Trump tells Merkel: 'At least we have something in common, perhaps'

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Asked about claims that British intelligence assisted the Obama administration in wiretapping Trump Tower, President Trump told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, "at least we have something in common, perhaps." 


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Binson Le
Binson Le
Here's the problem trump you sey I'm quoting a very talented lawyer from fox news so go talk to him but here's the thing we're not gonna ask him were gonna ask you cause you the president of the dang United States don't blert out a bunch of random carp you found watching info wars or fox and friends
Does american people start to believe this what Trump says?
Hoxton McAntimate
You hear the German accent of the questoning man^^
Hector licon
the only thing in Common you 2 have is vaginas
mecalsiz kalp
Fascist Germany!
Tj Johnson
that was brilliant.
Josh E
So True
Baran A
Humanity is dead. The amount of people calling merkel a traitor, because she took in humans in need of a home just proves this. Close minded people who let fear dominate their thought; ughh i must be from a different species.
Liar. Liar. Liar. Pants on fiiiire.
Whiskey Tango
Damn! I love this dude! He just speaks his mind and has no shame in doing so! Screw Merkel! What a feminist. Covering up over a thousand sexual assaults by foreign immigrants / refugees. Yeah she's a real feminist all right. Germany will be an Islamic country in a quarter century.
Ilie Coldea
Merkel = Hilary - corruption
Donald Trump is a Slytherin ? I dont want to be a Sly anymore
Caballito De Mar
I'd like to know who's laughing about trump's joke attempt
something is wrong....why did u guys not Talk about Erdogan???
this is fake....
mick harvey
hang the traitor merkel
Maik マイク
>_> omg that english...
John Mallory
Lol he's right. The only thing Trump and Merkel have in common is that Obama wiretapped them both.
Dave Cartwright
Prove it ! D*ckhead Donald !!! Dam liar !
M. B.
This guy is the last hope for Europa. Please Mr. Trump, come with the US-Army and free Europe again from the Berlin-Devil.
M. B.
A very good point Mr. Trump! But Merkel does not even understand it.
Remmy Kauffer
Merkel worked with Soros in provoking the refugee crisis. No love for her.
Luis Davila
I still find it strange seeing Trump in a press conference,then I remember"oh yeah,he's president"
Tammy Blocker
Believe what you want, but, Donald Trump is NOT an idiot! You can believe he has some type of evidence to keep with the story!! They need to be worrying about Donna Bazille TRYING to help Hillary win the election by illegally give her debate questions....WHY ARENT WE HEARING ABOUT THAT!
God bless you Mr Trump, continue to drain the swamp.
I love how the extreme leftists hate him so much. By hating him so badly, they inevitably show their true colours.
The more they wage their pathetic war against Trump, the more ground they loose with the people.
Ulf Meier-Schulze
I don't like Merkel (but not for the refugees, that was one thing she did right by half way) and I don't like Trump; but he obviously has a sense of humor.
Manuel Basten
Horrible Bitch
Andy Kashu
0:19 In what... hindsight? Stop speaking this yukky German English! It causes ear cancer. If you can't pronounce it correctly anyway, use your own mother tongue and have a professional translate it, dammit.
Renen Baskerville
You guys need to chill the fuck out lol I don't know why you guys are crying like bunch of butt hurt bitches in comment section XDD
William Sullivan
I've waited and I've prayed my whole life to see a man like this come forward and let the world know the reality of our world. I know people hate him because he's destroying their entire belief system, which is usually comprised of propaganda designed to fuck themselves over, but this is the real deal. For those of you that don't know; Our government sold us out to the global powers that be a long, long time ago. I can't believe we finally, actually have a president that is speaking the absolute truth and acting absolutey on the behalf of our country. He is not an agent of the higher powers, he is an American. A real American and a real man. Watching things like this, thrills me so much that I can't even describe it. It's a thousand times more exciting than Christmas morning when I was 6. This is an absolute thing of beauty. Incredible.
Zenit Saphyr
How can americans be so dumb?
the comment section here is flooded with Librel tears.
Bilis Fund
he just threw Fox under the bus!
Joey Games
He is crazy, he reminds me of Hitler when he lost his mind and went bonkers. It was like handing the car keys to your children when he took power. God forbid any wars on the horizon because he will walk straight into the honey trap.
The Voice Of Showgun
Jesus Christ
Luki Strike
i just laughed way too hard
Mick Funny
Obama didn't wiretap Trump. Trump lied.
Free Speech
When Merkel was wiretapped by Obama Germans raised hell, how they blame Trump for complaining, lol.
Alex DSL
Stating the simple truth.
Go look it up.Obama "wiretapped" Germany and Japan and apologized for it.Lol.
The Punisher
Merkel is a traitor to the German people! She should be arrested.
Professor Drock
He is a pig how he behaves, he treats her more like an enemy instead of an ally, this is disgraceful
Eric Clapton
in year 2017, President of USA accused Past President of USA of Wire Tapping based on a report from a Tv Judge on Fox News ! >> now tell that to your Grand Children in 2047 #ROFL
La Wilborn
Michael Bennink
He proved again and again what a major ASSH*L* he is!
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