Kids hilariously videobomb their dad's live BBC interview

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Chicken and pink hair curlers: some South Koreans respond with humour after their president is thrown out of office. Meanwhile, a live BBC interview with a South Korean expert goes viral. In other news, the region of Paris wants to oblige construction workers to speak French - a controversial move. Finally, François Fillon calls himself a rebel and gets mocked online.

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No! Her family name 'Park' doesn't mean a chicken in Korean.

We call a stupid and no-brained- idiot 'a chicken head' in Korea.
Kathleen Kendall
The woman is out of control, the father pushed the daughter. Glad I'm not your kid.
Charly Lee
Bonjour, je suis coreen et j'aime ecouter les nouvelles a BBC et France 24 frequement. J'ai une question. Il qui parle en ce moment vient d'ou? parce que je me sens qu'il est anglais? C'est ca?
sumeya mahamud
It disturbs me. The amount of tabs they have open
jongkan Kim
여자 아이 왜그래~거릴 때 너무 웃겨 숨막히는 줄 알았음...^^
ㅠㅠ 에효
Kim KM
Stupid like a chicken. She got that nickname from the beginning of her inauguration.
Daniel J
망신도 망신도 이런 망신이 없네
닭 그네 <<<<<<<
any kim
외신까지 탄 닭근혜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hiccup Pollux
is she wearing braces?
Ya Boi
freaking Asians...ugh
Thomas Cho
Biased report about Korean people's reaction...! And an unfair decision by the court...!
Park doesn't mean chicken in Korean lol
Tiago Fernandes
Alguém tem ovos que me empreste?
Rollo Larson
Someone has taken his Korean studies to an extreme.
Chicken 근혜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Park rhymes with the Korean word for chicken (pronounced 'dark'). She's referred to as chicken also because of her vacuousness and idiocy.
Luna Luna
We are celebrating this impeachment with chickens which are the soul food for Koreans!
And we eat noodles for celebration like a wedding.
benda Lee
Korean president is as dumb as a chicken= the chicken is thrown out= people celebrate by eating chicken
치킨근혜래 ㅋㅋㅋ
Nolan Aljaddou
The British accent - retardese. It's simply a retard speaking American English. Indistinct.
park doesn't mean chicken dark means chicken we call her chicken because we think she is too stupid as chicken not smart enough to be a president
Wife comes blazing in, ha ha!
Time to call the locksmith.
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