Top 10 Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World - Dead Or Alive Unrated ☯ Uncut HD Top Ten.

Top Ten Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World Dead Or AliveWing Chun Wushu Jeet Kune Do Enter The Dragon Fist Of FuryWay Of The Dragon Chinese Connection Fearless Huo Yian JiaDanny The Dog Unleashed Meals On Wheels Rumble in the BronxTaekwondo Powerful Fast Accuracy Agility Iko Uwais Tony JaaThe Raid 2 Ong Bak Muay Thai Boxing Scott Adkins Yuri Boyka UndisputedRare Videos Javier Vargas Bruce Lee Jet Li Jackie ChanDonnie Yen IP Man Speed Power Punch Kick Skill

The Top 10 Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World - Dead Or Alive Unrated Uncut Edition 1080p HD Top Ten List by Javier Vargas TV Rare Videos. Speed Power, Training Skill, Technique Agility, Prowess Ability, Ferocity Accuracy, Practical Effective and Useful but Deadly and Dangerous Martial Arts Fighting. World's Top 10 Fastest Fighter Expert Master Legend Black Belt Champions. #10 Iko Uwais from The Raid 2, #9 Wang Bo Shaolin Monk Kung Fu Qi Gong, #8 Scott Adkins Undisputed Yuri Boyka, #7 DK YOO WCS Systema Reicarnation of Bruce Lee 15 Martial Arts, #6 Tony Jaa Ong Bak, #5 Benny The Jet Urquidez Meals on Wheels Fight Scene, #4 Jackie Chan Rumble In The Bronx Rush Hour First Strike Who Am I?, #3 Jet Li Danny The Dog Unleashed Huo Yuan Jia Fearless Romeo Must Die, #2 Donnie Yen IP Man 2 Yip Man 3, #1 Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon Game Of Death Way Of The Dragon Chinese Connection Fist Of Fury. Training Regimen Rare Secret Old Footage New Tribute 2017. Wing Chun Wushu, Jeet Kune Do Kyokushin Kai Karate, Taekwondo Muay Thai Boxing MMA BJJ Crazy Insane Stunts. People Are Awesome Gung Fu Kung Fu. Top Ten 10 Best Planet Earth The World Top Ten List. Rare Videos By Javier Vargas TV! - (

Sandes Witanto
#10 Terima kasih
Seven sins
who is Javier Vargas lmaooo error someone is sucking their own dick.
Tibor K
I had the luck to work on a movie with Jet Li called Flying Swords of Dragon Gate in 2011.
ChriZPlayZ •
the first one was Trevor from gta bruh
Jenson Francis Jens
Alex Rein
Michael Jai White......
Lmao what movie is that in the intro
dva nadeset
can , some one told me, the movie name, from 1st scene ?
Snagger Scott
who else notice the first dude who had the gun look like trevor
Evzon The Maori
pfft dead or alive
that guy in the thumbnail looks same as akuma from tekken 7
iannis spanos
song 3:10 ??
Ko Chris
who is dk yoo????
R Campana
Mlt One Global
0:01 is that you Trevor Phillips? wtf are you doing here?
faltó Chuck Norris. ..Van Damme...Jason Statham. pusieron todos los chinos. es cuestión de gustos
Andrè Skjeveland
where is collin chow?
Mohammad Erfan
dont see this video,,watch their full movie,,my opinion,,uko uwais n jackie chan is the fast ,, if u see tony jaa movie, the enemy just give their head to kick by tony jaa... talk about bruce lee , fast in video bcause old film recorder n his movie no combo movement.... but if u want see the real martial can use in real life, watch the raid redemption by uko uwais, no noob enemy just stand, 3 enemy attack together if there 3 enemy, no enemy give head to kick, n in this film u will see the art of martial art
Jerry Thao
donnie yen have the fastest kicks. tbats where they got the "No Shadow Kick" from. bruce li have the quickest hands. of all the chinese martial artists, jet li ranks top. not being biase bc im a huge fan of bruce, jet, jackie, and donnie
keith mok
Jackie Chan WTF !?
Dk Yoo should be way higher on this list.
Tyler Miller
Bruce dead
Tiger Bob
I'll beat one of these lil actor character choreographed lil mfs ass
Dominique O
what are names of the to tracks
what about the real ip man?
the teacher of bruce lee?
Yo boy Isaiah
I think Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee
what movie is the very first one . old man taking the gun and making that huge guy run like a cry baby
This stuff is inspiring. I'm learning the finer points, hopefully, of our mental/physical abilities as human beings. Whether planting a tomato or putting up a fast fist to stop a negative situation...the biggest thing that comes from those who are successful is to never stop learning. Never try to be a 'master'...all ego.
Basil Ali
jackie chan is very good fighter
Raymond Cordero
Best film best action movies kung fu and martial art.
Tomate 1996
name of songs please
Michael Moore
No sufficient shape organization air harm violate.
potato ban
next video:real schene captured on camera(show the schene from avatar movie)
potato ban
next video:real schene captured on camera(show the schene from avatar movie)
Sethu Maruthi Chennapragada
you guys can say whatever you want but Bruce Lee is the real deal. Look at how many people he inspires!
Noah Barker
RIP Bruce lee
Digital Dawah
Jet lee number one
Don Duke
where are the chuck norris memes now bitches ?
adam hunter
Dk yoo master of 15 martial arts
yusuf mughal
Don't forget Scott adkins also real deal
Image And Art
What happen to Steven seagal? Lol
bboy satan Poland
some are actors not real masters
Georgian Stefan
Ip Man [Donnie Yen] is the best !!
He is the master of Wing Chun!
Tony Dadon
A lot more dance than defence.........
Fucking retards. Fastest movie bullshit, not fighters.
deez nutt
#1 wackk af
Sup Soul
we pendejada es esta?
John Roman
Number 1 is Ip man a tru master all the other can't compare not even Bruce lee he was good but was his student....!!!!!
Mr Green
Trevor from GTA V getting beat by Mike.
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