Guys Review Waxing, Facials, Manicures, And More

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Why do only women go to spas? Would men enjoy it too?
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A Kona Hema O Ka Lani
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At 2:07 his belly hair looks like a penis
Christopher Akerley
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Freda Lozinski
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Angelo Halnon
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Alannah Ryan
Now I really want a facial....
Bud Deluccia
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Alexia Guevremont
Eyelash extension
La H
What Spa is this
John's Life
props to you guys. that looks wow.
pippa lange
ugh that guys eyebrows!!! sort it out
Honey heals
Taylor Koziol
I was hoping that one guy would get his eyebrows done no offense
Sasunaru manXman
I gave my father to his Birthday a giftcard for a mani and pediküre and he really liked it
Xin Lee
I lost it at 2:17!
awwww. I'd take him to spa day. I'm sure his wife will take him every so often even if it's not every time she goes.
Ayla Thorp
You should try synchronized swimming. I would love to see that video.
Fie Kristensen
Not only is nick the most handsome guy ever, but he also have abs... I'm in love
Emma T
i waxed my legs when i was eleven before i started shaving
Autumn Medearis
i'm a ripper too i know the struggle😂
Ayla Thorp
You should redo the video with waxing at European wax center. It's a different kind of wax, and hurts a lot less.
Laurie Hale
so they dont wear gloves for waxing thats gross and unsanitary
Lianna Ponza
I really want to know where they got those pedicures at lol
paige rucker
Do men get full sets 💅🏾
Rose Mietus
I don't care who you are, what state you live in or whatever the case may be, all of them need to be wearing gloves when doing any kind of body service.
Starr Portman
Who is the curly haired dude?
Panda Girl
I don't think they got the full experience of a pedicure because they didn't get the massage chairs.
Annika Langelle
"That feels delicious"
why are they playing spongebob music?
Hannah Dunhom
I just got my eyebrows done. I'm 11
Kim Reyes
I just got my eyebrows waxed today and I'm 11 years old and I thought it would hurt more but it didn't 😊
Jasmine Luna Valdez
If I were any of these women, I'd turn around and wave while they talk about me.
Hannah Elzen
Men should try cheerleading
Not a damn one of them got a massage. Those poor bastards.
Ekaterina Valienrose
2:45 He looks like the father from the first Ice age movie
guy with curly hair, nick jonas look alike, who is he omg
Pallavi Goel
The guy in the flannel looks like the love child of Nick Jonas and Ezra Fitz
Elina Marie
So many guys refuse to get mani pedis because it's "not masculine enough" for them, but they're missing out on such a nice experience. The waxing isn't pleasant but the rest of it feels great.
jessie Yap
Girl: ok honey i'm going to the spaaa
Megan Patton
Is it just me or is the 3rd guy really hot? 😂😍
Julia Egly
the one guy with the locks, looks a bit like a young version of ezra from pll :D
Where's Keith?
Grace Watson
What's a ripper?
Najah Asberry
men should wear heels for a whole day
Ken Prado
Nick is so hot
Madinah Hasan
This was my first known buzzfeed video
Natalie Neighh
Natalie Neighh
I love facials it's more relaxing than a massage for me
Julia S
The guy with the eyebrows and the light eyes is somehow TERRIFYING
I wanna go to a spa!
Paige Paige
The dude at 1:13 reminds me of Castiel from Supernatural
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