9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn't Learn At School

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insideofgames 22
Kto z Polski?
Neil Rozen
I found out this week that I'm two Contacts away from Obama. Who knew :p
Shammas Butt
I love these type of videos
Tushar Shah
These facts are really cool
Little h7
We all thought 2000 was the end of the world now it's 2017
Chanel Castro
This is real?😭😭😭😭
Gumercindo Santoyo
2022 can't be predicted
King The Gamer
First of all we aren't going to explode that will happen a very long time but it is true. We probably dead that time and we won't be extinct because there are people living on Mars:)
Timothy plays
These are fake
there are no gods. sorry kids.
Bee Dewhurst
I’m not getting any internet people
بناء - Benaa
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And wait for more
Htubu Maran
God People Will live for ever
God will save us :)
super cool guy MASTERS
norsk your business
So cool
shivraj motegaonkar
Who is James Cameron
Gamer Enchanted
cmon Probably IT Wont happenn RIGHT??
Urm what do you mean I learnt all this during science lesson
Shireen Yap
I mean 62
sarah lina
My uncle is a director and I told him to find this things he said nothing is there
goska owczarek
elo ika dz
Inimfon Daniel
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Dennis Miller
2017- I'm 9 I will see a super nova explosion at 13

Wow ok...
Lauren Pollock
Well probably be a red star in 3990
Lauren Pollock
Yes we wont
Dinesh Maggo
Yes I am also pretty sure that we won't die because I am just I want to live my life more
Giada Filannino
hilda razo
Aye check the thumbnail they copied it from top tens 😒😒😒😒
Just Like MAGIC !
9:18 isn't obvious there are snakes due to the name snake island, and WHO WOULD EVEN GO TO A PLACE CALLED SNAKE ISLAND
Tynna O'Neill
Wowwwww tis crazys
Yeremy Aleman
Yeremy Aleman
Im just kidding
Yeremy Aleman
Yeremy Aleman
Know about
Yeremy Aleman
If you
Yeremy Aleman
In 2019
Yeremy Aleman
We Will end sooner
Yeremy Aleman
Well Sort of..
Yeremy Aleman
Of course not
Rhesa Waner
girls are smarter than boys of course........
Tyrone Bunne
Numbers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Time doesn't like time anymore than the observer does.
Dragon Ball Super Logan
I would have been 65 years old in 2070
Aljhunchrist Rollon
Nicd vid
Stefaan Mortier
Dit is zooooooooo interessant 😎👌
alfi zainudin
Palsu hanya allah SWT yang tau
Matthew Cain
no one will die in 2022 from that thaere was somethin like that that was said to take place in 2000 nothin happened
ma. ariessa marcalas

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