SpongeBob SquarePants HUMAN VERSION All Characters

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Hey Viirtualists! Check it out! SpongeBob SquarentPanst HUMAN VERSION All Characters.  These comical characters were totally beautified...? 

In this video Virtual Real stars Team show you This  amazing artist: XiaozuoZ,  who has created funny human versions of characters from the popular cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. 

He seems to have done this personification, but how did it turn out that beautiful?
Our passion is to help them by offering a platform to show off their hard earned talent and skill.
We hope you enjoy this video the same way that we did it when we created it.

All the images used during the making of this video were for promote.
All the images  used during the making of this video are exclusive their respective owners:

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Remember: Creativity takes courage, and just keep drawing.
Virtual Real Stars Team @VRS

Dania abdallah
Bob, Patrick, plankton la perfection
Sponhebob Humanpants!
Dan Middleton
i like plankton and spongebob
This is more of:

Spongebob characters as edgy teens.
charrise soriano
they're too handsome!!
Krista Wathanaphone
It's like a dating sim....
M Namuun
And plankton
M Namuun
Wow spongebod and partic they are look so handsome
martin #
Pearl Krabs looks like Barbie
Jaedamarie Learmont
Sumin Chio
So F**** Hot!!!!~♥
Dayangelic Santiago
there all cute
Dayangelic Santiago
spongebob is super cute
Island girl 04
I lOVE all of theirs!!! :)
gami kami
oh my god unbelievable
Kayann Bennett
I don't like Spongebob but if they look like the human version and there...I would watch it.
Alex 101
why the fuck does Mr krab look like a god??
Cassie Dorton
Cassie Dorton
Human Plankton and Pearl looks like they would be a hot bad couple XDDD
Elite Gamer
If... they made this show like this... I'd watch it everyday...
Chester Dennis
Human spongebob looks like he'd treat me right 👌🏽😩😍
AnimeHashbrown 13
SpongeBob is pretty as fuck
Jazmine bts
uuuuuuu ;)
Klysee T
Something that I just noticed... if Gary is spongebobs pet in the original version than in the version where they are human... uh... pshh I'm not complaining.
Taniyah Prather
I like Patrick he is hot
Airam Garcia
Evelyn Mejia
at 1:53 for some reason the first thought that came to me is that kinda looks like jackseptaci
Foxy Fan
And Larry looks like he fumed twelve girls at once
Foxy Fan
Sarah P
Belle vidéo ;)
Linceza* Lu
omg!!.... OMG! o___o SpongeBob!!! its so Cute!!! so Beauty ♥
Erieliz Beveraggi
patrick looks soo freaking hoot!!! i think he's one of the hottest one's of all!
vaporeon girl
patrick looks like justin beiber a little
princess1245 candy4ever
sponge and Patrick look so cool😍
Hermes Rodriguez
one fact all of SpongeBob characters are cute and pretty especially Gary He's adorable😍😍😍😍
Adrianna Irvine-fortescue
Kay I want you all to imagine.......... the human versions with their cartoon voice!!!
sophia and the Ultimate _gaming
hey virtual spongebob not a teen
Am Horse
Why was Gary in a crib?
Michael Bourbakis
Nice vid
hasnaa T.V
gury hhhhh
y h
Mr.crabs real eugene harold
Ângɛlɨ - Čɦän
yo al don cangrejo le daba xdd
RAZE 207
my favourite is plankston and spongebob
puppy girl
I'm liking plankton 😊😊
Nahla Williams
Patrick looked hot!! ps, how do you put emoji s in a comment?
Eugene Paki
I like plankton
Μαριαννα Αλεξοπουλου
PATRICK IS THE HOTTEST AND THE CUTEST I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. But im also sad because Ptrick doesnt exists in real life😫😫😫😫😫
plankton a badass
zakin 12
wow good
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