Bill Nye Destroys Trump Adviser William Happer, Scolds CNN over Climate Change

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Matt Parr
Where's the part where Bill Nye destroys anybody? Even with the oldest scientist, that the completely corrupt "news" organization CNN could find he didn't destroy anything. If you look into it yourself there isn't a consensus among scientist. The 90 whatever percent of scientist they always quote, is 90 percent of the handpicked scientist, in one study. I grew up with Bill Nye, I use to love him. He's a mechanical engineer not a scientist who has been bought, paid to push an idea that might be true. It is absolutely being pushed by the people that plan to own all new forms of energy, benefit from the transfer to the new source, and the new tax income to the government. It's all the same thing. In conclusion Fuck Bill Nye
Matthew Pilling
I think the girl on the bottom left did all the evisceration here!
Bill Nye is too feeble to argue about these things. He does not acknowledge the flaws in this science, and, by the way, he is not even a scientist. Liberal media can't even find a real scientist to defend our "terrible climate change". 20 years ago they said New York would be underwater and there would be no ice caps left. This is the epitome of junk science.
Dan Underwood
Goddamn republicans are fucking stupid. Greener? All you have to do is look at satellite time lapse photos to see that it is getting less green and the infestation that is syphalization is growing. CO2 is a pollutant when it is past the threshold Go and breathe just co2 in a closed environment Happer, and see how it affects you. These people are not just people with differing opinions but dangerous morons that would see you and your children dead so that their corporate cronies can make another dollar. We don't need these parasites on this planet.
Daniel Gilbertson
Clickbait title.
I knew it couldn't be true.
samuel guzman
the whole time happer was thinking, "i'm dying, i'm dying, fuck my dignity, i'm dying, just get the money, i'm dying".
Evolution - Question Time
Strange creatures scientists, so often in the past they have cried wolf over "discoveries" they have made, got Nobel Prizes, funding and notoriety, only to find that they were WRONG.
The Ozone Layer "hole" is a typical example; what do you hear of this naturally changing phenomena now? Nothing, zilch although the guys who sounded global alarm still have their Nobel Prize for scaring the sh&t out of everyone. If you wonder why we are not all bleached by ultra violet by now go here for an update:
Tariffs result in treaty violations, not no accountability agreements that are backed in politics & not fact.
Bill Nye preaching about "the scientific community", and yet he's NOT a scientist.
Science march? They're ignoring scientific facts.
Scoff at a professor, but put your proof in the rankings of a guy without a degree in science?
Are you kidding? Bye is ranting political nonsense & this Princeton Prof states scientific facts. Only small minded people ca possibly think this helps Leftist side.
Trena Oelschlager
Let's start with jobs for the unemployed........good jobs........prosperity for America NOW!
officer Sweetchuck
TJ jacks the biggest load of garbage I have seen in a while. This all about money. Bill isn't a scientist btw.
Goes in Ya
So the mechanical engineering knows more about climate than the physicist. Got it!
Cash Vargas
Bill Nye the mechanical engineer/ kids show host to Princeton physicist Dr. William Happer on climate change: Sir cut it out.
bruce cockinson
fuck you bill!! 97% is a lie as well yer just an engineer. another lying fuck part of the billion dollar scam
Jeff Grimes
Bill Nye is not a scientist. How has he become the authority on all things climate? I trust him as much as a bowl of Lucky Charms being part of a balanced and nutritious breakfast
Angel Olavarria
The irony... Bill Nye the "Science Guy" mocking skepticism. Skepticism being the spine of the scientific method.
I want to Go Home
So destroyed????...... Yeah liberals lost to the Paris Agreement 😂😂😂
Other countries are not paying their share. If they are so concerned over climate change then fork over the dough or else don't wet your panties b/c we pulled out of a deal we've been in for years and the climate is still going up. You can't solve every problem with money. So seeing as how the climate is still increasing (according to the science community) then it's clear our money was NOT helping the situation so why waste it? Oh I know why, b/c they're not actually spending it on science. They're giving it to already wealthy foreign diplomats to fund their expensive parties and lifestyles, that's why.
She says "Trump and his ilk." Says all that needs to be said about these liberals on the left think about those outside of their comfort zone. Can't wait till I can stop dumping my hard earned tax dollars into their bogus programs and criminal behavior. Shove it up your asses you spoiled brats.
Brother Freedom
Bill Nye couldn't destroy a cream pie. This fake fuck is full of shit.
Erika Monterroso
Next, no more paying taxes towards ripping babies apart. Fuck planned parenthood.
Erika Monterroso
Take the bow tie and and put it across his forehead...America first Libbies..
