Pregnant mom hilariously channels expectant giraffe

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Erin Dietrich is due any day now and took on her own version of the giraffe baby watch. She streamed live video of herself wearing a giraffe mask, which has gotten millions of views.

zip zop zoobity bop
Henry the8th
This is freaking stupid. The people who think this is funny & creative also probably thought "Friends" was hilarious.
Woodfern landcliff
agreed Colin
mell marie
Colin Probert
just stupid not remotely funny
Jerry W
Where would someone find more of her to masturbate?, asking for a friend 😎
Telefono Airis
Perfectly channeling autism shes doing
‼️ Luv ya mom‼️ You're baby's gonna make big bux doin stand up in L.A.‼️ Cyber hugs to ya‼️
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