10 Banned Episodes of Popular Kids Shows

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Top 10 Episodes from children tv shows and cartoons that were not allowed to be aired!
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Kid’s shows are supposed to be the source of innocence, creativity, and an overall positive influence on the young mind’s that are watching them. But sometimes, writers can go a little too far and an artistic or creative decision may be the tipping point whether the censors will allow the episode to air. Or, sometimes these episodes will bypass the FCC, only to be ill-received by kids and parents, causing the episode to be pulled after exposure. It seems that society’s most important rule is to first and foremost protect the children and avoid any sort of content that may shatter their innocence. These days, parents rely on the television too much to do their job for them and get upset when their child sees something that they weren’t ready for.
This video will be discussion the banned episodes of various children’s series. What is interesting is the fact that people will have differing opinions on what should be banned and what should have remained on the air. Some networks eventually changed their mind and allowed the shows to go on the air after some time had passed and the controversy was over. You’ll be surprised on what qualified an episode to get banned. In an age where Disney can sneak in images of naked women, the reasons some of these shows were banned seem extraordinarily trivial. From worrying about offending certain cultures to having too many flashing lights, the criteria for banishment is pretty small and can be interpreted for nearly every episode. It’s a wonder that children even have stuff to watch anymore that has any quality.
Parents seems to not give their kids enough credit in their ability to handle certain topics shown on television. Like in Australia a few years ago when the county’s public broadcasting network banned an episode of Peppa Pig, whose main characters befriended a spider. Because Australia seemed to think their children were completely stupid, and the country housed some of the most venomous spiders in the world, the broadcasting company thought it best to yank the episode.
Bugs Bunny has had his share of controversy, which led to three episodes being banned for being offensive. Two episodes had Japanese and German caricatures that were deemed too offensive to be seen called, “Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips” and “Herr Meets Hare.” There is even one episode where the Bunny puts on blackface and joins a minstrel show, which really pushes the envelope of the time.
Sometimes episodes were banned if they originally featured a celebrity who was now put on the shame list. In the show, “Arthur”, which aired on public broadcasting networks, there was an episode called, “Room to Ride” that featured former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. However, after the athlete admitted to using steroids to get his wins, the episode was pulled and banned. There are no signs of the episode returning anytime soon.
There are more banned episodes where this came from, and some of the results may actually surprise you!

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mohammed shoaib
Rija Khan
Keelin Massey
After watching the Pokémon Shock scene, I became extremely dizzy and I almost passed out... I feel sorry for the 700 kids that got seizures.
carl john benedict abedoza
hahahahah on pokemon the bubs of james which is team rocket gets big! hahahayhahaha!hahahahahahahahaha!
Sekoya Barbee
the inflatable breast episodes on Netflix wow! not banned top 9
Ethan Rezaie
Jordan Houston
Poor misty crying
it's the guy who throws rocks at handicap kids
William A - 3D
What about dexter's lab? - rude removal, banned across the globe due to swearing words.
Thx for da info.😐
Alijah Chrislip
shut up
blue Shires
Emir Mapping
James(team rocket)=Gay???????
spiders are no bugs
Bruno Kunda
in Australia I saw the episode of Arthur with Lance Armstrong
Gaming Batman
it said 48 hours
The tiny toon adventures one had aired on Cubo in 2011 I remember watching it
Unbelievable misty loves ash
Qupy Wartex
Red Narwhal
How weird, i'm Australian and i saw the peppa pig episode of the spider..
I think serena should be ashs true Loooooooooooooooove
i don't believe a word😡
Emmanuel Ramirez
Yeah it showed on the cover!
Lazer Fly
well I wanted to see misty boobys but I got tricked
Mrs Incredible
Lol. I'm in Australia. I've only encountered the red back as well as a few tarantulas and huntsman spiders. They're massive!
Savage Gaming -CoC,CR and more
Savage Gaming -CoC,CR and more
Look at the look on Mitty's face
Cat Noir
Hey why you banned my favourite cartoons my favourite cartoon are bugs bonnie and power puff girls
Pokemon Films
I saw Room to ride before and the peppa pig one to when I was 4/3
Julius Kazlauskas
I remember seeing the Power Puff Girls episode on CN
endermanfkjd gaming
i see that episode in peppa pig for me are not scary
Sofiqul Hussain
I wanna miss digimon
Dualanteater498 Plays
Only two people die a year in Australia from spiders
These episodes are messed up!!!
Xavier Brown
I found it
The Dark Knight 2
arthur "room to ride" it isn't banned
Deema Plays!
Wait...did you just say POWERPUFF GIRLS IS Banded too? Fuck you banners
Marigold RBLX
i saw the peppa pig episode when i was little lol
Trey Scott
Dom danyal back at the white vons
Jennifer Orvik
The Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon ones were unfair. They should've just put a warning before the shows instead.
in the banded episode of ren and stimpy you forgot the part when that fish smoked a cigarette
Never Lucky m8
I saw all of them...
Paxton K.H.
I think all Sesame Street episodes should be banned.
Alan Norman
I hate Peppa Pig
lol I have beauty and the beach episode on vhs. haha
Infinidude Aidan
I thought the spider one was because the spider was Black
Kamilah Babb
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Who else is binging these type of videos
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