Erika Monterroso
Erika Monterroso
Ama Kinati
The crazy thing is that if people decided to believe in climate change is that, the outcome would be cleaner air in major cities, more jobs and a stronger economy bio engineering with big money backing it has vast returns and positive outcomes for the environment.
So what's the reason for not taking precautions I wonder?
Evan G
bow tie says it all
Evan G
bill nye is a fuckin tard
george cushing
bills argument ..lets all cut out this talk about about it being exaggerated just.. start investing so the people paying bill can syphon off the deals made 1 trill yr just to study sweet bill can buy a full length tie
george cushing
1 trillion yr study climate 999 mill sypond off hillays real husband al gore
One thing must be definite. The fate of our children do heavily depend on what decision we are making. Are our politicial leaders intelligent enough to overcome all the aspects of global issues? There is a division of mankind. One is sustainable life for human being and other living creature and the other is the catastrophic disaster that is terminated by ourself!!!
Emma Bovary
America is the only country to give Climat Change deniers enough importance that some people might think it really is a matter of scientific opinions and believes. It is ridiculous. Climate change influenced by man is a well known and proven scientific fact. No other civilized, modern country, give its people the impression it is an opinion that can be disputed. Billy Nye is right : for one climate change denier, there is a hundred other scientists who works to solve environmental crisis. Some american have the tendency to believe they are the only country in the world, the only one that matters anyways. If they would widen their horizon and just have a peek at what is happening in other countries, they would educate themselves. Being against climate change caused by men isn't a thing anywhere else, because science is respected enough to occupy the place it deserves, and climate change caused by men is a well known fact that only false scientists with economic or political reasons would argue against. America not only gives a plateform for those charlatans, but gives the public the impression it IS a debate that has as much scientist on either side. CNN, if you want to be a respected news channel, you need to drop your obsession for equivalence in your pannel, when it distort the truth, that is, that 99 % of american scientist recognise and work to fix climate change, that have been accelerated by men's action. I'm waiting for the hateful replies, I do not care, please expend your horizon America and accept that maybe, some things are done in a better way in other countries, and that you could improve your own country by learning from them just as they are learning from you.
Bill Nye is an IDIOT
Bill Nye's response is not an argument.
HoopLah clunk
a real scientist would be good LOL
Martin Godbout
Oh, it's Bill Nye the Myth Guy! Yeah, he has a new show now where he promotes having sex with anyone or anything. In this new show, Bill stated that he thinks he has "too many sex hormones". How cute, Bill.
Fake news gender bender Bill Nye. So gross and so wrong.
O Teu Canal
20 years listening about global warming wow if it is going fast why summer comes late? why the temperatures didnt change so dastric? climate always change that is the truth the lie here is when you get confused by this so called "science guys" that called global warming now they say is climate changes this is 2 diferent things...
Let CNN tell the American people what the black budget,about which
nobody knows anything ???Let CNN will tell you that the whole
anti-Russian campaign to divert attention from the serious problems
within the United States,let them tell you about the endless lies of
Obama,and that Obama personally gave the order about listening to
election headquarters trump !!??? Obama has personally ordered the
suppression of uprisings in prisons ,where people sit for his stupid
insurance! Let CNN tell finally the truth to why Bush and Cheney blew up
the twin towers !! Let CNN tell me why McCain himself has killed more
us soldiers than Vietnamese civilians !?? Why the CIA instructors
trained ISIL to make gas cylinders chemical bombs with poison gas!! Why
ISIS all the American weapons ? Why Clinton got her campaign millions of
dollars from
tim walling
weather you like it or not the climate of this hot topic seems to be cooling down lately
Gary DeViney
LOL Bill Nye the paid off guy or just stupid..... Criminal News Network that no one is watching. I came by for a laugh :) goodbye cnn:( lol
A. Wesson
cnn is fake news...nothing is faker!
Jhonny bravo
Bill Nye is not a scientist he is a fucking nobody with a Bachelors degree just obeying orders from his Dyke Masters
Global Warming is Fake this winter was one of the coldest in a long time, the only thing that is real is that every politician who follows this trend ends up being a millionare by exploiting peoples fears
Hal 9000
The climate alarmists in their death throws w/ bill nye, of all quacks. They just can't leave it alone. 20 years of credible refuting, alarmists who came forward that exposed the fraud....Really ??? The obvious OVER bias of some as well as corrupt news orgs.. lmao.
Ultimate Sin
ugh that woman at the bottom-left is reading her notes like its a childrens book
Kim Bee
Not sure how you figure Bill Nye "destroyed" anyone. The physicist gave scientific points backed by facts and Bill Nye became frustrated and engaged in ad hominem.

Bill Nye is not a scientist. If you're favoring TV personalities over actual scientists then you are not interested in science or facts.
I missed the part where William Happer was destroyed.
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