Weekend Update: Jay Pharoah on Katt Williams and Kevin Hart's Feud - SNL

Jay Pharoah offers an inside look on how Katt Williams and Kevin Hart talked through their personal differences.

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fuck man such talent
The best part about the Chris Rock impression is his index fingers, amazing detail.
Scott Nichols
I met Jay last month. Dude is hilarious. All of his impressions are on point. Cool guy to talk to also.......
If you look away from the screen it's pretty amazing - JP is the best impressionist in the history of the show
a no-talent ass clown. No wonder he was booted.
Jimmy Hernández
DAMN! Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy were freaky!!! lol
D Lynch
yo that Chappelle impression and that Chris Rock impression tho
Kurt Cobain's Ghost
And Hannibal Buress
Kurt Cobain's Ghost
I thought that was legit Chris Rock
Kurt Cobain's Ghost
That was a spot on impression of Kevin Hart
Brielle Green
thats scary good yo
His chappel sounded more chappel than chappel did on the netflix specials.
76% of the audience don't know who Katt Williams is
Mae B.
This is pretty cool. love all the characters he voiced.
definitely thumbs up
dee jay
that tracy morgan was hilarious
Lou Figgs
why would snl fire him
Meredith H
Holy shit that Chris Rock was SCARY.
that was absolutely amazing
2017 business
he got me with Kevin Hart 😂I never knew anyone could do that
Shawn M.
and now he's fired from SNL lol
Shane Meritt
I bet Bernie Mac would have loved Jay's impression if he was still alive. May he RIP.
Beauty Defined
ALL his impersonations were SPOT ON....DANG🔥🔥🔥
You'll notice that Michael Che was NOT at the party with every black comedian.
George Clooney
His face even shapeshifts to look like the people he's doing an impression of. Their mannerisms and everything. Fkkn classic.
jeffrey chen
Awesome impressions but the things he say is not funny he wouldn't be funny if it wasn't for the impressions he basically jim carrey
Anisa aden
Africa Africa who wana go to Africa .Africans don't event want to go to Africa they don't live their.
Dominic Purdie
Eddie Murphy and chris rock was so spot on
Angelica Bennett
Wow he's so talented!!! I wish I saw him more on SNL :(
Deanna Lorraine
I miss Jay 💔
Nell TheBombshell
I would've really believed him if he didnt say Bernie Mac, (considering the fact that he passed away 9 years ago) 😂😂
God the Bernie Mac is just....eerily good. Like the cadence and rhythm. The "sumamabitch". Goddamn he's good.
Mason Wang
why did they cut him from snl
Nastassia Chambers
Omggg. Eddie Murphy was spot on! Holy crap 😮😮
That was so awesome...what is Jay doing now?
Byron Burton
that Hannibal Burress though hahah
He's so funny hahha
Fatian Berisha
This guy has a great talent
Kumar Sambhav
Jay is astounding
Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
This cat is sooooo DEAD ON!
Steven Wody
pure talent
Jay Bush
He sound jus like katt n Kevin hart
Esopian Language
Jay Pharoah look like the basehead reporter from night of the living baseheads.
Nathan Homco
I died at the Chris tucker impression! Fuck man xD
Anna Elizabeth
That dude is fucking brilliant
Katharine Lundergan
OMG that was the shit... haven't laughed that hard in a minute so good
Brilliant!!! But he epically flopped Dave Chappell 😕
Beeftongue jenkins
He ruined it by laughing himself.
Chirag Patel
pure gem...much luv Jay...
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