Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (3/10) Movie CLIP - Picking a Fight (1993) HD

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An argument in the gym over a weight machine turns racist, leading to a showdown between Bruce (Jason Scott Lee) and some jocks.

The brief but eventful life of actor and martial arts trailblazer Bruce Lee is portrayed in this drama, based on a biography written by his widow Linda Lee Caldwell. Lee is introduced to the study of martial arts as a child living in Hong Kong by his father (Ric Young); the father dreamed that a demonic armored dragon would take his son from him, and wanted young Bruce to be able to protect himself. Bruce continues his training as he grows to adulthood, and after the cocky teenaged Lee (Jason Scott Lee, no relation to Bruce) seriously injures a prominent British citizen while fighting a gang of troublemakers at a dance, he's sent to San Francisco. While working as a dishwasher, Bruce begins to study philosophy, and in time develops a personal martial arts discipline, Jeet Kune-Do, which blends Kung Fu fighting techniques with lessons gained from his philosophical research. Bruce decides to open a martial arts academy on the advice of his fiancée Linda (Lauren Holly); Linda and Bruce encounter resistance as a mixed-race couple, especially from Linda's mother Vivian (Michael Learned), and Bruce earns the enmity of traditional Chinese martial arts experts for his new style. But after a strong showing in several public tournaments, Bruce's fighting skill and charisma attracts the attention of TV producer Bill Krieger (Robert Wagner). Bruce is cast as Kato, the karate-trained sidekick on the series The Green Hornet, and while the show is short-lived in America, it's a huge success in Asia, leading to a series of films based around Bruce's remarkable fighting skills. Sadly, shortly before the release of the film that would make him a major screen star in the United States, Enter The Dragon, a mysterious brain disorder sends Lee into a coma that soon kills him. In a tragedy with eerie timing, Bruce Lee's real-life son Brandon Lee died shortly before this film was released, the result of an accidental shooting while completing the picture The Crow.

TM & © Universal (1993)
Cast: Eric Bruskotter, Jason Scott Lee
Director: Rob Cohen
Producers: John Badham, Kelly Breidenbach, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Hester Hargett, Rick Nathanson, Dan York, Charles Wang
Screenwriters: Robert Clouse, Rob Cohen, Linda Lee Cadwell, Edward Khmara, John Raffo

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Did this really happen?
SeaBass SeaBass
I..once saw Michael Cudlitz (Walking Dead) in Miami. I was going to go up to him and say hello... Your that guy from Dragon?
Call me senpai
He picks a fight because he doesn't do full ROM. :P
Yasar Xelilov
BoostedCars 73
Lol if I’m correct this is supposed to be in the 60’s. No way a group of white dudes would be hanging out with a black guy. But I guess they added him in there as a token.
Cornbread Cornbread
Abe from the walking being racist to Glenn!!!
I was a freshman in high school when this came out. One of my favorite movies.
Christian Westwood
"Or I'll touch you back"

LOL that shit sounded mad sus
Fat Jesus Uranus
I think the real Bruce Lee would not be so "gentle" with these suckers...
Ken Morgan
Modern day AmeriKKKA summarised succinctly
Glen Doucette
Ignorant asshole
"Or I'll touch you back." Woah, okay buddy.
xi NuuB
Abraham what are you doing here?
m e
wtf was that , he doesn't even looks like bruce lmao
Takingout thetrash
god damn, that white dude that antagonize bruce is the ugliest creature i have ever seen in my life!
Jimmy Lee
I guess someone else who comments bout racism will be kicked his asses by Bruce Lee
Jason MacDonald
Who spotted Sargeant Abraham Ford in this clip!?
Brother Jared
Bruce was wrong to fight someone like that neither were in the right.
Apple tech support
Funny cause the black guy is standing there smiling while the white man is being racist
ivonne rodriguez
R u serious Man U r not Bruce lee
GhostR!der SSX
fucked up commercial
"See that's the problem, your kind doesn't understand English!"

"What language are we speaking right now???"

Kind of a silly line in retrospect.
Dave Rickards
Asians should of never taught the white man how to fight. White ppl have no honor and respect nothing. They shouldn't of shown them gun powder also
I wanted to see a fight scene! all I got was some gay dialogue...
Wtf? is it me or did this sound like the start of some gay porn?
Joseph Lalawmpuia
kill those tough guy's
zakariya starley
this looks like the start of a poorly done gay porno
Tom Adams
Isn't the bad guy the Catcher from Major League 2 and 3 ????
You'd think that black guy would've understand racism at that point in time.
Darrell Patts
Do you know why racism doesn't hurt white folk no matter what you call them. Because they're proud of what they are. Maybe all you minorities in this comment section would get over racism if you didn't actually think you are what white folks say you are.
Hunter Wood
Never noticed the the guy who plays Abraham in The Walking Dead was in this lol
Brandon Lawson
People are asking why the black hanging out with a racist and why is he cool with it. Well as soon as the white dude said "your kind" the smile on the black guy's face went away. 2nd of all it's pretty obvious that the dude doesn't hate blacks or he wouldn't be hanging out with one. He most likely hates asians because of vietnam. Still jacked up.
Bob Jones
Why is he doing Bruce Lee's "fake" accent. Lee was born in San Fransisco and in reality spoke with a distinctive American accent. What is this shit?
Joseph Allen
the white guy was daddy 😍😍 I wouldn't mind his ass knocking me out 😍
Darcy Nishi
So Whites are more racist towards Asians than Blacks? ok then.
That is not Bruce lee
Dakota Hart
or I'll touch back.. lol
James Redd
Was that Abraham from TWD in the back?
Gib Keight
Touch me I'll touch u back". I reckon that's what the Bruce lee would of said defo lol. He once said(interview tapes found) if u ask me am I that good/I say I'm best uno i'm boasting. If I say I'm rubbish I can't fight, then baby u know I'm lying.
Thomas J Killed by Bees
Danille Larusso tried the run at your opponent attack move on Johnny. didnt work out too well for him either
Abraham in that group
Sebastian Hine
Typical Bloody jocks... Always thinking they are all that. Well Bruce definitely solved that problem by putting them in their place.
Curt Christensen
all people have their moments when they are less than polite.
LOL @ the black guy hanging out with the racist white guys
Hamza Khaliq
Did anyone else notice the reaction of the black dude at 0:59 when the white dude said to Bruce that his kind doesn't understand English? He looked shocked because of the racism.
Brad Carss
That actor always plays a tool in movies. He's good at it.
Tim Halcomb
The guy was ignorant for being racist against all Asians, but we should remember that Bruce was racist against Japanese people for a very long time, and that was because the Japanese killed many of his relatives during the war! That's what war does to people. If one watches the movie, then it is clear that the guy who started the fight changed and realized that he was wrong for being racist.
Tim Halcomb
What's with America trying to make it appear as if all white people are the villain?
I'm sick of it! That's racism!
Jason did so well at Bruce.
Steve Edwards
what happened next?There needs a part 2 upload.
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