Bill Nye Destroys Trump Adviser William Happer, Scolds CNN over Climate Change

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Bill Nye's response is not an argument.
HoopLah clunk
a real scientist would be good LOL
Martin Godbout
Oh, it's Bill Nye the Myth Guy! Yeah, he has a new show now where he promotes having sex with anyone or anything. In this new show, Bill stated that he thinks he has "too many sex hormones". How cute, Bill.
Fake news gender bender Bill Nye. So gross and so wrong.
O Teu Canal
20 years listening about global warming wow if it is going fast why summer comes late? why the temperatures didnt change so dastric? climate always change that is the truth the lie here is when you get confused by this so called "science guys" that called global warming now they say is climate changes this is 2 diferent things...
Let CNN tell the American people what the black budget,about which
nobody knows anything ???Let CNN will tell you that the whole
anti-Russian campaign to divert attention from the serious problems
within the United States,let them tell you about the endless lies of
Obama,and that Obama personally gave the order about listening to
election headquarters trump !!??? Obama has personally ordered the
suppression of uprisings in prisons ,where people sit for his stupid
insurance! Let CNN tell finally the truth to why Bush and Cheney blew up
the twin towers !! Let CNN tell me why McCain himself has killed more
us soldiers than Vietnamese civilians !?? Why the CIA instructors
trained ISIL to make gas cylinders chemical bombs with poison gas!! Why
ISIS all the American weapons ? Why Clinton got her campaign millions of
dollars from
tim walling
weather you like it or not the climate of this hot topic seems to be cooling down lately
Gary DeViney
LOL Bill Nye the paid off guy or just stupid..... Criminal News Network that no one is watching. I came by for a laugh :) goodbye cnn:( lol
A. Wesson
cnn is fake news...nothing is faker!
Jhonny bravo
Bill Nye is not a scientist he is a fucking nobody with a Bachelors degree just obeying orders from his Dyke Masters
Global Warming is Fake this winter was one of the coldest in a long time, the only thing that is real is that every politician who follows this trend ends up being a millionare by exploiting peoples fears
Patrick Manning
Uhh, I didn't see it that way. "Dr" Nye is just another left wing fascist trying desperately to get in with the "in" crowd. "Mommy, can I go over to Fake Scientist's house to play? Maybe they'll let me hang out with them". Then his bullshit transgender outrage. Nothing more ridiculous than watching a guy in late middle age trying to show how "with it" he is with the latest fad. Actually he's beginning to look elderly. Not so long ago Nye's show demonstrated the reality of gender. Now he just wants to be loved.
Hal 9000
The climate alarmists in their death throws w/ bill nye, of all quacks. They just can't leave it alone. 20 years of credible refuting, alarmists who came forward that exposed the fraud....Really ??? The obvious OVER bias of some as well as corrupt news orgs.. lmao.
Ultimate Sin
ugh that woman at the bottom-left is reading her notes like its a childrens book
Kim Bee
Not sure how you figure Bill Nye "destroyed" anyone. The physicist gave scientific points backed by facts and Bill Nye became frustrated and engaged in ad hominem.

