Adam Breckenridge
I love how there's Steven ogg aka trevor Phillips at the beginning that's funny
Svein Grimstad
Bruce forever! (Forever the boss/ the champ)
TIMFO inc.
No street Gang-Pan SSaum!!
Rexx Bailey
Brandon Wallace
Roses are red
Violet are blue
Theres always an asian faster than you
Both Jet Li and Jackie Chan are faster than Donnie Yen
its ok Trevor
Jony Vats
trevor.. is that.. you.. in .. starting..
anthony rafter
i love that donnie yen was #2 i called it before it happend
FCMB Phoenix15
Bruce lee and yip man first! China first my country big greetings from serbia for china!
But can they beat my guns bullets
The Legend
Jacki Chan knows only in the movies MA's lol.

Scott Adkins for Nightwing and Jet Li for Shang Chi.
Brandon Nguyen
Of course Bruce Lee’s was
dan geci
This list should always be a top 9 because #1 will always be bruce
Sorry to be a asshole but son of a what ?
1:50 Guile?
Lance Love
you dont want none of this tearing your ass up with my kendo stickfist of fury foying out like lighteningstrike the ground just the wind is frightening
kill you dead faster than methtraining hard like a habit out of breath
super kick that knocks your block offkind of splits thatll get my rocks off
spinning punch watch your necksniper skills mopping up the poop deck
you dont want none of this herenot now not later or a yearliving life in a virtual prison im released its my decision
kannan soso
Scott Adkins is my favourite!

Donny Yen is a Legend and he is the only one who can beat Bruce Lee!
(Fake thumbnail😒.)
scott flansberg
Ip man was the fastest master dead,and then bruce lee,cis bruce lee was a student of ip man,ip man teached him speed.
Harsh Agravat
The 10 Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World shows picture of Akuma
Cool but the music cuz. It's terrible
Nelson Rivera
From gta5
Nelson Rivera
Did you notice in the beginning that was Trevor voice actor
Mecuzio Kütük
what is the song on first 0:00-0:08
عالم المعرفة
I think dk yoo and Bruce the same speed
You forgot to add Charlie Zelenoff to the list.
Your skill is extraordinary.
Maleek Pommells
Michael Jai White???
yusuf mughal
Bruce Lee soo fast they had to slow down the movie speed for him.
Shamar Woodberry
What about MJW?
Haqim Al-Arabia
what about master Po?
Ramaldeep Singh
Jet li equally fast as bruce lee.....its been witnessed during the shooting of lethal weapon that director was not able capture his shots in camera and told him to do it bit slow.....jet li equally faster as bruce lee and faster than donnie yen, his real life martial arts prowess is also commendable
Akaa Kehna
Bruce Lee was still is number 1 never liked Donnie yin surprised he is on list yuen biao and sammio yung shud b here than him
Efim Teleagă
what movie is the first 10 sec ????
Fortress Xander
That's Trevor at the beginning
Jason -
I agree with the last 5, but not the first few, it should say actors who were fast.
tnc del
I've watched a total of over three dozen films starring Jet Li and Donnie Yen. And I dug out one of Jet Li's classics and re-watched it, this time focusing on his speed. Then compared him to Donnie Yen in Ip Man. And I have to disagree with those posting who said Jet Li was faster than Donnie Yen. From what I saw, Donnie is FASTER than Jet Li.
Hero Lopez
Did I just saw Trevor from gta 5
roblox burple kool-mon
1. Bruce Lee
2. Jet Li
3. Donnie Yen
4. Jackie Chan
5. Tony Jaa
6. Yuen Biao
7. Kane Kosugi
8. Scott Adkins
9. Iko Uwais
10. Daniel Wu
roblox burple kool-mon
Hell nooo. Jet Li is way FASTER than Donnie Yen! They dont just call him Jet for no reason. Jet Li was given the name Jet because he was so super lightning quick and fast. Dont believe me check out Jet Li status on Google and his Biography
Eure Dudeheit
Why is Dk yoo just on the 7. place?
Does anyone have video of any of these martial artist in a tournament. Movies and teaching is not as good as battle. Not saying there not good, it's just if I look up sugar ray Robinson I see his fights and he's ancient compare to these guys. I can't seem to find a fight on these guys for me to agree with this list.
Sorry, but no one can beat Bruce Lee!!!!! Just way too fast!
Lindsay Jackson
Chuck norris didn't even make the list......
shiraz mohammed
Number 7 guy every video on him is slow so how he end up on this list?
RCharles38 ANDROID
it's just movies
Tara Singh The Hip Hopper
Nice video..i knewd it bruce will be on no. 1
Christoper Cabodbod
Who is that pink man
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