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Let's turn caring into doing. Join the Neighborhood of Good by visiting to find volunteer opportunities in your community. Causes include education, health care, homelessness, veterans, animals and many others.

Download Joy Williams' cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” on these music services. A portion of proceeds will go to charity.

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Jade Paduga
As soon as i saw the polar bear, i thought coca cola sponsored this video, anyone else? XD
darianna !!
this made me cry
Hanson N
0:25 i wonder if this dude is real
I mean I am vietnams
Luka Hays
White guilt - the commercial
Muffin cup and cupcake cup playz
omg i crid for like the whole video for some reson
Hpblue 4u
So sad, but only because you know it to be true.........not going to lie, I cried, A LOT.
Dragon Fists
this shit almost had me in tears 😢😢😢
8 Bit Gravity
i hate this song now.
Rolando Barrera
Excellent Video and message, I love it!!. I believe in Volunteer work big time!!
Coral the Animoron
Nakeshia Stallings
😩 I love this commercial .! Finally something that's heartfelt and real .!
How the hell do you expect that guy to help the world when he didn't even have a Pepsi on hand??
This has gotta be the meanest commicieal ever, they pull at your heart strings and then they go over the top with the message and I know why they dragged it on for so long.

Alot of people are stubborn and selfish, so the message had to be driven into their minds.
So if I'm getting this straight, State farm's message here is a bunch of sob stories, we need to do something, so buy state farm insurance?
alex the idubbbz boi
I see a nyan cat sticker behind him in the beginning
Hash Brown
congrats on almost hitting 1 mill subs

oh and I love your commercials
Chim Richalds
Must be raining out. my eyes are all wet. must be the rain, that's the reason. I feel like no one talks about how good this man is at acting. He absolutely captures the emotion of the part without saying one word.
The Beatles Fan Paul, John, Ringo, And George
I cried
The Beatles Fan Paul, John, Ringo, And George
The Polar Bear got me and the dog and the guy with one leg and the veteran
Amanda Tejada
who's singing this song ?
Liz Elias
State farm has one of the most heart touching videos ever!
Why are there so many dislikes? I almost cried
Tran Scrafford
Well done. You got me to watch a commercial willingly. Beautiful.
dakota sean
Basicaly the song is themed of this The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)
Dojo Animate
I will give them 100,999,00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,00,0000,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0000,,,,,,,,,,0000000000,,,,,,,,,,,,,0,000,0,0,00,,,999999999 $
Dojo Animate
This make me cry
Alex Draws
an ad that i dont skip

it brings a good message and makes me cry every time
Zachary Mansfield
This guy CAN'T watch the news, it would be the end of him
baby alive is fun to play with
nice video
ThatOneFurryGirl ThatCantMakeAName
I don't care if this is a state farm commercial, it's beautiful.
Exxotik Exo
When I grow up, I'm gonna try to work as hard as I can to earn some extra money to donate and help people so they can have a normal life just like us. This commercial made me emotional and made me wanna make this choice, and I won't change this. If I have any extra money, I will give to homeless, if I have money to donate to the cancer care community, I would, and I would also donate to a place where they take care of animals and make sure they don't get extinct. I wanna make the world perfect, perfect for people to fit in with. It makes me sad thinking about how many people are struggling with life. I just wanna help as much as I can and hope you can try to as well.
Larry & Goose
Holy crap, this is an actual good advertisement!
This made me cry, why so many dislikes?!
Probably because people can't face the facts that there world is going into shambles and they can be helping and yet they don't..
Alexandra Nicole
Came here just to say this is one of my current favorite commercials. I shed tears the moment I saw that dog on his couch and it actually made me want to get up and volunteer. Kudos to you, State Farm!

Edit: After seeing some of these comments, I can't believe people are actually bringing race into this. What the hell? Just get out there, volunteer, and help! There's nothing wrong with lending a helping hand...
Why so many dislikes?
Ariana Sky
I love this commercial all the time it is so uplifting and inspirational great job to everyone in on this💖😘
Christian Howle
Are people to lazy to look in the description? The name of the singer is on there.
Meriam Murrell
this cover is so gorgeous.
Mishele Prieto
Too grassy
Nicohole Larraga
Chris Holman
jesus, everybody asking for help. l
Rose Dusk
I almost cried when I saw this
Who else just came for the emotional cover of Don't let me down?
The most okay person ever
This is such good commercial
followers of famous you tubers
I cried during this AD and im not an emotional person 😥
Alex Landis
Doing something is good. That is a good thing. But no one person can do everything or be expected to fix every one's issues. Do what you can, support as much as is possible. Don't give away more than you can afford. If giving will put you in the same situation as the people you are giving to, maybe you should not be giving.
Sooo sad yet so true
Drag Race Fan
Drag Race Fan
Chris Hilliard
I despise this commercial. Donations should always be selfless and not forced with guilt.
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