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A giant anaconda hatches from an egg, Baby Hulk then gets snake bite and he is captured as a hostage. Feeling worry, Daddy Hulk appears, the snake then is decapitated under Hulk smash. Hulk saves baby successfully.

► Welcome to WOA Kids Channel! Our channel delivers many play-doh stop motion playgrounds for a lot of crazy and interesting videos with many superheroes in fun and unique way. They are awesome in superhero actions but could be really silly when coming back in real life. Our Boys and Girls are really love to have hilarious moments though comedy cartoon with each other. Here you can find compilations of your favorite Superheroes and Super villains, Princes and Princesses, maybe some baby versions of them, like Hulk, Elsa, Anna, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk, She-Hulk, Venom, Joker, Captain America, Pink Spidergirl, Ironman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman.

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WOA Kids Channel
Hulk vs Snake, vicious fight!!
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Also, there is a mystery WOA BOX hidden in the video. We dare you to find it!
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When a snake stays in your house, what do you do?
Jessica Banks
Baby Hulk has put a lot of love and expectation for that egg. End sadly
Jake Alexander
OMG! For the first time I saw such a beautiful snake!
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bel elaborado sua edição meu filho adorou olho o dele simples mas estamos melhorando abrços..
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That was very inappropriate
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Colors Cartoon for kids tv
Baby Hulk Bring Snake Home | Hulk
WOA ToysReview
Snake fight at home, lol.
WOA School
Cool! Hulk vs Snake.
Great. Snake at home.
Lily Campo
That is me wen I was 6-7 LOL
Spring Wind
OMG! It was a very beautiful egg but it brought a calamity.
Shane Vicky
OMG!!! I hate snake. Keep away from them
Jenny Anna
A giant anaconda hatches from an egg, Baby Hulk then gets snake bite and he is captured as a hostage.
Jimi Park
My nephew brought the chicken eggs to the hamlet ^^ Lfmao
WOA Kids Channel
Thanks for your interest in this video.
We are really appreciate that and will try harder to make better and better stories.
Your contributions, ideas and reviews are the most precious gifts for us.
Please send them through or group
Nazif Tunç
hulk woa channel
Learn Colors with Windy
brian andres
que chulo cooooool
Rayan Montoisy
Hulk WOA sépo
Sconnect Media
Woa kids channel Hulk
Brave Hulk ^^ Bbig liked~
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