Bill Nye is not a scientist. If you're favoring TV personalities over actual scientists then you are not interested in science or facts.
I missed the part where William Happer was destroyed.
My word this Bill Nye is a vile man. How does he get so much airtime when he's such an unethical hack? I can't believe people actually take him seriously.
Chip Douglas
there is no global warming - the Earth is flat
tjon 90
Bill Nye is a facist.
Cheesus Saves
"Science is political"? No it's not you disingenuous piece of shit. Go kill yourself, Bill Nye the Propagandist Guy.
The ship had sailed folks. No point in worrying now, hold tight and enjoy the ride... Ow an stop having children because they are doomed.
Jimbo Tutu
Bill Nye is not a scientist
D w
happer is a real scientist bill ain't, bill is a fucking tard
pedro pedro
"Why 97? 1 would do fine." - Albert Einstein
BREAKING NEWS!!! CNN is in Collusion with the Liberal Luciferian Demoncratic Party. Fact, Ms Donna Brazile, A CNN pundit gave answers to Hillary for Debates, Fact CNN Made FAKE Polls for Clinton in the election, FACT Its works in Collusion and acts as a Tokyo Rose style Progaganda Machine for Dems! CNN is the Epitomy of FAKE as Crap News, Racist Pundits!!
bongo fury
Bill Nye needs to stick to making up theories on evolution and global warming tales of intrigue.
Joe Duke
Bill Nye ISN'T a 'science guy', he's a mechanical engineer with only a bachelor's degree. His interpretation of climate science is pedestrian, and his fluency in science is amateur. THAT'S a fact. He's given a pass and has been awarded honorary degrees by Marxist Feminist universities due to matching their agenda to damage the U.S. Economy. All he really argues for is redistributing wealth.. shutting down U.S. production and bolstering foreign energy usage. Like all Marxist Socialists, he covets favor with the Left and so can amass his wealth as a protected sycophant.
Oren Kitt
Can I shoot myself in the head please? Like when did Climate became a left\right issue?! Are we all not living under the same fucking Sun?! PLUS, does it hurt you to explore it or lower the air pollution levels EVEN IF YOU DON'T "BELIEVE" IN CLIMATE CHANGE??! Godd... those people are fucking murderers. Just say that your aim is to intentionally ruin the world and that's it
Jackson gause
Bill Nye the not so science guy.
Beverly Dwyer
Trump thought if he's a climate denier, more manufacturing co will stay here .. but their still leaving .. dumb ass..
Science doesn't work on a consensus, I'm sure more than ninety scientists once believed that the sun revolved around the earth, it only took one man to completely destroy that idea and change history forever.
zzzx xzzz
Computer models were proven false because false data was entered that resulted in the model showing catastrophic global warming because of carbon dioxide . The left is using the false data to try to create a new 1 world government and funnel trillions of dollars into an elite group of people while the rest pay for it with new laws and regulations ! If new green technology can create millions of new jobs , then let the free market and free enterprise create it without government interference or assistance ! My tax dollars should not subsidise industries with new laws and regulations that kill existing industry ! The Paris agreement will cost Americans trillions of dollars while the other countries will mooch of America as usual !
Michael Gomez
fake news
John Stodalka
Bill Nye the ad hominem guy. Beneath that phoney exterior is a dangerous tyrant. History will not be kind.
Ryan Reyes
You realize Bill is talking about Copyright Clause?
Greenbean Casserole
Cnn, please stop paying people to have opposing views just to have an opposing view. Show what it looks like to change your mind. That's what we need more of! Not just hard headed people.
Pete N
The world has been changing before human knew how to make fire... Give me a break.. Wow this chick is stupid... Go try to change china... furthermore, our government has spent billions on solor pannels in the dessert but does not have it connect to anything... Wow bill is stupid, go tell isis about climate change... None of the pther countries are following the rules...
Alan Arreola
what the fuck did I just Watch?
Alex Weiskopf
lol CNN is a joke. He's supposedly the 'science guy' but now he thinks that someone who says they are a different gender than their biology says they are is legitimate. He embodies the typical idiot leftist
Kathryn Heath
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Chris Foxxe
Science is political???? Holy shit! Well, in that case, keep your fucking mouth shut until the right-wingers are out of office. Jesus Christ.
Bill Nye the pseudoscience guy.

Aadi Bhandary
The reason why Trump pays skeptics is because of the deals with Exxon. If we move onto research for advanced technology, oil will become obsolete.
Aadi Bhandary
Happer: we get more carbon dioxide which is good for plants
Nye: The rate is the issue, not the amount of CO2
Happer: /:
Spiro Mentos
Bill Nye isn't even a scientist. He's an actor. He has a degree in engineering but is not a scientist. He is a paid PROPAGANDIST.
CNN. Cocksuckers News Niggers
Tawana Washington
love fire
bill nye is not a scientist... he is a clown with a bowtie
Esther Batycki
William Happer looked so stoic, respect.
arthur pacheco
Firstly, Bill is, as a matter of fact, a scientist. Get informed if you are not aware of the impact of his existence to the world.
Secondly, it's not cool to be stupid. What's the matter with you people and all the hating and nonsense comments? Do you have such a comfortable life that your brain never really had to function (choosing the right coins in your pocket to pay for your Snickers and RedBull doesn't count, a baby can do it) beyond basic tasks.
What's the matter with you people? It's painful to see. I might as well watch monkeys have a hysterical fight.
But don't get offended. Think and change.
Peace all.
Ali Ejam
William Happer is the only scientists there getting barrage of insults from fear mongering idiots. Is this the beginning of the end for the scientific movement in the US?
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