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Mayim Bialik here, from The Big Bang Theory and Blossom! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos like today's vlog. 

My friend Chad knows nothing about WW and I sat him down to go over the basics. Needless to say, he becomes empowered. Check it out and prepare to laugh out loud. 

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Ireallyreally Hategoogle
She didn't suddenly "need" men, she just needed that guy to get her to the war because he knew where it was and she didn't.
The movie is about a woman that lives in a paradise and thinks in absolutes of good and bad and black and white, but then discovers that the real world is full of awful grey.
Niroop Bhat
2:25 James Cameron might be interested in working with you Chad ;)
Gigi Dodson
The created of wonder woman was an odd bird. He was married, and had a consensual relationship with a second woman, both are aspects of Diana.
After his death, the two women lived together the rest of their lives.
interesting people.
And this is why I hate the DC movies. Diana and the Amazons has such a rich history, and this movie just drops the ball. I was never a WW fan, I liked Big Barda way better, but for fans of the comic I can see why they would be upset. Though you did get somethings wrong, like when she fell in love with Steve as well as why she left the island.
Ray Dillon
You're so awesome. Thanks again for tweeting out my wife's THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN book. Would love to see you do a video about it! :D
J Girl
I have that same dress!

And the movie kind of sucked btw...
Vicky Mc
Describing the superheroe equipment, so much bondage. :-)
nia nia
"All of a sudden she needs men."
I know, right? asdkfajsdkfj
Jack T
If there were no men how were they born?
Jack T
Where the hell have you been?
Sophie Waldman
As someone who's knows a bit about Greek mythology, something in the movie that makes no sense is that ARES IS THE PATRON GOD OF THE AMAZONS so why would she spend the whole movie trying to kill the patron god of the amazons
Blake East
Jenn in Kanata
Also wonder woman saves the guy from death two or three times
Haha this is great. :)
gabriella lopez
You feminist are crazy, you have lost all sight
gabriella lopez
Do we really habe nothing else to go after, wonder woman, you kidding me? it's entertainment, get over it, it's a movie!!!
Rena Grey
That's what I thought about wonder woman...... You should know my husband and I are German!

It IS comics - a fantasy land populated by idealized super men and women, all 'bodies beautiful' representing the perfect beings separate from us mere mortals. These ubermensch represent the 'strong' the 'good' as they battle the 'bad' in the world ( you think I'm making this up, but that's precisely the dialogue used in WW). Normally, I got no problem with that when it's cartoonish villains like Doc Ock or Galactus, but when they bring history as the backdrop to their fantasies, well, that's dangerous game, especially in an era of 'alternate facts'. And boy do the producers of WW offer some alternate facts of trumpian proportions.
1) the self proclaimed ' bad guys' are the Germans ( quelle surprise!) But not the Nazis this time. No, Germans from the First World War. The directors conflate the two conflicts into one and backdate 'the bad guys'. Anyone who doesn't know: Germany didn't pull the trigger that assassinated Austrians heir, Franz Ferdinand. That would have been Serb-sponsored terrorists (the Serbs had just ethnically cleansed the balkans in two previous wars but, hey, I get it: too complex, too much back story for the average Anglo- Saxon viewer).
2) the 'good guy' is Steve Trevor. Suprise: an American. When hes not acting as WW's 'boytoy' he is giving WW a crash- course on the war and world events that reads as one- sided as something Goebbels might have served up. This is an American from America whom just completed Manifest Destiny in the West, or, in more precise terms, genoicide of the indigenous people and had the worst race laws in the world ( those wouldn't really be addressed until the late 1960s). Yep, "bad guys". " do as I say...not as I do" I guess. But it gets better: in a master - stroke of epicness, Steve is joined by an indigenous mercenary. Talk about white-washing that ugly genocide thing away. It gets better. Steve the spy helps alert the world to Germany ' s use of mustard gas and chemical weapons. Go Steve, go! However, history is a bit of a nag. Germany used gas on soldiers in WW1. Want to know the nation who employed them on civilians? **cough cough, America, cough cough**. Google 'Agent Orange' and 'napalm'. Used in Vietnam on civilians. Everybody: 'Over there/ over there.....'
3) Little Belgium. Those plucky, quintessential 'victims'. British War Cabinet documents released decades after have Churchill and others at the war cabinet prior to the war's start advocating Britain should invade Belgium for the very reasons Germany did: avoid the meat - grinder that was them heavily fortified Western front. Interesting fact that got lost during the Fog of the First World War: little Belgium were quietly murdering millions in the Congo. A book was written: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Needless to say, sales dropped once the war started: not the best narrative when you're trying to paint 'tiny little Belgium' as the most sympathetic of victims, eh?
Near the end of the movie, one of the protagonists turns to another and utters: " you don't believe any of this rubbish, do you?"
No, I certainly dont.
But I do fear, in this day and age of 'alternative facts', others will.
kerrie laycock
you are very fortunate to have such an awesome friendship. They are real hard to come by.
Kim Measells
BWahahahah!! LOVE IT!!
Olga Garcia
"Ripley and Sarah Connor eat Wonder Woman for breakfast." I read that quote somewhere and I loved it!!!
Gillian Walker
Do my ears detect the batman theme by danny elfman? tsk tsk
Mia Gwen
Well originally there were also the sons of Themyscira. The Amazons used to make children with them and afterwards kill them and throw the corpses into the sea. Nine months later, some women would celebrate the birth of a daughter; some don't.

