Frost Byte
you animals clicked for the girl at the end. I won't judge you though she is pretty thicc
Nancy Herrera
Is this even for kids 0:11
kayla draws to much
I Hate the word thick now people only have enough brain cells to type the word thick on everything now.
Jelly Is Awesome
So...Inside Out but SHORTER?
Rafie Arsyad
0:37 LOL
Jackie Choi
I saw this entire clip when I went to watch Moana, and it was hilarious. The whole theater was laughing.
Dr. Fario
emoji movie why do you kill fun
Amy Green
In theaters wipe map 2017
Onyx Hunter
This guy is a WillNE clone 😂
TB Animations
How do the creators of moans make such a cringe movie
TB Animations
This sounds gay
aTommic アヒル
The Minecraft movie looks great
Ima partyanimal
EricThe CartRider43
this movie looks like it has potential
John Smith
the movie is like, 3 minutes
Joshua Suarez
Damn that girl thick af
MLG Mustafa12
I have seen it!
1995: what if toys have feelings?
2003: what if fishes have feelings?
2008: what if robots have feelings?
2015: what if feelings have feelings?
2016: what if organs have feelings?
Arsertijo Artz
i want learn about this [animation,3d,etc..] [Spanish: Quiero aprender sobre como hacer eso :D]
Travis West
I remember seeing this with "Moana"!
Big Bleach
Up but without Ellie
Phoebe Wan Kenobi
Pixar is running out of ideas. This is basically Inside Out but with a younger version of Carl from Up.
Arnav Kumar
isnt this just inside out
Double B Comics
Jeffrey Wilson
Its Charlie1
It's the guy from UP.
this was honestly better then the actual movie it was being played with
Daniele Goffredo
a terrible copy of inside out
Amit Ashkenazi
This in not a Pixar short...
EnderTiger 101
Well I Watched moana
This is carl in his 20s
Lunalegocake Moon
I'd follow my emotions, that's what
H3R_ aga1n
Why are the most interesting things only shorts?
bhondwe mayur
ups 2
the matrix and
Rona XL69
He looks like Carl from UP and this is loke Inside Out
Gaming Pea shooter
Zaira Sanchez
This movie is awsome because people and kids could realize what their body could and what kinda job. I will give it A like .😄☺😉👍👏
Luis Baylon Jr.
Am i the only one who saw this at the theaters?
Aragón Studios
Is this the new maincraft moví trailer?
Brix Abarro
Littlest Crew
Johann Paolo
This animation is so cute
Connor Wilson
Woah guys, Inside Out 2 looks great
I thinks i follow head is GoodForYou
Do you follow your head? Or your second head?
Inside out and UP
Did Pixar make a minecraft game?
Jordan Stafford
i follow my ❤
Rash Bee
Don't worry, they're gonna cancel it for the fidget spinner movie
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