Nerf War: Boys vs Girls 2

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In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam seek revenge on girls Jillian and Addie from what happened last time they visited their house.  The twins remember everything, from the funny pranks they pulled on the girls, to the girls new nerf gun arsenal, to being completely outdone when they tried using payback time strategies.  This time, the boy twins have home field advantage and their whole nerf arsenal to their exposure.  Will Jillian and Addie from Babyteeth4 be completely blindsided by the twins friendly invitation to come over and hang out?  Will Jillian and Addie have something else planned since Jillian thinks all boys are predictable?  WIll the parents have to break these four up before it turns really ugly?  Happy 1.5 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys.  The Nerf guns used in this video are the Nerf Mega Mastodon, the Nerf N Strike Elite Hyperfire, the Nerf Mega Rotofury, the Nerf Rebelle flipside, the Nerf N Strike Elite Rhino Fire, the Nerf Modulus, the Nerf N Strike Elite Rapidstrike, the Nerf Rival Khaos, the Nerf Rival Atlas, the Nerf Modulus Tri Strike and many many more from the twins Nerf Arsenal.

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Eleftherios Galanopoulos
I love this video.
Amador Marquez
i wanna a gun
William Riedeman
#boy power
William Riedeman
Kim Loan
I hate the girls
"boys are so predictible" my answer: shut yo dumdum bubblegum looking selfe up bitch
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Konrad Trochimiak
the girls had to say # girl power
what the heck😂
neo colin
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sweety kalra
I love your video
Ricardo Sanchez
I hope the boys win again cause they look littler that the girls
Dean Mcleod
Boy power is the best
M Blaine
nerf or nothing
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Mike Kerns
do they have a sexy pussy
is name juanjo
Oliver Lych
XD lol
Oliver Lych
Руск Рус
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Brittieny Mckinley
nerf rival is one of the best like if u agree
martha pizarro
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Damon Ryan
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Ronda Kruger
on Fri may have been in business since the first one of these days
Brenda Akers
I vote for the twin boys I know I'm a girl but this time I vote for the twin boys
Vicente Castillo
yes boys win
Mahmut Işık
Yaseen Sharieff
at the end the way the girl fall at the end lol
Panda Pixel
it's very boring
alex kaczmarek
jaka nuda
Ali's Game's
Nerf and boys or the kings but these things or just poop and girls or poop
Landyn Forbus
yeah you can say that again
James D'Arrigo
I want to see you do girls vs boys
Luis Eduardo
ok freddd
Amer Amer

2₩')£ !
Faizul Abdullah
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Luz Gutierrez
eso si esta bien pero se pasaron
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Susan Restaino
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Katrell Martin
Make a another one please
Jamari Curry
# guns
Jamari Curry
# boy power
Brandon Zutell
# girl suck
Nina Molan
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Nina Molan
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