Top 10 Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World - Dead Or Alive Unrated ☯ Uncut HD Top Ten.

Top Ten Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World Dead Or AliveWing Chun Wushu Jeet Kune Do Enter The Dragon Fist Of FuryWay Of The Dragon Chinese Connection Fearless Huo Yian JiaDanny The Dog Unleashed Meals On Wheels Rumble in the BronxTaekwondo Powerful Fast Accuracy Agility Iko Uwais Tony JaaThe Raid 2 Ong Bak Muay Thai Boxing Scott Adkins Yuri Boyka UndisputedRare Videos Javier Vargas Bruce Lee Jet Li Jackie ChanDonnie Yen IP Man Speed Power Punch Kick Skill

The Top 10 Fastest Martial Arts Fighters In The World - Dead Or Alive Unrated Uncut Edition 1080p HD Top Ten List by Javier Vargas TV Rare Videos. Speed Power, Training Skill, Technique Agility, Prowess Ability, Ferocity Accuracy, Practical Effective and Useful but Deadly and Dangerous Martial Arts Fighting. World's Top 10 Fastest Fighter Expert Master Legend Black Belt Champions. #10 Iko Uwais from The Raid 2, #9 Wang Bo Shaolin Monk Kung Fu Qi Gong, #8 Scott Adkins Undisputed Yuri Boyka, #7 DK YOO WCS Systema Reicarnation of Bruce Lee 15 Martial Arts, #6 Tony Jaa Ong Bak, #5 Benny The Jet Urquidez Meals on Wheels Fight Scene, #4 Jackie Chan Rumble In The Bronx Rush Hour First Strike Who Am I?, #3 Jet Li Danny The Dog Unleashed Huo Yuan Jia Fearless Romeo Must Die, #2 Donnie Yen IP Man 2 Yip Man 3, #1 Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon Game Of Death Way Of The Dragon Chinese Connection Fist Of Fury. Training Regimen Rare Secret Old Footage New Tribute 2017. Wing Chun Wushu, Jeet Kune Do Kyokushin Kai Karate, Taekwondo Muay Thai Boxing MMA BJJ Crazy Insane Stunts. People Are Awesome Gung Fu Kung Fu. Top Ten 10 Best Planet Earth The World Top Ten List. Rare Videos By Javier Vargas TV! - (

Diwakar Ravi
I would also have considered Frank Dux for this.... Still holds the fastest KO in history
Bruce Lee was a pioneer in the dissemination of oriental arts and practicing, Kung Fu Wing Chun, Boxe, Jiu-Jitsu, Shotokan, Savate, Esgrima, Judô, Taekwondo, Kali Eskrima, Hapkido, Aikido, Tai chi chuan, Karate, from where was born the Jeet Kune Do or the Path of the interceptor handle. First generation of Jun Fan Gung Fu: Linda Emery, Jerry Poteet, M. Uyehara, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Hyams, Taky Kimura, Dan Inosanto, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Elke Sommer, Lee Marvin, Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski, Blake Edwards, Chuck Norris, Ted Wong, James Yin Lee, Tim Tacket, Bob Bremer, Jerry Poteet, Paul Vunak, Yori Nakamura, Joaquin Almeria, Ron Balicki, Frans Stroeven, Jesse Glover, Richard Bustillo, Larry Hartsel, Gary Dill, Chan Kong-sang (Jackie Chan), among others known in the world of cinema. Followed by a second generation initiated by: Tsui Hark, Li Lianjie (Jet Li), Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan(Univercity), Garcia Júnior, Cannon Films, Albano Taborda Curto Esteves(tarzam taborda)Been five-time World Champion and four-time European wrestling champion, Grand Master Chung Sun-Yong is the introducer of the Taekwondo martial art in Portugal in 1974. He is currently 9th Dan, etc. Zhenghe e Yuseng (Which means Monk of the Universe) Life revolves around philosophy. Philosophy is a state of mind that few can achieve. These are just a few names of people and schools that have publicized and worked the footsteps of Bruce Lee(Lee Jun-fan 李振藩 ) The name means "return again"
Manniboi Boi
Wait Donnie yen is the actor of the film ip man still a great movie, but did the actual ip man trained lee is my actual question.
Manniboi Boi
Donnie yen isn't he the ip man didn't he trained Bruce lee ?
Manniboi Boi
Beautiful video
Chacha Da Don
Bruce Lee had to slow down for his movies he was much faster
Isnt the very first person you see on this video, Trevor from GTA5?
Ip man the fastest he was Bruce lees master Bruce lee should've been 2 and it man should've been 1
World News
real truther
i knew this list was bs from the start but what varafied it is when they put jet lee over jackie chan
Antonio Rodriguez
1 Bruce lee
2 Jackie chan/Tony jaa
3 jet li
4 donnie yen
eayon flox
i could never chose between jackie chan n jet li i think they should be in the same rank
Many people say, Bruce Lee was No Fighter??


