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Let's turn caring into doing. Join the Neighborhood of Good by visiting to find volunteer opportunities in your community. Causes include education, health care, homelessness, veterans, animals and many others.

Download Joy Williams' cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” on these music services. A portion of proceeds will go to charity.

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Detailed Transcript

Wow, most commercials piss me off, this one made me emotional.
The Debbie Show
Tristaking999 4563
Cute dog
brittany valentine
so cool
Derek Strotheide
Ive been trying to find it too
"White guilt" they'd put a black dude then people would be complaining "black guilt". This isn't a guilt trip this is Statefarm's way of getting you to donate. Is there something wrong with helping?
Jon T
If you want an easier way to make them disappear, you can just become a republican
Michael Spangenberg
Is this Jake from State Farm?
Michael Spangenberg
This is one of the saddest yet inspirational commercials I have ever seen. It deffenitnately makes me want to go out and help make the world a better place for the next generation.
Ryuyeorm 류엶
this is so beautiful ;(
Francisco Martinez
It's sad😭😢
More white guilt. How's about using a black guy or Chinese guy in this commercial. More Bullshit.
Jordi Ratt
Such a good commercial then they say switch to state farm realy 😦😢😭
Radioactive Gamer
This is my favorite commercial
Honestly I can see where the dislikes are coming from because logically it does look like it's making you feel guilty. But I think you have to turn off your brain to see what the message is. Because this was beautiful.
GoodLifeBullys Pups
Tiffany Montalvo
So sad 😢😓😿👍
Ricardo Sandoval
This is how I feel.
A Bravo
Why all the downvotes? This is good stuff
The All Seeing Thigh
im proud of you statefarm
Video Killed The Radio Star
This is such a cute commercial.
It gives me goose bumps
Ryan Wong
This is seriously what the world needs right now more than anything. Thank you State Farm for this Ad proud customer since 2014
Grace Miller
Am I the only one trying to find out who sings the cover?
Steve Jacobson
I have State Farm and after I was seriously injured (spine) in an auto accident (3 year recovery-lots of P.T.)that was not my fault I will say this, yes they were defending themselves and me , but their service went beyond that. The people I dealt with with were really there for me. Just my personal experience but when they call just to see how I'm feeling...that's above and beyond. They also have the best music in their commercials. Anyone know what city is in the background behind the river? The towers in the background are reminiscent of the Twin Towers of the WTC in Manhattan. My grandma Dinapoli used to work in the towers and I was in them many times and even have photos of them under construction.
Over ShootZ
The dog was white the man is white and the vet is white XDD
duckies sao fariy tale
i cryed for this video beacuse alll of us should be helping the who need in life us people dont care and some do god bless those people that need help i hope you make it in life );
Davina Campbell
How can you not like this??
Broken Headsets
I'm gonna cry. This was so amazing.
Jamar Conover
Yenifer Ayala
This made me cry 😭
Nathalie Landero
Daniel Keith
Not mow
acee outlaw
What's the song called? ?? This one not the orginal thanks
Claudia J Smith
i can do it my familf someone was and is a singer so ya i wan do any one you want me to do
Superheros love supergirl sexy
I'm in a confliction of either try out or don't try out for Carter. EDIT: On second thought I just recorded myself saying a line and I already hate it.
Michelle C Noble
i would voice act Myth but.....i dunno if i could
Bonnie E Ross
10.Tks for you care about our channel #Superheroes-Sky-War
Yeyey Yeyey
Charlie M
That's the problem all u fagits and trannies feelings feelings what about all the money they've stolen from families fuck u & fuck State Farm
cartoon universe62
what is a polar bear doing there?⛄
cartoon universe62
should of got dog
This always makes me tear up, and instantly sign up for another volunteering job.
Scott Crawford
I'm an old man. I've learned that the best thing you can do in life is Help those that can't help themselves. I've been a benefit of those out there who help people like me. Thank you. There are still more of us out there that need your help. Please help us.
set clock --:--
The song playing ruined it for me...
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett
Im a 20 year old male weighing 210 lb capable of lifting twice his own body weigh but when I saw this commercial it brought me to tears
at 0:11 there is a nyan cat
If I had known we were going on a feels trip I would've packed a lunch.
Thank you, State Farm. ❤
TNT Amusements Inc
That was really good! Well thought out, and delivered a great one-two!
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