Gelasio Pacheco
Can I get 1k likes because its my b day on the 27th
Monasse Valbrun
i got a question. i wack your video. and i saw the GTr some. had pi pi and you said clean it id.
Edwin Diaz
Roman said Logan falls or something cause I did not hear him say Logan Paul's
Dunce Groves
14:55 success made!
Naqiuddin Ridzoan
You should definitely do your backyard like that
Omer Koren
the best vlog
Patty G
you are alsom
Dakota Phillips
By far best video Roman
I was just laughing at Logan's "WHHAATT"
Rick Camire
if I get 100 sup skewers i will get a free fudget
Jusuf Xhan
Love you ded
Jusuf Xhan
Very ged beck flip
Jusuf Xhan
You is my ded
Josh Levram
They say if you go to pastramis that be prepared!
By far my favourite vlog
Colin Sanders
That was awesome
Jonathan Burns
What is Logan doing there
Jake Paul is away better roman ur getting good at that
William Gray
This is my 6th time watching this and it doesn't get old
Derek Coleman
I need one of those razors
Ben Glass
Is that Logan Paul in the back ground
Athiei Magok
Is that Logan paul
Holy crap LOGEY
Noushue Yang
Why is Logan Paul here
Jennah Musallam
At least 1 Million of this videos views is probably most likely me
toxic boy
is that Logan Paul 10:32
Irene Gonzalez
Stanley Matute
Who else came from Logan vlog
Jarod Sisemore
anyone else like a 30 minute vlog im in heaven
Starr Gladden
I bet I can do it first try
Harry Talalele
My mom doesn't Let me get a dirt bike
Robert Downey
do a whole day of flogging
Jack Thurston
You have big balls Roman
Jonathan 0212231001
Ilya Lebovich
I am a sub river to both of you
Ilya Lebovich
I saw Logan paul
Tyson Young
That was so cool that I want to try it.✌👌 I love your videos
Just looking at some of those ramps bout making me sick lol
Why are there any dislikes on this video, this vlog is pure smiles. Travis and roman seem like they could be brothers
Stunt dare Dude
Sorry Logan I didn't know if it was you don't watch the vid's but I probably will start and Roman Atwood you guys are awesome smile more Roman at wood
Stunt dare Dude
That Logan Paul or Jake Paul
Arturo Rivera
hay Román sky dive
Soccer 14
1 like= roman is your hero
Soccer 14
hi roman my names travis also and you are my hero i really want to meet you
Allyssa Brogdon
Jorge Zanches
this is the best video i loved the video
Merky MerkedCFW
was that Logan Paul in the back
Dylan Dobson
I like that logan is on this it's awesome
Nathan Walker
U picked up jake Paul
Emily Mckindley
Who's a roman logangster
The game Master
Wow I'm taller then Roman I'm 6,6
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