Emma Harris
Miss monkey won
Roisin Quinn
miss monkey is cool and won
Norwin Dave Ramirez
mmm the winner is miss monkey
Ruby Glasser
"i got rainbow stripped bacon"
Joey Svejd
small monkey win!!!
Eva Rose
Ms. Monkey
Vashausrael Jamero
i love miss monkey pizza
Annafe Van der veen
Miss monkey won
Avaga Rose
Imogen Hair
Your making me hungry
Randomvision Photography
mama bee
Aylee Mac
Jake Rogers
Jake Rogers
Mr.monkey mostly because he has the best things on it #not the dad or mrs.monkey
Shayna Wakefield
What are their names sorry new subscriber
ForceGirl 9108
Ms. Monkey won...
paula deguzman
miss monkey won
Tuisaloo WKBK
Miss monkey
Miss monkey
Carterkvlogs Kuhn
Mr. Monkey won
Lori Munoz
Mom and miss minke
littlenightmare kills
Miss monkey won and i like her singing aswell
Marcos Gonzalez
Also Mr.monkey won
Marcos Gonzalez
I subscribed and ringed the bell and liked it and love all your videos
barb brzezinski
The girls wonn
Super cute Bears
Miss monkey
Cornelia Brandt
Your videos are the best!!
Erin McPherson
Miss monkey won
Milaina Mcevoy
I tink Miss monkey won
John Dingle
Ms. Monkey
Don't care bout The haters
Miss monkey is me put into a YouTuber
duhh_itz_bre annna
Miss monkey won
Eb sis won
Emily Herrera
I love you 10 so great is so great in my life goodbye love you
Emily Herrera
What is Bastille the gate though either I love you to Despacito him in the repo agent named H the fancy Lexi Torrez LL. I was going to be for you so if I could buy shuffle that I don't like that help me spell my cat meme shuffle I love my little Katie and the boys I love you you're the best and you good parents for her and him goodbye I always Skype your
June deJong
Emelly Cardona
7:12 you do know that gummy melts in the oven
Keelan Xuereb
the girl win
Keelan Xuereb
camon boy
Natasa Golijanin
I am eating a pizza right now.Like if you love pizza.
2:23 what?!?!?! XDDDD
Irish Feolog
Team brother bee
I love Miss Monkey's faces!
Isaac Gilbertson
The brother won
Fun Kids
Else Smetsers
Mama bee won
The Diamond Player
Mr monkey won
maddie zeigler
Hey guys
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