Jamie Krouse
Tfw you have a medical kink and you're terrified to go to the gyn because you don't know if you're going to get turned on
I've never been to the gynecologist and I cried the first time my mother told me what they do.
juliajulia julia
Im a gynecologist and if im being perfectly honest, i love making patients feel uncomfortable and watching them try to act normal
Anathema Nu
buzzfeed...automatic down vote.
Tessa Winchester
when your mortified because you have to go soon and scared your vajayjay wont be normal
Just found out what a gynecologist was.
tasha decruz
hones😇😇😇😇😇😇t good
Brock Haley
I love this
Lily Ainsworth
I have been to the ginocolgist and I hated it especially when she used that thing to crank open my vagina and then stuck her hand in my vagina it hurt
What if your gynecologist was your best friend? hmmm
Ed Sachanowicz
seema sharma
making me nauseous
White Blogger Black Specs
Makes me wonder how many times a day gynecologists smell fish 🐟
hunter craft
what dows a gynecologist do?
How did I get to the weird side of YouTube again
•H҈o҈n҈e҈y҈ •
When she said she put her hand in I was just like "THAT MUST KILL"
The Ramdom Channel
wait, put your hand inside someone to try and feel her ovaries...?
that can be done!?
Well. It was worse when I had as Test Pap Gynecologist a 30+ year old MAN looking at my naked lower body and sticking a thing for vaginal ultrasound, inside me
Bella Feller
And imagine this Situation having a male Gynecologist..
Boldly? Do buzz feed own this channel? And since when (if so). I've been wondering this for a while!
Cookie DoughXxX
Omg I remember that my mum got this and I was there watching xd
L. T C.
I got an IUD last time I went to the gyno and I they told me I was a poster child and stayed still the whole time and I told them it was cause the experience was less painful than my favorite character dying earlier that week.
Rowan Wallace
indranath Chatterjee
Hilarious 😂😂😃
The title confuses me a bit😂
Dusseldorf Traveler
This is what women do, ewwwwwwwwww
Carolyn Gunn
singerdoodle 10
The said vagina 6 times (vagina emoji)
omg, this is so funny
Trisha C
Hahahaha omg I love it, it's so true!!!
Hyper_ B0ne
Sincerely Tracie
My biology teacher was telling us eventualy we should be seeing a gynecologist every (can't remember how often). Apparently when she goes to to the gynocologist, they just talk about the weather while he's down there. Obviously we have a very open class.
Arka Chakrabarti
So.....I have been pretty honest with my gynecologist....and even she .....😐😐😐😐
Erin Harwood
I now don't want to go there...I don't like the sound of someone sticking their hand up there...
Lily Brooke13
Anaïs V.
No but really why would someone suddenly decide they'd want to be a gynaecologist? I don't mean this in a rude way, I'm genuinely curious because I really don't get the appeal.
I'm only 13 and I really don't ever want to go there
Bubbly Little Unicorn
i thought this was kelsey i feel lied and deceived
Andrea Molina
what did I just watch ;) XD
Thomas Moore
This is freaking HILARIOUS 😂
amy fisher
what is this 😄😶
Mowsie Meme
Only funny video on BuzzFeed I stg.
Vinci - Kun
I hate buzzfeed, and how do the have 4 channels, each with about 4 to 8 mill subs?
Lucie Rockley
This is SO gross
Alex The derp
What is a vagina????
Dan Howell's sexy ass
Does buzzfeed relize you can't feel a woman's ovaries without surgery? That they're interior organs? No?
Rachel Faith
I'm 16 and have never gone to the gynecologist and i'm honestly so terrified and HATE the idea of going. It looks so scary. o.o
Eowyn of Rohan
Ugh this is so accurate. I hate going to the gynecologist.
Feel your ovaries.... I think that was the only none honest thing that was said lol. If this was a maternity appointment before labour however "I'm just gonna stick my whole hand inside you and see if i can feel the head that's about to rip this whole wide open is pushing on your cervix"
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