Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer | Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

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Unveiling the most awaited official trailer of Jab Harry Met Sejal starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma in lead roles. The film is directed by Imtiaz Ali.

The story revolves around Harry & Sejal’s journey across Europe. A search for Sejal’s engagement ring makes Harry understand love & relationships better. Sejal experiences new found freedom, security & solace in Harry’s company. And in between all of this… there is love, life, lies. thrill, fantasy and the voice within.
Directed by: Imtiaz Ali
Produced by: Gauri Khan
Written by: Imtiaz Ali
Cinematography: K.U. Mohanan
Music: Pritam
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natali natali
love this movie, there is Russian actors in it
bisu hazra
Im Sourav main fans sharuk bhai
atif iqbal
I hate this movie
I think its better to watch porn movies than see a 50 yr old Shahrukh playing a chocolate lover boy role... you get much more satisfaction in far less time with no money lost!
Multitalented googler
samia bibi
Hairy old gorilla in love and drinking beer ....
Radha Upadhyaya
Jab Harry Met Sejal is a copy of the movie When Harry Met Sally what a copycat
Radha Upadhyaya
Good movie!
Aktar Hussain
1:57 Ye Gane ka link do mujhe please
Lisseth Rivera
A mi parecer y dejando de lado a los actores q son buenisimos el contexto y la trama es un poco deficil de creer
Roman Gupta
Srk is the best
Zohaib Zyan
Srk khuda ka wasta hei apne apne ap ko proudy acting or life sy nikal lo coz yei waqt or yei value her waqt sath nahe rehti so plz apne ap ko old movies ka srk banao yei acting sy boor ho gye hein
Zohaib Zyan
Srk lakh dee lanat aisee ghatya movie k liye.. jo tum nai aisee ghatya movie sign ki or sonay per sohaga k uss mei apne ap ko ek larka show kr rhy ho bhai sb age chupti nahe hei.. or itni koi bakwas story ek ring come on yaar chalo mana k ek ring k liye kch waqt sath ho jatay yei tou bhai sb unkown sy shadi tak agaye khuda ki kasam barbad ho gya waqt 😄
Sachin Yadav
Only a biggest star in the world can deliver flops after flops in a row. Shame on small stars like salman and aamir giving 500+ cr movies
Glam world

visitt and subscribe my channel to watch jab harry met sajel and more movies
Vakwas trailer haii
afroz khan
Selim Liyana
Fuck srk
Abdullah Al-Shimri
She’s a typical woman. Dumps her “nice guy” fiancé for an asshole lowly tour guide. This is how western women are marrying these days - hence the high divorce rate
sofya andrei
nice ,srk acting was verry good but the story of the film was diferent, i am srk big fan .you need a better story Sharukh khan you are a big star
Muztaba Hasanat
started watching this movie with my bros. after 20 minutes we found, we were staring at the screen "just blank". What's the fucking problem with them ? what are they trying to say or what is meaning of these movie. sometime I got confused "am I watching this movie in this life or after life." . and in movie foreign life, they do not need to work whatsoever. just chill.
Kim S. Hussain
Worst movie ever... soo f**k^%g boring
Shahrukkhan is not match with Anushka
Alvy Mansyur
I love you so much shah rukh khan ❤
Alvan Memmedov
Bu şahruxan deyil
Alif Lahm
its true. what u seek is seeking u. i was mentally abused since Jan 17. my hr head was seeking for poor employee and keep his eyes on me. in January i denied him to submit his personnel credit cards bill but he was forgotten that i did that twice before. so he use slang garib ye boo... to my others colleague. in April he showed me his arrogance and give higher increment to our messenger then me. i am poor and have a lots of responsibilities for my families. i was like broken but i do continue my job that time and show my potential good to management then after 3 month handed me a transfer letter when they found i m overqualified with no increment.
zena sor diya from August after Eid ul Fitor'17
then i start searching y am poor.
now i know where my Allah belongs to now.
i am nazir. i invent the only way to concentrate when u praying namaz.
i am not a fan am a follower of SRK and wanna share my leanings with him before die.
@im_naazir (khuda mil gaya) (duniya free may baatungga)
sharukhan is good
Айганым Мейрбекова
Молодец! Не деген керемет кино!
Tony Montana
when did indian people started naming their chld harry, stop copying hollywood
Google Pixel
Very deep unfortunately in the story of this movie there are elements of sara, Gyhasurudin Muhammad Quraish- GAS, Very insulting Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad comes from the tribe of Quraish, do you understand the meaning of the fake ring? it may be that the Qur'an is a false book, the GAS which he said harassed Natasyah, sometimes a film containing sara elements will sell in the market.
Same shit storyline over and over again. Jab Harry met ddlj
Bollywood Love
That Movie is so fucking bad! I dont like it at all! I Love SRK but after jab tak hai jaan all movies were bullshit!
Sorry srk but iam disapoointed also because of the kissing scene! You could be her father....
Srk's movies were the best now its just bad and i miss the old bollywood movies with traditionall stories and not this modern shit!
At least you could have come to vienna, iam living there...
Iam really sad about it very disapoointed!
Still love you srk and i hope your movies will be better in the future!!
Chinnu Prasad
I love Anushka's style...
Adoni vines
Chennai express deleted scenes
Watch here

