5 Ways People Died Trying To Be Immortal

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5 Ways People Tried being Immortal That Ended Up Badly

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Tร˜P trash
So glad we now know that mercury is radioactive and WILL kill you, or make you go insane.
You forget Juan Ponce the Leo searching for fountain of youth led to his dead.
astan fartin
the word im-mortal sort of gives you a clue.
its literally getting you to say "i'm mortal"
as if there is a need to.
i think it ties in with religions reinforcement of messiah figures which people aspire to be like.... that old nut.
Mohamed Hafiz
as long as i live I am immortal...
Sue Umc
If you want to stay young, die young ๐Ÿ˜‚
The mad king
Kinda ironic to die while trying to be immortal
Soul Society
If people want to be immortal, they have to overcome death or surpass death.
air flux
way do old that are boring
Elmer Bering
is that voldemort???

he grew a nose XD
Generally Disturbed
You guys want to be immortal? Just become me. Ive lived since 1300 and let me tell you all it takes is believing, ive seen many generations attempt an elixir when all they would have needed was my knowledge of practices used by doctors
Avery Minor
The irony
Captain Obvious
China is dumb ASF
Flutter Blitz
Top ten dumbest anime characters
Audrey Popo
They can die for all I care, just culling the retarded...
robustDaydreams [RD]
I wouldn't want to be immortal because it would get so boring from being on earth too long
DA MotoNeko
Stem cells are the key. Not that they could've figured that out concidering they likely didnt know those existed รณ.0
The appearence of age lies within the telomeres inside the chromosomes of each cell. With each replication they grow shorter and then they stop replicating.
Stem cells however appear to be able to replicate indefinetly.
A.G. Martinez
Everyone dies, not everyone gets a chance to live without aliens
I h a v e a s c e n d e s b e y o n d p h y s i c a l f o r m .
douglas mystery
Imma timelord from the planet Gallifrey. I am 40 years old lol
immortality isn't really that cool...
Phil needs an anime
Well that's ironic
David Okoye
Subscribe to my channel please
Hero Randomz
Immortality is boring than dying. Living a life full of your loved ones death will drive you insane. If and only if, someone actually succeeded in this experiment, find a way to die soon after succeeding. Don't be an idiot. Though through science, you can reset your cells and tissues to when you were still young. after doing this a few times, death will be the out come. Death hates being cheated. He is impatient and intimidating. never underestimate Life and Death.

In order to become immortal you have to die first? Ok
GayRainbow Unicorn
Where is michael jackson?
Chernobyl Z
Age 66 is DECENT age for that time... WTH u talkin about ?
foxy the thunder Fox
Dog toucher
and then you've got people like Soros that think they'll live forever if they keep drinking the blood of children. fuckin old people.
Restvive 88
the only way to be immortal is if somehow we find a way to transfer our minds into younger bodies
Look the universe is dying!
Look I'm the only one!
Look the Big Bang!
Look I'm flying into a black hole!
Look I'm bored for life!
ShahKyo -weeabo-
top 10 anime deaths
gamer wim
I would want to be immortal just to see the end of existence
mike hunt
If we had Nanobots that Fight off cancer and viruses, while simultaneously releasing Extracellular Matrix which tricks the body into regenerating instead of scabbing up. As of right now this is the most plausible way of achieving immortality ๐Ÿ‘
ha they died
Pie Feesh
oh god those poor dogs and guinea pigs
Markus Di Hewitt
Immortality would be the biggest curse
max tibill
Whats the movies name shown in the beginning of the video
Love how the thumb nail was from alien
The T.G.W.D ARMY/ThatGuyWhoDiies
How the fuck do Guinea Pig Testicles help you become immortal How Dumb were these people
link the privateer
what movie was that clip from?
sangishetti shiva
Harsh Patel
If I drink 5 hour energy I'll have 5 more hours of life. So if I drink enough 5 hour energy I'll live forever ๐Ÿ˜€
Ryan S
Testicles fucking seriously!!! What a fucking idiot
Madison Mae
As we age our body weakness and eventually our cells and organs and brain fires its a way of life
nojin bae
People have been brainwashed "Once a person dies, he turns a ghost & lives immortally in heaven/hell/limbo/as other animal or human" under Plato, Devil etc's lie. But a book says "Adam returned to dust after death" People're mixed up with this truth. So they fear death, saying I'm dying to go to Heaven by dying~".
crystal sparks
You will die someday. It's a part of life.
ItsYoBoiJohnny- Minecraft
What was the one in the intro where the dude drank something and faded away after
Claudio Andrei
what movie in the introduction part of?
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