АTOMIC BLΟNDE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Charlіze Theron Action Movie HD


АTOMIC BLΟNDE Official Trailer (2017) Charlіze Theron Action Movie HD
© 2017 - Universal Pictures

John Wick got a blonde wig.
Иван Иванов
siddhant ganguly
Wouldn't have liked it if i didnt see mcavoy
David Bires
Salt is back!!!
It's about time you star in a proper action movie Charlize. Road Warrior was a good start, but this is the kind of movie that I want to see.
Dave Munsie
Better speed up the final action scenes, Charlize's fight scenes look a little slow, stiff, etc.
Ashley Jensen
time for a new kill bill eh?
I think I just see the entire film...
0:47 song? :D
Brandon Blaze
Im getting a wicky vibe from this movie
Manzanas Mordidas
I like how the only way to get people to watch this movie is by adding a lesbian scene. That is how low HollyWood is prepared to go.
Lol, just no. This is such shit...
Cool trailer, overused song.
Scott L.
a whole movie about a 110lb woman beating up men...
Paul Treslove
I will do a turd on this turd
Belligerently Recalcitrant
Looks shit. Same old generic, salt/john wick horse shit.
László Kovács
Who is that kid singing and totally fucking up that good song?
Rukhsar waseem
Daniel L
the guy at 0:45 looks like Jimmy Kimmel..... LOL
back when he still has his beard.
osiris constantinos
midlife crises😈
Thea Mjolnir
Sign me up!
good way to ruin depeche mode
female jason bourne trilogy but worse.
Cristiano Furquim Bianchini
Once again the potential of a real actress is wasted, Charlize is very good at high kicks, this certainly should have been used in the fight scenes, she looks great when she does it. It may be that this movie is enough for a continuity and beautiful action scenes can be appreciated as in Aeon Flux.
Aashish Joshi
dani brooks
YAY! Another Æon Flux, Salt, Ultraviolet, Kill Bill Remanke! PASS! Also I never cared for Charlize Theron.
Joe Satchton
John Wick + Salt + Everly + Charlize = hopefully great fun...
Furiosa + SALT = Crap.
Kai Ingebrigtsen
Oh gawd, barb wire withouth tits......
Charlize Theron,................borrrrring. Can we find a new female action star please.
Website guy
It makes you wonder why they divide the women from the men in the mma. Women are so tough.
Clay Tankard
Looks amazing, but there is no reason why a trailer should be over 3 minutes. Even a minute and a half would be too much.
God these 80s styled action movies with their sly cheesy words are just amazing like John Wick ''Hes wicked'' to this
Carole Simcox
Woot! Can't wait.
Cella Gee
Looks slick! and a Depeche Mode sound track....Yes Please!
So Jason Bourne has a sister ....
k9 aid
hmmmm expert in hand to hand and takes here a few moves to dispatch someone. I think we just saw the movie lol
Let's all follow the deadpool trend for music fitting with drumbeats lining up with gunshots and funny action scenes choreographed to classic songs and lots of over the top comedy violence.
Eric Mok
Salt 2 starring Charlize Theron, is what I would have said except this looks way better.
but this is a cold war flick, maybe that's John Wick's mother?
Smart & Fit
No need to watch the movie, they just showed the whole story (faceplam)
Amustard Tiger
Kanye and Depeche Mode sound sick together imo
Quantum Thinking
All the women I know are like her, this is very realistic.
Jonathan Ellis
John: Hello Loraine
Loraine: John I heard you had retired.
John: Well its complicated
cut to intro of new movie
Atomic Wick
Scott N
Fuuuuuuuuck. Okay, I'm down to see this. I love Charlize Theron, that woman is so damn beautiful and badass.
Music at the begenning please (before depeche mode), i have fogotten the name thx
Steven Wintersnight
Dru Williams
John Wick's dead wife is alive!!!!
20 seconds of nothing at the end....keep reaping that ad money cunts
great trailer ..... and then they put Kanye in it . like why the music was perfect until then
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