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Braden Binegar
You can like them easy. Stop being a sensitive pussy. You hate idubbbz because he says it when reading fan mail and said it once to prove a point? I don't understand you sensitive bitches
Barding Pass
I don't think idubbz has ever used that word in a negative context to insult someone.
zen zen
Black Gravity
Actually liked that aux song
Pop Stick
Don't worry Dontai some Idubbz fans are smart.
Alex Montano
This nigga talk too much. Here ya go. Reaction at 6:09
Taaniel Kristovald
its actually "iDubbbz" so ye
Brody McKinnis
Arimantas Gelevic
why'd you edit out the you're basic diss boyinaband did? Bruh through the whole video you seem to be riding ricegums dick.
The N word means a ignorant person.
Slump ski mask god User
dont give the n word power
you are on YouTube hopefully making coin
your not picking cotton dontai
your safe
Luke Wendorf
Idubbz needs to do a content cop on this guy
Carl Smith
I have plenty of friends that are gay and if I am just going on and say that's gay, they don't bat an eye. They know that I have issue with it. As idubbbz said unfortunately we have multiple words in most of our daily use that are slurs of some kinda. First look at intent. Then look at the person and their history. If you then think they actually mean what they said its an issue. I'd be far more worried about those who would want to kill you based on race sexual orientation. 9 times out of 10 those like idubbbz and pewdiepie will be the first to fight side by side with you when it got real.
Mse7en Gaming
Yo dante please explain to me how pewdiepie is targeting you when he slips up and says the n word or when Idubbz says it ?????
dayton diaz
8:42 "fucking cracker" lol the way he said it
You look like fucking Ron on gta.
Shiro L
I see the ifagz swormed this video....
Razor ツ
It's weird how you generalize what kind of audience would be attracted to Pewdiepie or iDubbbz, isn't that fucked, and self righteous? Not to mention it's stereotyping.
clayton_carmine gaming
Look I'm white but, I grew up in a black community for most of my life I was raised in that culture it's what I know. My friends call me nigga all the time I call them nigga back I've grown-up with them to them I'm black that's just how it is so who cares bro.

And ps if yall don't like it when white people say it then it shouldn't be ok if Hispanic, Asian, or middle eastern people to say it ether shit yall shouldn't say it ether if you like it when we use it
Billy Reynolds
Dontai, you didn't even watch the full video did you? Can tell by the puzzled look at "borderline sex offender", watch the whole video then you'll see why Ricebum ain't shit.
Jose Efrain
Lol i like idubbztv but i understand your point but I'll still like idubbztv either way 💀 and gave that like too 😏👍
There is just one reason i disliked this video..
For some reason you generalize a whole fanbase, you straight up believe us to be racist or some shit like that, just because we find edubs content funny?
Andre D
They don't say the N word whenever they want, Pewdiepie maybe you can make a case that he could be racist because he has used the word as an insult but Idubbbz has never used the word as an insult. I'm not hating by the way, i think your funny as hell dude.
Yo Dontai I love you man and Idubbbz itsn't racist he says it because it triggers ppl.
Pickle Rick Knows You're Bullshite
The n-word comments by iDubbbz were started when some mentally-deficient, redneck dickwad kept sending iDubbbz mail to his PO Box, (per his original series, "Bad Unboxing,") with the words "Ni**er Fa**ot" on them. Eventually, iDubbbz took the wind out of that person's sails by making it an inside-joke with his viewers. Additionally, he used it earlier this year in his Tana Mongeau Content Cop to expose how morally-bankrupt she was/is. I didn't dislike your video, because your points were eloquently explained and I don't disagree. But the context is the issue that people miss.
I'm a idubbbz fan and I still fuck with you heavily dontai
It'sEvery morning Step-bro
Just saying if your gonna complain about people saying the N-word then thing you can just say cracker like its not racist
David Verner
iDubbz does have that type of "say whatever you want personality" and he has done some bad shit in the past but I think the reason why says n***er and stuff is almost for the sake of parody. He doesn't actually hate black people. But I get why you don't fuck with him. His humor isn't for everyone.
All the Americans hate boyinaband cause of the british accent
Lycho Wouffe
Pewdiepie isn't "Like that in real life" when it comes down to the "N word" controversy. Pewdiepie's community is fucking cancer so from reading comments/tweets he probably got that shit stuck in his head, from people within his community using that word angrily.
Just Stop
Idubbbz says the N-word to take power away from it, It only has power if you give it power. We’re not in slave times anymore my dude.
Memed mcpaderson
Dontai I am subed to you but you need to understand idubbz comedy is based on offensiveness unlike rice idubbz is a persona.
Devin Hernandez
Fuck a queer
The LikeyMikey
Dontai, why do you presume that they are racist? I don’t presume you hate gay people or retards when you say that shit. It’s double standard bro. My bro gay, and he doesn’t give a shit if someone uses gay or faggot to replace other words. As long as it’s not meant in the way it was intended for, it takes away the power. That’s why idubbbz says it so much, every time he uses it, it’s used in a different context
He was in high school faggot
Edward Sanchez
The like button is in the right
Jesse Brown
Its straight racist to not wanna listen to white people cause they say the n word but not black people who say it regardless of what it means its either bad for everyone to say or its fine for everyone to say.
Philadelphia eagles12
Who the queer wit da red hair looking like a school shooter someone get they son nigga
Gebel Hayter
You're extra sensitive to the N-word bro. Try to be more like Europeans or something. Americans are too sensitive to that word. Stop being so offended to something that isn't even directed at you personally. Pewdiepie didn't even say anything racist before you're focusing on single words. Just think it over, man. In Europe you don't really become racist from saying a single word. Gotta say some actual rhetoric.
Door PlaysMC
Im not going to dislike but idubbbz only says that cause of a joke from a long time ago and pewdiepie apologized for what he said, we all know he would not say that type of stuff to be racist. ;-;
Caleb Robison
It's just a word. Love you bru but it's a word get over it
Christian Drew
If it offends you, it's meant to. Don't give a word power to offend you because of its history of ignorance. Wake up
Jay Lee
youtube unsubbed me from your channel..
If any if you have actually seen any other Idubbbz content (such as the Tana Mongoose content cop specifically) you'd know Ian isn't a racist.
Cianni Wynn
The music in the back gives me Tay K vibes
Fil H
I think pewdiepie used the n word cause back in the day people used to always say that word to trash talk when playing video games over xbox live and gamechats like that, so he just got desensitized to it. It's super easy to get desensitized after awhile. Like think about how you used to think of swears, now we toss em around left and right and dont give a shit
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