Sophie Haberkorn
Jay is so talented!!!!!
Chris Tucker was like, "man!" X-D
Brothers of TSHS
All of these were perfect
P cox
Blake Smith
Page Loyamba
He's good. He the impersonations right!
albino negro
Jay has got to be the most underrated impressionist/snl cast member
This is wrong on so many levels... lmao Hanibal Buress
Plamen Petkov
Jay is a phenomenon !
this man is so fucking good
Chanel Santos
The Dave Chapelle impression makes me so happy. And Chris Rock was so spot on.
CAEY Ramirez
damn...#!! SNL is RACIST they fired this guy and he is the best.
That is on point!!!
I almost cried
Courtney Sutton
so cool
Jose Santiago
Beverly Ezebunwo
he's cute
Arjun Chauhan
I watch this every month and pray to god that this might be true.
Mayur B. Patil
He's the best.
Tony Kalia
He really hit the mark this time, have to admit. Usually his impressions suck but he did it. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
annoush pattoukian
All of those were fucking hilarious and on point!!! Kat and Kevin were my favorite 😂😂
Rampage Goddess
OMG kevin hart, katt williams, eddie murphy, and chris rock were spot on lmao this dude is amazing
Watch my impression vid on my page. Up and coming impersonator, tell me what you think?
Raymond Johnson
i like Jay Pharaoh's Chris Rock almost better then Chis Rocks Chris Rock
Semi Sweet986
That is not only the best Hannibal Burress impression, it is the only Hannibal burress impression
Jenny Brayton
Close your eyes... You can see them all... He's fucking gooooder than good... 👏👏👏
Xtasy Musik
Jay impressions are 💯💯💯
Fiy Ade

Let's talk about the Chris Rock one. And the Dave Chappelle eyeballin lolll
Dayna de Montagnac
it's so accurate, it's scary
Michael Davis
oh man that Hannibal impression kills me every time. His cadence is spot on
dell cruz
whoever disliked must not like to laugh,cause this was funny
dell cruz
yooooo,this was funny as hell yo,you've earned a like
Vianey Boruel
this is incredible
Mohamed Bilal
Ricardo Thomas
How does this not have 30+ million view his impression are on point.
Jay Pharoah is a bonafide living legend. Wow
This dude is a genius.
Jonathan Sokolowski
SNL took a big blow when jay left.... Every time a talent like this walks, i get cold with the show.... like my girl i just dont want to sleep with anymore but i occasionally do
Jordan Stiles
Jay Pharoh's a genius
Beux J
That was fantastic... I still haven't seen Jay do an impression that wasn't amazingly close to perfect... Real vocal talent on this guy...
Nehemiah Moore
on point asf😂
fuck man such talent
The best part about the Chris Rock impression is his index fingers, amazing detail.
Scott Nichols
I met Jay last month. Dude is hilarious. All of his impressions are on point. Cool guy to talk to also.......
If you look away from the screen it's pretty amazing - JP is the best impressionist in the history of the show
a no-talent ass clown. No wonder he was booted.
Jimmy Hernández
DAMN! Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy were freaky!!! lol
D Lynch
yo that Chappelle impression and that Chris Rock impression tho
Pearlgardenbonevanapilotdogpumpkinchains 90's
And Hannibal Buress
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