So, Amazons do know men and Steve might not be the first one Wonder Woman sees since there also was Merboy.
Son of a Sith
Why does the music sound similar to Danny Elfman's score for Tim Burton's Batman? ...BTW, in the comics, the tiara can also be used as a boomerang. Also, the concept for Diana being Zeus' biological daughter is very recent. For longest time, her origin was being made from clay, which the film pays homage to. And lastly, she's been able to fly since at least the mid-80s (no invisible jet needed). Whether or not the film version of WW can fly though, isn't really clear. The final scene may seem to suggest that possibility.
Julio Maturana A.
huh...a feminine-acting heterosexual guy, interesting contrast ;D
She always knew she was daughter of Zeus but she didn't know she was the weapon/god killer.
Calliope Pony
0:30 - Chad looks very serious
0:31 - "... she lives on an island of only women..." * Chad grins *
Carlos Ramirez
Wonder Woman, was a skeptic before watching the movie, went to the theater, got hooked, yes, Gal Gadot is gorgeous and all but the movie was really fun and I would watch it ten times more, great movie!
Walter Zimmerman
you know the comic book started as light bondage fun. Her weakness is when her wrists are bound she losses her strength. so all the old comics had scenes of her being bound while wearing her sexy outfit.
PFCthomas Blackhawk
I always wanted to say
that it's great to know
as beautiful as you as

To know how Smart you are is a plus


I think you have gorgeous hair.

You have to watch
she was the best
Wonder Woman
from 1970

The lasso your talking about is not inside of a skirt it's actually on her belt along side of her skirt
Nope... the movie was definitely about the power of Love over Evil.
You are the best!
louise valiquette
love wonder woman <3
live2collect 247
love ya Blossom.
Fedmilla Faqwa
Wonder Woman is a awesome comic but I am sorry the film was utter SH*T I have see better films in a nightmare,it made my WANNA cut my self and pour bleach on them just to have something better to take my mind of the god awful film,the cast was horrific,the plot was stupid,the directed should be put in side for crimes against humanity and camera work looked like it was done by a blind man with pts And no fingers
Mayim Bialik doesn't know much about Wonder Woman either. The bullets are in slow mo cause she's incredibly fast.
Mayim, for a nerd, you really don't know much about Wonder Woman. the laso is not hidden inside the skirt, it is hooked on her waist.
DONNA BIDDY Wonder Woman 2 release December 2019
Altair Al Azraq
Free Palestine! Death to Zionism and all those who support it!
Jay Stewart
Okay... it might not be cool for my generation, but I have to confess that I Am Not a Comic-Book Guy. When a film is made from a comic book, I judge it based on the factors that make a good movie. Does it have a good plot? Good character development? Good direction? Good pacing? Good cinematography? Good score?

Spoilers follow.

After watching Wonder Woman, I can finally say... I have FINALLY found a movie worse than Excalibur (1981). There was virtually zero character development in the film -- the only real growth that Diana displayed was after Mars explained her "born and bred" purpose in life to her. Once he did that, of course, all of her Godlike Powers suddenly became accessible to her, and then we get a vision of a complete tyro in the Godlike Powers department suddenly able to best a Master with centuries of experience. This movie was all about brainless visual effects and eye candy. Which is okay if you're only looking for mindless summer entertainment... but it cannot even remotely be called a good film.

Hyppolita's motivations were completely opaque. She is wise enough to rule this sophisticated society, and yet somehow believes that ignorance of the threats to Diana's life will somehow make her more survivable?

For all of it's faults, the film did produce one absolutely delightful line: Mars: "I am not the God of War. I am the God of Truth." As if the inclination -- and terrifying ability -- of Mankind to wage war is somehow its greatest Truth.
awww i really thought you were going to get into how amazing this truly is and things like her strength level and all of the powers that puts her as equal if not above superman and such. This movie was about soooo much more.
It was a crap movie. Sorry.
hahaha, so funny, how he immediately smileys, when she sais Mayim sais, that wonder woman lives on an island only of women :))
Northwest Wonderland
Couldn't agree more !
Has anyone done the research on the bracelets of submission? They are actually not about her submitting to anyone, but rather to keep her awesome power under control because she's soooooooooooo powerful. But the ultimate problem with this is the idea that a woman's power, which is so powerful, would need to be under control at all. Because, let's face it ladies, our power needs to be controlled, right? Because if we were TOO awesome, that just wouldn't be ok and would destroy the world...or something. So our powerfulness needs to be under control. Yep. Men don't have that problem...apparently.
Her arm braces actually are there to protect others from her strength and keep the strength contained so she doesn't notice because she's a Demi god and wasn't told that so it would be weird to have such superior strength to others. So basically they help her contain and control her strength and protect others not to help her catch bullets.
Melinda Khristine
I have no desire to see the new Wonder Woman. I'm a huge fan of the original Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter. I was brought up on the TV show.
Carolyn Adams
You are such a goon! I dont you but I love you Mayim.
Interesting facts, the creator of Wonder Woman was a MAN that created the first "lie detector" and her weakness for a bit was being tied up in chains or ropes by men. Bondage was her weakness.

SJW turned her into a gladiator, so passing on the film. Heard ACT 1 and ACT 2 was solid, but ACT 3 fell back into the DCU curse streak. I love the original series version with Carter anyways.
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