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Today I kicked ass with an alien chick, visited an animal shelter, and got tortured by Mexicans.


I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

If i put sun screen on I will be burnt to crispe
black yoshi fan
My dog was abused for 4 years and we rescued him when he was 5
Mangle sketches
and my dog dies
Mangle sketches
da dogs want merch
isuscribe Hensleyisaiah
Help me help you girl what you're trying to do
isuscribe Hensleyisaiah
Andrea Tirado
I wanted to cry when i saw those dogs bc my 2 year old pug died about 2 days ago and i cried
Wyatt Sievers
I love dogs
Jayvyn Lewis
Rip Arya... She had a great life
Matt Cobb
Im with you
Henry O
When all the dogs start barking they noticed Logan was there and they were trying to say Logang4life
Robert Garesche
i cant watch
Wyatts Family
Rain drop drop top smoking no cooking in the crock pot
Abigayle Bond
You sound just like my brother when you do that
Dexie D.
To see dogs caged like this really saddens me. But Logan doesn't deserve to own one of these dogs compared to their experiences.
Eilon Lifshitz
It-a was-a ma birthday-a that day
Steven Merriman
I love the thinning
Zena Says
Before I moved I used to adopted pets‚ then wait tell they were healthy‚ then find them a home.
Ester Korbi
Did anyone here that person say f**k off when he said sorry for sceaming
UTR rofino
and the plas you are is a kill sharter that try to sell the dog dut or you dont thay have no shous thay kill the dogs
UTR rofino
try to geve the dog a rell home , 😂😢😟😭
Martin Curley
I named my new pet bird LOGAN PAUL LOGAN PAUL AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🤘🤙🤘🤙🤘🤙🤘
Sissy dawn
I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Gaming MSP
logan : Sorry neighbors For shouting
neighbor : fuck of!
logan : jk You would know dat vlog Life xD
Me : Am i the only one to hear that? Lmao xD
C Crumley-Sickles
The dogs you showed us were mostly of the pit bull kind and we're only there because they were probably abandoned for not being the fight type of pit bull I HATE IT I HAVE THE SWEETEST PIT BULL AND TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE SOOO MANY OUT THERE MAKES ME WANT TO BUY THEM ALL
Win drop trophies dopp,watching Logan pula on mah laptop
the guycoolawesome
I want them all (dogs)
night gaurd
You you almost there
Christian Hudson
you r my favorite youtuber thankyou for being a maverick
Abby Marquis
The husky looks like my dog yobe
Paige Mckenzie
I watched ur movie and it was epic I watched it 5 times loved it
Adel Cortez
i think i saw my do in the background in the beggining
Sawyer Pliemling
olivia Keegan
what happend too yore face
I went to the animal shelter once and I broke out in tears seeing all of those dogs
the giulian81
I saw the movie The thinning my favorite part is when y'all are crawling through the vint
25 febs my bday and this is the vlog.. i pitty the dogs. omg
My dog I had to give away she dug a hole and tried to make it back to us but we HAVENNTTT FOUNDDD HERR AND IT MAKES ME SADD Just seeing those dogs hope they find a good home to live in and I hope that I will get a new dog that I can keep and save from being put down
andrea stojakovic
Rosie_is awesome_987
Oh my god what is youtube doing

It keep's on leting me comment?😭oh l'm so annoyed😭😭😭😭
Rosie_is awesome_987
Rosie_is awesome_987
Karl Gallagher
Logan eglist I weren't there i would want to have all off them
It's Louie
Pitbulls are naturally dog aggressive but never human aggressive those dogs weren't pitbulls they are bully breed mutts that get mislabeled as pitbulls wich causes bsl (breed specific law) so never call a bully mutt a pitbull . Btw pitbulls are athletic sports dogs not blue babies
Larissa Pineda
I watched the movie
Grace Grace
Aww so much cuteness puppy’s
Look At These Crazy Things
OMG Im really sad because I have NEVER had a dog and seeing those dogs makes me want all of them but they don't definitely need me but they definitely need a nice,loving and kind owner
Katelynn Buffum
I can't see the thinning because I'm 9
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