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Let's turn caring into doing. Visit to find volunteer opportunities in your community. Causes include education, health care, homelessness, veterans, animals and many others.

Download Joy Williams' cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” on these music services. A portion of proceeds will go to charity.

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Fluffy MewMew
Uh.. I just came here for the soundtrack O.O
May the comment section find peace :3
KawaiiWolf - Chan
I freaking cried for no reason who else?
David Flippo
what a hauntingly beautiful voice. Does anybody know who is singing this?
redbear gaming213
this video made me cry😢
redbear gaming213
1 like = save life's 😢
Mga pope
Calm down guys, this is just StateFarm proving gingers have souls
braveheart the warrior cat aj June the wolf cat
this video gives me the sad vibes for some reason
Emily Weems
Kerfuffled Fork
Say what you want, I fucking love this video.
Memes Are Life
Awww...So Amotional
Vanessa Bear
why does there have to be that one person who unlike a video and even if the video is just of a dog doing a cha , cha ,cha ,cha ,cha whoo video
NightMoon Playzz
This made me cry 😭😭
Joseph Smith
This is the stupidest ad I've ever seen. It's like all those people need help and they're not going to leave you alone until you help them. Why should I have to help them? No one helps me. Everything I have I worked my ass off for and no one is getting any of it. Fuck muchers.
Elizabeth Cantor
such a good vid
Madelyn Baum
Where can I get chords for this version !?
Jupiter 6Gaming
I cried a little. . . .
Cybronikai guy
lik if u cri evry tiem
Good luck when the funding for these programs gets cut by the compassionate conservatives and President Gold Putter.
;-; this is so sad i cryed for some reason ;-;
Sweet Cakes
This was such a sad commercial!
Rainy Bañìnjâ Lørd
This makes me want to cry! I want to adopt a pet from a shelter!
Janye East
This version of the song is actually very pretty and emotional.
Moises Franco
the dog made me cry alot like right now 😢😢😢😭😭😭
John Wu
great performances, they truly found the perfect actor to the play the everyman. he conveys so much empathy without saying anything.
Sky gamer
0:05 notice the sticker next to his shoulder :) It's a meme on state farm! XD
Leanna K
When did state farm become so deep and why are people disliking this video?
Kay Moua
Great video...good job State Farm.
Melanie Martinez
I fucking hate commercials like this when real world problems going on in this is all for a fucking car insurance company I mean just like you don't put stuff out there like for a car insurance I mean is real world problems like that going around in this is all for some dumb car commercial I mean come on this is just ugh
Hydrosion - Hypixel
0:46 i thought the dog would get rolled over
Brand Accounts
1:03 That polar bear better than that puppy
This is beautiful, I haven't cried in a long time. That's saying something as well, I don't cry easily.
Lucardo Samson
Why the polar bear?
Arctic Nation
I, had some tears
Lizbeth Secundino
This made me sob so hard
this made me realize how many times I've done this and it makes me feel bad.
Kieran Nall
Truly a touching video. Do the world a favor and help those in need. As a wise man ounce said no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. So go outside and do do something nice. With love and wishes- kieran
Casey Fender
I didn't think it could be done but this is sadder than the Sarah m. videos that want you to save the animals. it's just so relatable
Robert Melvin
I noticed that 2/3rds of the people liked this video and 1/3rd hated this video; I was amazed at the reasons people posted for their hatred. As I watched this I recalled listening to JFK so many years ago on that January morning, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". Amazing and so Sad!
Bishop Siders
What if you can't help
Dominic Brisky
This video is so heart lifting and will make some people cry but why is there a polar bear out of every person or animal you had to pick a polar bear
Music by Joy Williams -
I almost cried watching this
Why are so many White people complaining in the comments about feeling attacked? "White guilt"? If making the choice to adopt a puppy or help the needy automatically results in you feeling that your race is being attacked, please consider seeking mental help.
moonpiesnoreos davis
I wrote this a couple hours ago...and came here to find the commercial to show my husband. I thought id share. i know ill get nasty comments. thats ok. this is something jesus spoke to me as i saw this commercial for the first time earlier tonight.
I heard in my spirit..Jesus say "This is how I feel, about my people. I hear and see their crys and their pain and I reach out to help them. I hurt for them and want to help them in thier problems and trials. I cry when they cry...and I want them to know I offer them hope. I offer them freedom. I rejoice over the ones that accept me..and I weep over those who do not. But just as the man walked to the outreach center in the commercial that place was put there for others to come to. They were told of this place. They were told of this hope. So should those whove already accepted me and know my hope, Know that there is light in the darknes and know that I shed my blood to save them. My hope should be told to those who are in need of me.

Wow. He says to go an be a share the good news. What a BEAUTIFUL reminder. Now go watch that commercial again....youll see it in a different light. Gonna dry my face now. Im thankful someone shared Jesus with me. And Ill make it a point to "share" him with others more.
So sad 😭
This is so accurate for the feeling you get everyday when surfing social media. You see these horrible things that tear at you heart strings and later on you think about it again. All of the sadness you see weighs heavy on your back and you just want to help everyone.
Underrated Group Fan
whos chopping onions?
Franny Gutke
This made me cry😥
Rhaslynd Brown
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