Rimsha Samina
عٌأّشُـقُةّ بًوٌلَيِّوٌوٌدٍ
ILooooovveee♥vare mach
Maria Zada
What a disappointment the movie was waste of time !!
Saifuddin Hashim
is this a remake of hollywood movie when harry met sally??
Amir Shaike
Aditya Agarwal
Story apart but srk was excellent ,who agrees
Riyaz Uddin
Very good nice song 👍👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘
Jerry Millan
i am tamilnadu i don't know hindi, but i love bollywood movies I don't understand why? this movie flop, imitiaz ali most talented filmmaker in indian film industry....one disappoint for Why Didn't Imtiaz Ali Approach A.R. Rahman.....
amaan iqbal
ring to sejal ke purse mein
mele gi
Adnan Basir
even tusshar kapoor wouldnt sign up for such rubbish storyline
Said Hassan
anushka should get a supporting role not a main role....she is too much comeding than serious....Katrina or deepika should play main role with the king khan
anonymous 404
I am here after 2 month..ab jaa raha hoo raees trailer dekhne....
SRK sir , great respect for you but please, please, please step into adventure & thrill world like Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford.

Sir , you have already sky rocketed in past romantic movies like Devdas , Kal ho na ho , Rab nai banadi jori, etc, . Your acting is now beyond these petty romantic stories of todays.

SRK sir , we fans want to see your emotions in adventure and thrill movies.

My God , your acting in Raees , in My name is Khan , Chak de India, etc, etc was too good.

You look awesome in roles like Don. So Please sir enter into the genre of thrill , adventure & mystery , a genre in which you have mastered the emotions on fire.

I love SRK but this movie was not the SRK fan standard.
Yo Yi
That movie is so great ♥♥♥♥♥ love it ♥♥♥I love SRK he is the king & that chemistry between him & Anushka just WOW ♥♥♥♥ I think that anyone doesn't like it need to watch it more than once to understand what really it's about
why are some of you saying its a flop? how is it a flop if it was the highest gross movie in 2017, how?
do you guys know the meaning of flop? i am not even indian but i grew up watching indian movies, i still do and one thing i know is the king has no flop movies. he is a king for reason, he is the best for reason, high paid for reason, SRK is bollywood.
i dont know any movie that did better than this.... name any if you want , i will be waiting
sara ali
I just saw the movie today & then watched the trailer because I thought why did I already know the story of the complete movie.I cant believe that Imtiaz Ali would let the entire story out in the trailer.I hope he doesnt make mistakes that he made with this film again.Such a great film maker going astray.This movie just needed a little twitches here and there & it cud've been DDLJ 2k17.Imtiaz saab mujh se mashwara le lijiyega agli film ki kahani pr :p
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