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Let's turn caring into doing. Join the Neighborhood of Good by visiting to find volunteer opportunities in your community. Causes include education, health care, homelessness, veterans, animals and many others.

Download Joy Williams' cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” on these music services. A portion of proceeds will go to charity.

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Detailed Transcript

This always makes me tear up, and instantly sign up for another volunteering job.
Scott Crawford
I'm an old man. I've learned that the best thing you can do in life is Help those that can't help themselves. I've been a benefit of those out there who help people like me. Thank you. There are still more of us out there that need your help. Please help us.
set clock --:--
The song playing ruined it for me...
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett
Im a 20 year old male weighing 210 lb capable of lifting twice his own body weigh but when I saw this commercial it brought me to tears
at 0:11 there is a nyan cat
If I had known we were going on a feels trip I would've packed a lunch.
Thank you, State Farm. ❤
John Nunzio Marzigliano
having adopted multiple dogs, worked at homeless shelters, given jobs to drop outs and marched with ivaw i despise this commercial.
charity is free will, not a guilt trip
TNT Amusements Inc
That was really good! Well thought out, and delivered a great one-two!
David Vazquez
fuck State Farm and the horse they rid on. I'd love to put them in the same position that they put me in and watch them struggle for their next meal
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! OK fine, i'm crying.
psycho werewolf death trap
so sad but it good to do all that
Jay Knowles
holy crap I thought they stole my dog so I had to rewatch the commercial
King Reezy
cute ass puppy brought me here lowkey
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg
this is really sad with the dog
Bakgethi Remote
What is this salty discharge coming out of my eyes.
Andy Cats
This guy has a slight Louis CK vibe.
vutesy games
The only ad i wouldn't skip. :)
Rage raf
What I wanna know is why is there 7k dis likes that's fuck up
bob bob
For all the sad sacks complaining about a multi-billion dollar corporation asking for money from white people, pay attention when you watch the fucking commercial.

They are asking for you to volunteer your time, not your money. State Farm actually has a good track record in terms of community outreach and charitable contributions, but that is besides the point.

They also feature all types of problems that affect all people, including white people. Not to mention a puppy and polar bear (who both happen to be white).

The point of this commercial is for people who care to lift the weight of caring by doing. If you don't care, then this commercial is not for you.
Richard Baxter
Gosh man Ive never gotten so emotional over a freaking commercial before. I love this vidoe it has so much more heart than all those homeless dog commercials... in those homeless dog commercials they GUILt you to doing something and it really annoys me
Naruto Uzumaki
this is the best commercial ever made it actually sells something priceless
Joseph Stagnitto
The cute doggie. Does anyone know what type of breed it is? I'll go out and adopt one tomorrow! Please help me!!
Sylvia O.
My tears smile every time I watch...😅
Francisco Fernandez
Great Commercial
Creepy anti-white-male rubbish. I assume State Farm is trying to drive away customers. The sheer insanity of the radical left
1 like= puppy 1 sub=homeless 1 reply= u just saved everyone
cc rolex
fuck your ad bitch
Doge Challenger SRT8
good message but this commercial is annoying
mmmmm playing that white guilt fiddle. i guess using any other race would have had people screaming racism
I remembered this ad when I saw a sick cat outside of a restaurant and I wanted to help it so bad, but I couldn't. It was a sick, wild cat. It felt so bad that it brought tears to my eyes...
keenan reese
What's the name of this song, and artist?
Itachi Uchiha
State Farm Insurance this is probably the best ad ever made
White guilt at its best baby
Geometry Dash Gaming
the only add that make me cry
Hennessy_Venom_GT _Got_Swag
When i get older i wanna GO THERE AND HELP SOMEONE!!!
Alejandra Azuara
Amelia Donnelly
this commercial isnt just for saying Neighborhood of good but its also saying, Hay! theres animals and people out there suffering and risking there lives for you so just make a change stand up and say something to help with this, give homeless food, stop globol warming, give money for people with cancer. just make a change. . .
This is absolutely amazing. I have actual goosebumps all over my body. This sends amazing messages and really needs to be seen by more people.
But for any of you who feel guilty (as this most likely made you feel), I'd like to tell you something. Even if you aren't doing directly impactful things like actually going to community centers or making donations, you can still do something. You don't have to make an incredibly big change. You can do something small, like help just one kid with their homework, or make the tiniest efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Even if you just spread awareness about these issues, even if you're just making art, what you're doing can still have some effect. Now, I'm not saying that you can't do more, but I am saying that you can do something, however small it may be.
Charlie Livsey
that was beautiful!
Lubna Murad
GUYS! This is video is about helping your community. It's pretty deep, though
Lloyd Henson
pretty song make more thanks for this
Wheatly GT
Why so many dislikes for this video? do people not know whats going on in our world?
Marsha West
Wow, I think insurance companies should practice what they preach....they care about money more than caring for people....the bottom line, that is it
If this commercial didn't make you cry, the neo-Nazis in the comment section surely will.
Scott Crawford
Nitro.. Thank you for your comment. I'm one of those people this commercial talks about. Sometimes everyone needs a lifeline to help themselves. I need you all to give what you can to those that can't give anything back. I/We need your help. Thank you I'll shut up now.
Joy Williams - Don't Let me Down (Cover) - You're Welcome!
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