New Yorkers Try LA Pizza

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Is this just a salad trying to trick me?


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Laci Mosley 

Oscar Montoya

Ally Escobar
Wow I'm offended I'm from la👿👿👿😡😡😡😡I'm so mad right now
Wtf all pizza is good pizza.
Wlad8 Florijan
only italians can judge pizza not this fuckers
Tigre Blanc
Pour ceux qui parlent français et qui ont compris comme moi au début que "LA" faisait référence à l'article défini et qui se sont rendus compte après que c'était Los Angeles xD
Claudio Salas
That guy from Jersey is not from New York, Jersey is not New York!! Im a New Yorker, highly offended smh.
Jess Shipton
Literally watched this whilst eating pizza
0:45 "I would fight them" Classic New Yorkers <3
"so this is what models eat for a cheat meal" yikes i'm not gonna comment negatively, but i hope that girl understands that her '''joke'' isn't funny or okay. talk about hypocrisy.
from la and never seen this type of pizzA before
Damaris Bates
As a New Yorker, I know that New York pizza is the best. So if you're looking for a nice pizza, make sure to get it from New York. But I'm sad because my mom made us eat hamburgers for dinner :( (I want pizza, or maybe a sub)
Wolverine Pete
Michigan pizza is the way to go
It's not like eating a lasagna pie like Chicago pizza and it doesn't look like it got run over by a truck like New York pizza. It's the best of all worlds.
Miriam Cantú
New Yorkers even make the best vegan pizza
Thin crust for the win
Jaeyoon Kim
Smh I understand that there should be different races but at this point there is only 1 white guy and not even an Asian

If there would be only 1 black guy, everyone would be flipping their shits saying buzzfeed is racist
Nisa Kaya
I'm vegan (and mostly raw) but I would never call this a pizza…
Lucrezia Tagliatti
Wait wait wait this is not pizza oh my god
Aizen Sousuke
"you wanna nice bubble ratio" didn't even realized she had a bubble in her pizza, until the dude mentioned it. smh
They are not in the NY office. At 0:15 she even mentions hoping to find a place in LA to call consistently.
Gangster Chicken Nugget
What about Cincinnati pizza
Marceline Evans
" this is what models eat as a cheat meal"
It's none of your business what models eat, can we please stop criticizing them !!
Rose W.
The reason New York pizza is good is because most Italian immigrants came to New York or New Jersey. So some Italians opened up pizza places and they were run by the family and still are now, so the pizza is more traditional, not 100% traditional but it's still closer to real pizza than California's.
Maya Doerr
Sheridan's face in the picture of the video, HAHAHA. I love her, all of them
Alfoo White The Castles Lover
Pizza is from Italy not New York....
Fern Piket
When you are rating things, rate more than 3 please....
as an Italian, I find this video very amusing
ny pizza is disgusting
Freaking americans thinking they own pizza...
Meldins STI
Best 3 types of pizza Detroit, Chicago, and New York
Hannah Matthau
And none of these people use their hearts and brains...
Marco Digani
"Italians try american pizza" ahahaaha
Pink Heart
in india I went to a mall where there was a place selling a slice of new york pizza.
it was expensive not for a dollar or two!
I could buy a nice small pizza than just a slice in that price.
But is New york pizza good?
Hilary Scuderi
Italian pizza is the best
I'm confused as to how they were aesthetically pleased by the Village pizza!!? Looked terrible.
Eileen Haynes
😂😂😂 I love the fact that New Yorkers are loyal when it comes to pizza. we fold the slice and we a believe that pizza from New York is the absolute best
"So this is what models eat as a cheat meal" lmao
Pfft, NY might have pizza, but we got tacos.
Azul Como El Mar Azul
"Is this a salad trying to trick me"
born in Chicago and hates deep dish pizza i looooooooooooove New York pizza
Are all New Yorkers such narrow minded assholes?
Amy Rose
Kool-Aid Man
I love how " New Yorkers" to them is only people from the city... Like you don't have to live in the city to be a New Yorker
EVERYONE IN LA IS VEGAN. trust me i live in venice beach.
thoroughly disappointed in the choice of vegan pizza. Complete misrepresentation of how good vegan pizza actually is. you should have used Cruzer Pizza on Prospect Ave in LA, even my non vegan friends think it's better than most non vegan pizza places.
Urooj Mahmood
Lmao I guess they don't know about that Chicago pizza. Best there is!
how come none of these people have a new york accent?
Megan T
Do a video where New Yorkers try Chicago pizza or where people from Chicago try New York pizza! 🍕
"I want to find something to hate on"- your average American
What kind of abomination is this ...
nina j.
Detroit vs. Chicago: Who has the better deep dish pizza??!! I would love to see this
Katie Powell
Chicago style will alway be the best to me. Although I was born near there even living in NC its better than any pizza I've had
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