Kris A
In MY humble opinion (and I'm not going to debate this),.. Star Trek: Voyager was my favourite, but The Next Generation had its perks too.
This trailer really puts me off... and I can't stand her. I bet this new series is going to kill Star Trek for good.
Bandaidau A
It's worth it.
every woman want to lead, but wont go work to the factory
This is gonna be hard... she played the lamest character on The Walking Dead.. and she played her badly... just, the dryest acting ever. I dont see this going well.
Nah, I'll give the Communist Lesbian version of Star Trek a miss.
David Neil
Tauri Auri
star trek sjw
Jim Lynch
2 things. 1. how does this happen ten years before Kirk, when the tech looks way more advance than on kirk's Enterprise. 2. What's up with the klingons appearance. I thought this series would be on CBS. Im that's 3 things.
Aik Richter
those are not klingons. everybody knows how the hell klingons look. why didn't they know it? Or did they just don't care?
fiaadalmiina marjanen
Amazing 👌🏼
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