He fought Wong Jack Man, and the fight lasted only 3 min, and There Bruce Lee Created Jeet Kune Do.-The Way of the Intercepting FIST!!!

Bruce Lee did fight, he had street fights, and he was fighting for Real on stage, in Enter The Dragon.

There's many things, people do not know about Bruce Lee!!

He was as fast as lighting!!!

Bruce Lee was the father of MMA, of 26 styles!!

So tell me now, was he NO fighter???

Its only internet Trolls that speak like that!!!

Bruce Lee is dead, and everybody can talk sh!t about him.

he also did 2 finger push ups, live, in Long Beach 1967, and the one inch Punch, and also he showed Victor Moore, that he can't Block Bruce's punches.

It was 8 times, not the same punch over and over!!!

It was 8 times Bruce Lee Punched him, and Vic was unable to Block Bruce!!!

Not even once, did he Block Bruce!!!

Life Force
nice video presentation
I have actually seen a couple guys, that I would replace #2 and #3.with
Turjo Jewel
i have huge Respect for Sir. Bruce Lee in my heart .. Kunney towards his soul 💝😊
Jackie Chan deserves 2nd place.
Hugo Hernandez
Bruce Lee Vs Donnie Yen Vs Tony Jaa... Damn PPV would be on FIRE!
James James
"Fastest actor martial artists in the world" In a real fight, I'd take Conor MacGregor's speed over all of these put together every single day.

You don't actually believe that any of these guys could actually fight like this against multiple people do you? Real fights are messy and dangerous and usually more people win against less people.
Jose Antonio Barbosa
idk if its that bruce lee is faster or that he is so well versed in wing chun that his movements r so fluid that it appears that he is quicker then the eye can catch. notice how one movement leads to another with no effort. mean while the other fighters need to settle and almost think before they move next. i think it is just being very well prepared and his style of fighting. is that equals speed then yes he is the fastest but im just pointing out how dedicated he was to his craft and how fluid he was. just like he said water in the cup becomes the cup. these clips r perfect examples of that. thank you for the excellent video. i like this style you practice of video making and the editing is rather good as well. i am subscribing to your chanel lol
Tyrique Brown
Donnie yen should be first
Cheeki Breeki
no wonder,bruce lee would break metal with his fingers in seconds.
Kaosar Ahmed
What the fuck is the problem with this guy ....... he completely forgot about Michael Jai White !!!!!!
ameer dryer
Jet li is low-key faster than Jackie Chan
Dev Mgr
jet li always my fav..
Bruce Lee ,Jet li ,Jackie Chan Donnie Yen exe
i had a martial arts ad
Phil Williamson
Tadashi Yamashita should be in there before a few of the others. Benny Urquidez even said he was faster than he. Otherwise...pretty decent compilation.
Robert Odihi
Arbitrary List
Manny Mota
I'm the fastest I once killed a praying mantis with the friction of my punch.
Don Raja
Iko Uwais should be #1
The BlaZeriZer
Trevor Phillips
Christopher Reed
What is the name of the opening track?
I'm Atheist
Jet li has always been my favourite he's a great actor
Adam Zarzecki
KIDS show more fantasy movies .... maybe BATMAN or SUPERMAN is more better fighter lol.... damn naive people
All the Bruce Lee haters, go and see Death by Misadventure of Bruce Lee part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

there you'll find the TRUTH!!!

And also A book from Linda Lee, Bruce Lee's Wife: :" Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew"
Ultimate Healthcare Guide
Where is the Fastest Man Alive ?
Vijay Rallabandi
Bruce Lee will be number one for ever no body can ever come NEAR to him. or can't compare with that legend
Joel Chang
The closest to Bruce is DK Yoo. Anyone that disagrees doesn't know what DK Yoo is capable of. He is a martial arts genius.
swiss trippin
1000th comment... wasted by me :)
Çağrı Şanlı
michael jai white ???
If I were in the movies I would be fastest. To get knocked out by one of these guys.
Shanti Swaroop
Brayden Lindsay
0:05 is that Trevor from GTA 5
Samuel Dumas
I love Donnie but he ain't faster than jackie come on
sutana stark
First Scene! what is the movie? i want to watching it
Forever Bruce. I miss you...some people simply should be imortal and our Lee is one of them.
Mohd Fadli
bruce lee is but not stronger
Luke Burr
I would go with Jet Li If we are talking about speed, that is how he got his name after all
Super Nintendo
Bruce at number one? yes.
Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen are certainly not in that level.
white girls arent into asian guys though
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