuck that donut dude, this shit sucks, can we please get the fuck out of here now!?
7 people beamed up on a 6 person pad..Uh-oh...
E Leo
He knows, Doctor. He knows.
Germany should have won World war two. Who dropped the A Bomb on innocent people? Right, it was USA! Hitler didn't have interest in the A-Bomb in the first place, because he knew it would have destroyed the country for hundreds of years! Almost all you know about Hitler, is wrong!
Dr. McCoy sights a 1930's bum: "YOU THERE!!!! WHAT PLANET IS THIS??!!!"
Antonio Otero
Was the term "let's get the hell out of here" a first on national T.V.?
Dynamic Dylan
One of THE Star Trek Episode to Watch--- Great Life--we cannot change the past no matter how it will break our hearts. Great Life= Changing the Future :)
Bob Robertson
One of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever watched
See Sarah Cates' comment (from March or April 2015) below:
"According to Leonard Nimoy, this was his favorite episode and he especially felt that it was William Shatner's finest acting at the end. Happy 84th Birthday to Mr. Shatner."

"The City on the Edge of Forever" is the episode I remember the best, from when I saw it (once, possibly twice, in reruns) about 44-46 years ago. I am now going to watch it again, more than 4 decades later, on the Youtube Star Trek channel.
Carlos Hawkins
Star Trek at its best !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Cates
According to Leonard Nimoy, this was his favorite episode and he especially felt that it was William Shatner's finest acting at the end. Happy 84th Birthday to Mr. Shatner.
Andrew Chapman
"The City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Trouble with Tribbles" are my top two favourite TOS episodes. "City" has the more serious emotional ending while "Tribbles" has the humourous joyful ending.
Coral Roper
You'll notice that when they found McCoy again, even Spock enthusiastically goes to meet him.
Excuse me the world's stupidest death
The most stupid murder in the world ajjajaja
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