eric Moon
Wow so amazing~!
Plus ツ
Algun argentino que hable español :V
Fucking idiot are u
Why do they call this dance music? It's generic crap!!
Gian-Franco Federis
waste of time
Angel Flores
I missed you Avicii, Avicii is back.
patrick koffi
good song
aile zaid
pinch mntiroso ijaeputa...eres peor ke peña
this is not Avicii. we should bury this song with dislikes. And that really hurts this channel. But he deserves it for straight up lying.
gug penipuan
you are a fucking asshole
musica sin copyright
Dias Al afgani
:3 💛
Sadia Rehman
we love u #marty😘➕✖
Jakelin keever
Avicii & Martin Garrix Music for my soul & my mind I love..!!
Alexis Perez
avicii <3
Ravindu Madusanka
Gru Rao
➕ ❌ 👍
Deadpool Power
lol ok
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